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Udaan 6th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Gumaan kills Vivaan

Udaan 6th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor seeing Vivaan and recalling their childhood. She thinks of Vivaan and Saanvi, and how she shot Vivaan by mistake. She cries. Inspector comes and says we took Suraj and Abhay’s statement, they stated that you didn’t shoot Vivaan intentionally, it was an accident, all the blames are taking off, sign the papers so that we can close this case. Chakor thinks I will not be able to forgive myself. She signs. Imli looks on. Chakor sees Imli.

Imli gives medicines to nurse and goes to Vivaan. Chakor asks her to listen. Nurse asks them not to talk there. Imli sees Vivaan and gets sad. Suraj asks how are you sure that there was someone else. Abhay says someone has killed our commando, maybe that man has worn commando’s uniform and escaped easily. Suraj says if that man is so

dangerous, he can do anything, maybe he is close. He collides with Gumaan and says sorry doctor. Gumaan in doctor’s disguise goes. Suraj says I got alert these days. Chakor asks Imli to listen. Chakor and Imli leave. Chakor says I didn’t do this intentionally, forgive me, Vivaan will get fine, your dreams will be fulfilled. Gumaan goes to Vivaan and acts as doctor. He sends the nurse. He injects him to kill. He says now Vivaan won’t be able to survive, nobody will learn about this, I pity Chakor, she has to pay for it.

Chakor says you can punish me, you know I can’t hit Vivaan intentionally. Imli shouts at her. She says I don’t want to see your Devi avatar, you ruined my life once again, I thought of starting my life afresh, but you have again ruined it. Naina stays sad thinking of Suraj. Suraj comes. Bua shouts and asks him to go. She says Lord will never forgive you. Suraj says your brother is the culprit, he cheated the country, this would have not happened with us. Naina calls out Suraj.

She says just tell me that my dad wasn’t a traitor, everyone is saying you were just acting to get my dad arrested, didn’t you love me. Suraj thinks of her. She says they are saying you are married, tell me its a lie. The girl says tell her its a lie, else she will give her life. Suraj says no, I can’t lie to her more, your dad wasn’t like you thought, talk to me once Naina.

Imli scolds Chakor. She says Vivaan is fighting with death, its just because of you. Chakor says yes, this should have not happened, you tell me what shall I do. Imli says tell Lord to make Vivaan fine. Imli rushes to Vivaan. Doctor checks Vivaan and tries to revive him. Imli asks what’s happening, Vivaan get up, you promised me you will marry me again. Doctor says sorry, we tried our best, but we couldn’t save him. Gumaan looks on and goes away. Imli and Chakor get shocked.

Suraj gets in to save Naina. She attempts suicide. He asks did you go mad. He slaps her. She faints. Chakor calls Suraj and says Vivaan is no more, he died. Imli says he was murdered.

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