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Swaragini-Jab Sanskar Met Ragini Episode 14

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Recap : Ragini asks Sanskar if he loves her

Ragini : look sanskaar I don’t want to beat around the bush I will just ask straight that whether u love me??.

And the time stopped for Sanskaar . He felt as if there is only him and her in this world.

“Love you Ragini???? It would be an understatement . If there is a one word for expressing what I feel for you , What place u hold in my heart , What is my situation when I don’t see you or hear you or feel you around me then that word will tell my unbound love for you. All the world’s love is less in front of my love for you. So you got your answer ?”

Someone clicked its fingers in front of his face.

And Sanskaar came out of his thoughts

(Sorry but it was just his thoughts)

Ragini :I am asking something Sanskaar


Ragini: Do u love me?

Sanskaar’s Pov

“Why is she asking me all this suddenly ? Have I made it that obvious? Oh No I can’t ruin my friendship with her because of my one sided love for her”

Pov ends

Ragini: Again you became lost Sanskaar

Sanskar: Why are you asking this suddenly

Ragini; First answer my question

Sanskar: No first you tell me why so suddenly u r asking about this

Ragini; Nothing….okay leave it

Sanskar: No tell me

Ragini: I said leave it…..forget that I asked you anything

Ragini turned to go

Sanskar: Have you fallen for me Miss Orange Kurti?

Ragini stopped and faced him

She saw him smirking at her .

Something pinched in her heart but she couldn’t understand it.

“No, You are not my type” Ragini firmly said and went away

Sanskaar was shocked. A drop of tear fell from his eyes which he didn’t wipe off .

Swalak were watching from a distance but couldn’t do anything.


-That Night-

Sanskaar was sitting on the window sill thinking about the recent happenings. He heard someone banging on the door.

“Hey….whosoever is there this is no time to come in someone’s room. Come tomorrow” Said Sanskar.

But the person kept on banging the door .

Sanskaar angrily went towards the door and opened it without noticing the person on the door he screamed.

“Can’t u hear what I…..”

He couldn’t complete the sentence and received a sharp smack right across his face.

Sanskaar moved his face towards the person and was shocked.

Laksh: Swara how could you do this?

Swara :Laksh don’t say anything to me right now. I am very angry on him

Swalak were standing on the door and it was Swara who had slapped him

“Who do you think u are haan?” Swara was screaming on top of her voice

Before she could scream further Laksh closed her mouth and pushed her inside the room and closed the door.

“Shona came down and tell me what happened …why are you screaming on Sanskaar” Laksh pleaded her

Sanskaar was too shocked to say anything .

Swara :Lucky do you know what this stupid person did?

Laksh; No Shona ….that is why I am asking u naa

Swara: Sanskaar denied his feelings for Ragini in front of her

“Shona tell me completely . What refusal are u talking about and in front of whom?” Laksh was confused

“Oh God I have a stupid best friend and an even stupider boyfriend” Swara mumbled

“Okay….Lucky Laado told him that she wanted to ask him something. She asked him that whether he loves her or not and u know what he said? He refused” Said Swara

Laksh ; what?

Swara :Yes he could have easily confessed she was asking him directly but no he refused

“Sanky are you mad?” Laksh asked him angrily.

Sanskaar gave him a blank look

laksh :Sanky I am asking you something

Swara jerked him and he came out of his trance.

Sanskar :Huhhh?

Swara :Sanskaar lucky asked u that whether u refused that u don’t Ragini in front her?

Sanskar: Yes I…

“Are u crazy sanky?” It was now Laksh who shouted at him

Sanskar :Hey …..hear me out first…..I did it only because I didn’t want to ruin my friendship with her because of my one sided feelings and how come Shona u got to know about that

“First of all again I am asking how do u know that those were one sided feelings and second when I saw u both in the morning u standing shocked and she going away I followed her ” Said Swara.



Ragini went towards the room.

Swara entered the room

Swara :Laado…What happened? U look upset? And did Sanky say anything?

Ragini;Shona I am not upset.

Swara; no Laado u r upset tell me what happened?

Ragini; nothing Shona ..woh I asked Sanskar if he loves me?

Swara is very happy hearing this

Ragini: for the past few days he was behaving differently.

Swara: and what did he say?

Ragini; u know what Shona sometimes na I am complete idiot. He was just being friendly that’s all and I took it in a different way

Swara: what..i am not getting anything

Ragini: nothing Shona he said he don’t love me…so chapter closed.

Swara; what? he said he doesn’t love u

Ragini; haan ..what happened Shona? Now u r looking dull

Swara: so u r upset because Sanskar declined?

Ragini: no Shona I am upset because I asked him this stupid question

Swara: Laado I’ll come now

Ragini: where are u going? To meet Lucky haan

Swara: no to murder someone

Ragini; what?

Swara: who to Lucky ofcourse

Swara went out of the room in anger .

She went towards boys hostel and dashed with lucky on the entrance . But didn’t pay any heed to him . Laksh sensing something wrong went after her.



Sanskar; that means she don’t love me right.

Swara; Stupid…don’t behave like this..it means she wanted to know whether u love her not..

Sanskar; if I had said yes, then she also would have confessed her feelings

Swalak looks at each other

Sanskar: she would have confessed her feelings That means she also loves me

Laksh: But Sanky u ruined everything why did u refuse?

But our Sanky was in some other world thinking about his Ragini.

Sanskar: I love her..and she loves me..she cares for me

(Zehnaseeb started playing in the background)

Swalak looks on

Swara: I’ll murder him Lucky.

Laksh: cool down darling

“I am going to her” Sanskaar stated

“To who?” Laksh asked to which he received deadly glares from swara and Sanskaar. And he smiled sheepishly

“No not now it is really late…..I think u should go in the morning and talk to her.” Swara reasoned

“I think u r right Shona will talk to my Ragini in the morning”

Swalak in Unison

“Ohhooo teri Ragini”

Sanskaar started smiling like a love sick puppy.

The screen freezes on his face.


Precap: What will the morning bring for Ragsan and Swalak….a happy union or a bad news?

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