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Spoilers 10th August 2018 – Telly Updates

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Mandira gets angry on Gayatri. She gets into an argument and throws things around. Vijay tries to calm down Mandira. Gayatri refuses to prepare food for Mandira. She says you asked Sadhna to prepare food, you have insulted me, I won’t help you. Mandira asks her to shut up, and do work if she wants to stay at home. She scolds Gayatri for applying mehendi on hands to get an excuse. She throws away the mehendi. Vijay asks Mandira not to misbehave with his family. Mandira doesn’t listen. Gayatri’s Teej gets spoiled. Mandira is frustrated as Bulbu’s spirit is troubling her. She wants everyone to give her priority in Teej. Vijay wants Mandira to get punished for her crimes. The family tries to expose Mandira.

Savitri Devi:

The entire staff gets a shock by Veer’s move. Dr. Kabir tells about the interns, who were making fun of Mishri. Veer slaps the intern. The intern’s parents come to complaint against Veer and wants him to be dismissed. Veer is frustrated on Dr. Kabir. He doesn’t think well. When Dr. Kabir complains about the interns, Veer gets angry. Dr. Kabir asks Veer to keep his cool and apologize for the slap incident. Dr. Kabir gets in pressure from the intern’s parents. He doesn’t dismiss Veer from the job, and just shifts Veer to the surgery department.

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