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Udaan 8th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Saanvi gets kidnapped

Udaan 8th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suraj welcoming Gumaan and hugging him. Naina says many gifts for cute baby. Tejaswini says what happened to Suraj and Chakor to get friendly with Naina. Kasturi says you are right. She asks Chakor not to be modern. Tejaswini says let it go. Kasturi says I mean you didn’t apply black dot to Saanvi. She applies it. Someone looks on.

Gumaan says we have come after knowing about Vivaan’s death. His mum says no one is mourning here, you are celebrating. Suraj says its Saanvi’s birthday. She says let it be, you could have celebrated it next year. Gumaan asks his mum not to fill poison in happiness. Suraj says I won’t let you go this way, you also have a right on this haveli. Gumaan asks did I come to take share. Suraj says I didn’t mean that. Gumaan says I know, I have 40%

share in this house. Suraj says then stay back. Gumaan says don’t say with love, I will give life for your love, I will stay back if you say. Suraj says you didn’t change. Gumaan looks around. He sees Imli and likes her.

Chakor meets the guests. Kids run around. Chakor greets Gumaan and his mum. Suraj says Chakor is mine. Chakor smiles. Gumaan forwards his foot. Chakor goes to touch his feet. Saanvi cries. Chakor stops. He gets angry. Chakor looks on and says Suraj tells a lot about your childhood. Guman says I believe in customs, you didn’t touch my feet, I m hurt. Chakor says respect is by heart, respect doesn’t get less if one doesn’t touch feet. Gumaan’s mum scolds her for celebrating when Vivaan is dead. She asks is sorrow also in heart, like respect.

Gumaan says I don’t understand women, mum didn’t understand my joke, say sorry to Chakor. Chakor says its fine, she is sorrowful for Vivaan’s death. Gumaan says Suraj, I m sure she traps you in words every day. Suraj smiles. Chakor says we shall cut the cake. They cut the cake and clap. Daabi daabi si hasi….plays…. Suraj and Chakor get pics clicked. They smile and dance. Bhuvan says we shall leave to catch train now. Chakor says I will drop you to station. Suraj says go, leave Saanvi with me. Chakor asks Imli to come along. Imli agrees and pinches Saanvi to make her cry. Gumaan sees this. Chakor takes Saanvi in arms. Imli says I think we should take Saanvi along. Chakor says fine, I will take her. Suraj says okay, but come back soon. They leave.

Kasturi sees Suraj playing with kids and blesses them. They sit in the car. Imli looks at Suraj and Chakor smiling. She thinks very soon you all will cry. Chakor sings lullaby and pacifies Saanvi. Imli asks Chakor to be with Saanvi. Chakor says I have to drop mum and dad. Imli says we shouldn’t take Saanvi along, we shall make her sleep in car. Chakor agrees. She kisses Saanvi. She asks driver to call her if Saanvi cries. She asks imli to shut the door well. Imli opens the door and smiles. They go. Some people spread the pesticide smoke. A goon comes to kidnap Saanvi. Chakor sees the smoke and says I will just come. She goes to car and sees Saanvi missing. She gets shocked. She shouts Saanvi. Imli smiles. Chakor asks driver where is Saanvi. Chakor cries. Everyone comes home. Imli fakes tears and goes. Gumaan looks on. Suraj sees everyone crying and asks what happened, where is Saanvi. Chakor hugs him and cries. Imli says Saanvi is missing. He gets shocked.

Kidnapper demands for 2 crores. Suraj gets angry. Imli sees Vivaan’s pic and says they made you away from me, I will ruin them. She scolds Gumaan and asks him to tell everyone that she did all this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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