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Porus 13th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Controls Elephant

Porus 13th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Alexander asks Chanakya who is he. Chanakya says he is the one who teaches a king, who gives him political advice, who teaches him distinguish between good and bad, etc.., in short he is a scholar. Alexander says he is a mere scholar and does not know that king does not have time for scholars, he does not have time for him. Chanakya chants sanakrit words and says a king can be powerful and wealthy, but lacks knowledge, a scholar possesses knowledge and can gain wealth and powerful via it, king is incomplete without scholar’s knowledge. Alexander says he speaks like his teacher. Chanakya says Alexander is what now because of his teacher. Alexander says what message his soon to be loser king sent, he will be losing crown anyways, what else he has to offer. Chanakya says if he wants to discuss everything

here itself. Alexander orders to take Bharati scholar inside, he will be happy to serve Indian scholar.

Puru showing wild elephant tells Laachi and Hasti that Alexander and his army must not have faced army with elephants, so if they want to win over Alexander, they have to control elephants and use them in war. Laachi and Hasti warn wild elephant is very dangerous. Puru asks them to wait and tries to control elephant alone. Elephant throws him away repeatedly. Puru brings heavy rope and tying it to elephant’s leg says if he has to kick Alexander out of Bharath, he has to control this elephant. He pulls elephant in opposite direction.

Alexander serves food to Chanakya. Chanakya does pooja and says we Bharati consider food as god’s gift and respect it. Chanakya says he is not interested in knowing his culture, he wants to know what else his king told. Chanakya says if he wanted to win just Bharath, he would have sent his army and forced his control on Bharath. Alexander says he came for something else. Chanakya says a scholar is waste if he cannot read opponent’s mind, he knows Alexander came here for Porus. Alexander is shocked hearing that. Chanakya says king Ambhi raj has promised to let Alexander rule on Takshahila and wants peace for him and his citizen, he will hand over even Porus to him. Alexander asks where is Porus.

Puru pulls elephant on opposite side. Rope breaks down. Hasti says it is impossible to control wild elephant. Puru says if he has to control Alexander, he has to control this elephant. He runs, jumps and sits on elephant and hits on his head controlling it…Hasti and Laachi stand surprised.

Precap: Bamni tells Puru that he has to be an example for future kings.
Ambhi raj says as promised, he will hand over Puru to Alexander, it is up to Alexander what he will do with Puru.
Alexander tells Ruksana that she did mistake by rejecting his gifts repeatedly, now he will give her a gift of Puru’s head.

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