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Jab We Met (Shot- 20)

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Jab We Met (Shot-20)


My eyes opened in the middle of the night.. I found my head resting on Suhani’s lap.. She was sleeping peacefully with my face in her embrace.. I could tell how much she adored me.. With that slight smile on her lips, she looked so adorable.. I smiled at the thought that she might be a possible match for me, but I was still unsure about what I felt for her..


In the middle of the night, I woke up.. Yuvraj was still sleeping peacefully.. I held his face, and as I moved my hand down his neck, I realised that the rest of his body was missing..
“Yuvraaaajjjj!!!!!!” I screamed so damn loudly, as I felt like the world had come to an end for me..


She woke up calling out my name.. She was crying like she had lost the most precious thing in her life.. I got up and sat beside her.. She held my face, and then my shoulders, neck, hands……..
“Yuv.. Yuvraj.. Are you alright?” She managed to utter..
“Ya, I’m fine.. What happened? Tell me..” I asked her as I was worried seeing her condition..
“I had the worst nightmare.. I saw that….. that the tiger…. you….” She tried to speak, tugging on my t-shirt.. But couldn’t speak further.. She hugged me tight, resting her face on my chest.. I hugged her back and consoled her..

“Suhani, relax.. I’m fine..” I said rubbing her back.. She did fit so perfectly into my arms that for the first time it made me feel like we were made for each other.. I couldn’t find words to explain how I was feeling at that moment..

After a minute, we broke the hug.. She continued to sob.. I wiped her tears..
“I can’t spend a minute here, Yuvraj.. I wanna go home..” She tried to explain.. Without thinking, I quickly pulled her closer and grabbed her lower lip between my own lips.. I closed my eyes and started sucking it gently, and held her by her waist.. After a few seconds, she too reciprocated and it completely turned into a passionate lip-kiss.. She held my neck and slowly moved her fingers.. From my side, it was just an attempt to calm her down, and from her side, it was her pure love for me and I could feel it.. We continued to kiss..

The moment I realised what I was doing to her and the hopes she would get out of that intimate moment, I broke the kiss and took a step back.. I slowly opened my eyes.. She too did the same.. We looked at each other..


It was a very ackward moment for both of us..
“Are you fine? I mean, are you…. still scared?” Yuvraj asked with hesitation..
“No.. I’m fine..” That was all I could say.. l didn’t know that a minute of kiss could do so much..
“I think we should sleep here.. It’s just a matter of some two hours.. Once the sun rises, we shall leave..” He suggested..
I had to agree as we had no other option..

Next morning, as I opened my eyes, I found my hand wrapped around his shoulders and he was looking at me.. He was already awake, but still lying down.. I immediately moved my hand away..
“I’m sorry.. I don’t know how….” I tried to explain as I didn’t know how it happened..
“It’s ok.. I can understand that you were trying to protect me from the tiger.. Thanks for that..” He said sarcastically.. We smiled.. I looked away feeling embarrassed..

“Let’s leave now..” I demanded..
“Sure..” He replied..
We looked in every direction, trying to find out a way.. When we failed, he climbed up a tree and finally found the way to the road.. We headed to leave.. Suddenly we heard the roar of the tiger once again.. I turned towards Yuvraj, and he laughed and roared again..
“You scoundrel!!” I cursed him and picked up a small stone..
“Sorry sorry.. I was just testing if you are still scared..” He replied..
I threw the stone aside..
“So, what did you conclude?” I asked raising my brows..
“That you are the tigress of the forest..” He replied clapping..
“Of course I’m..” I replied proudly..
“Tigress, who is afraid of her tiger..” He teased me and ran to escape..
“You…. I won’t leave you..” I said picking up a stone and ran after him..


Finally we were on the main road.. I got into the car.. Suhani too got in and took the front seat for the first time.. It brought a slight smile on my face.. She took out her phone from her purse..
“Oh my God!! So many missed calls from maa, Sharad bhaiya, Bhawana di and Sambhav!!” She said..

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