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I still love u!!!! (Saanveer) (Part 1)

Hello guys I’m her with Savitri Devi college and hospital serial this is from veer and saanchi separation track

Let’s start….

Screen starts with veer blaming saanchi for choosing Kabir over him

Saanchi: I’m not toy veer to go here and there now I’m wife of Kabir and I will choose to be like this now (sad tone) whatever the situation may be veer I married to Kabir I made promise to him veer I can’t leave that in between

Veer: (hurtful tone) then what about the promises u made to me saanchi u just signed the papers but we married with all rituals with full of heart the what about that promises

Saanchi gets silent doesn’t speak anything to his question saanchi took Kabir and married him again infront of veer it broken him totally

Veer: tho u married to Kabir again sannchi then see even I will get married with 2 days infront of u mrs saanchi Kapoor (range full tone)

Savitri saanchi Kabir got shocked listening him Savitri was trying to stop him but veer made his decision final

Veer: maa i said I will marry in 2 days and that’s final

Saanchi: plz veer don’t take any stupid decision in anger I don’t want ur life to get wasted (worried tone)

Veer: (laughs) acha I made my decision in anger then what about u u had time then y didnt u choose me when u always say that u love me let me clarify one thing now mrs Kapoor from today form this second I will hate u and I hate u so much that u can’t love others u will regret for this decision and I will make sure of that mrs Kapoor (to kabir) waise dr Kabir I will tell u a free advice u plz take care of ur wife or else u know she may go to another man like she chooses after me

Saanchi gets hurt listening him she can’t able to take up this much hatred towards her by him

Kabir: (stern tone) hold ur tongue veer u r talking about my wife

Veer: (smiles) arey thats y I’m telling u na plz take care okie

Kabir gets angry and took saanchi from there holding her hand

Veer leave from there and went out and saw pic of swara in marriage bureau without any discussion he said the mediated to fix this has my wife saying he went back to home drinking he was not in senses which he want now if not he may can die with this pain he was going to his room with unsteady steps saanchi looks at him and gets sad he was about fall but saanchi stops him before falling down seeing her holding veer gets angry and pushes her

Veer: (fake sad tone) arey u fell down don’t worry I will call ur husband he will help u kya hai na I’m ur ex na so u won’t like to take my help so I will call Kabir wait

Saanchi: (gets ups and hold his shoulder) veer what u r doing to urself

Veer: arey what I’m doing I’m tho saving myself from dieing u know if this bottle won’t be there then u would have seen my dead body by now (laughs) and I know u will get more happy if u see me dead hai na but I won’t give u that chance to get happy from now I will give only pain

Saanchi gets shocked listening dead word from him she was unable to react but veer hold her hand and took her to room where ethey shared their personal space but now it was of Kabir saanchi room

Kabir was working in laptop gets shocked to see both of them somewhere he gets angry seeing veer again near her

Veer: hello dr Kabir (jumps on him) arey u got married today then u both should have 1st night na chalo u know in this bed na I and saanchi used talk and sleep but hugging eachother and sometime romance to u know what dr Kabir I feel that u r not responsible for anything u know who is responsible let me tell u sit here I will tell u dr Kabir

He made him sit on the floor and points towards saanchi

Veer: this Girl na she was responsible for all this distrabances in my life not u

Kabir and saanchi got shocked listening she was just blank not getting anything she was just seeing with teary eyes

Kabir: (shocked) what r u saying veer she was not at fault I was the one who made her helplessnes

Veer: yea thats true but she can tell secretly about ur deeds leave that but she would choose me now but no she was just stuck to u saying u r her husband then what about me even I’m her husband once y she didn’t choose (took Kabir hand and placed make him to place hand on his own heart) now tell Kabir if u where in my place will u keep waiting for her like I’m waiting for her

Kabir didn’t answer anything he was just silent now he know he can’t love saanchi like him veer slowly feel unconscious and slept on floor

Saanchi: (keeps his head on her lap) I’m sorry veer but I was bound to the promise which I gave to Kabir to save ur life plz forgive me

Veer: (whispers) don’t leave me saanchi plz don’t go away from me I love u

Saanchi: dr Kabir plz take him to room plz (holding her tears)

@next day

Veer slowly woke up from sleep he was getting headache but he was about to get up but saw lime water near his head he slowly took it and drank without thinking anything

Veer: (monologue) how I came here anyways I have to prepare for my marriage he stood and gets fresh up

@Kaabir and saanchi room

(Guys I didn’t like to join their name that’s y I’m writing separately)

Both woke up from their respective places and got freshen up

Saanchi: (monologue) I hope veer is fine (she goes to his room and looks at him still sleeping) yesterday he drank so much I will make lemonade for him (she kept glass and left the room without distrubing him)

Kaabir saw saanchi coming out from veer room but he silently left the place with sad face

Veer also gets ready and comes out of his room with stern face again

All are having bf on dinning table even saanchi and Kabir was having their bf seeing them veer again remember the betrayal of saanchi he can’t able stand there more time so he was about to left the place but stopped him

Saanchi: (sees him and stops) veer where r u going without bf

Veer: mrs saanchi Kabir Kapoor now u r not my wife to question me remember that if u ask like this to me may be ur present husband will feel bad (sarcasticat tone) and waise bhi my stomach is full seeing u both together

Saanchi got hurt seeing him tears made her way veer left the place with stern tone Kabir come near saanchi to console her

Savitri: (come near Kabir and saanchi) once I thought may be I’m wrong and my son choice is correct but no I was only right u are just a selfish girl who thorwed my son into darkness and u dr Kabir u always say that u love saanchi right then is this ur love or jelous on my son saying this she left the place

Kabir and saanchi get into thoughts

Saanhci: (monologue) yes maa u r right I’m selfish but save my veer life I promised on veer that I will give a chance to this relation which I can’t break now may be Kaabir sir was bad but now he was changed

Kabir: (monologue) is aunty saying correct more that my love on saanchi I gave importance to hatred towards veer i know I did worng but saanchi choosed me I didn’t forced her to do anything

Soon both came out the thought and left to hospital


Both went to their respective works but saanchi mind still in veer thoughts she can’t able to concentrate on her work her mind is fully filled with veer like this day passed when both where going to home

Kabir seeing saanchi in thoughts thought to cheer her up

Kabir: saanchi u know I love ice cream will u share ice cream with me plz I can’t eat alone na

Saanchi seeing his face she said okie Kabir smiled and left to get ice cream again saanhci lost in her thought but it was broken by veer who was drinking middle of the road a car was coming on his direction Sanchi eyes got widen seeing veer

Saanchi: veer move aside veer move (runs to save him)

Veer saw saanchi but still he stood there seeing her like thinking it was his dream and started drinking without giving attention to her

Kabir got confused listening her shouts and looked at the direction somehow saanchi thorwed veer aisde and fell on him veer saw her head going to hit stone but he kept hand on her head so that she don’t get hurt

Veer: u r real or dream but I can’t let a snatch on u saanchi (whispers and fell unconscious)

Saanchi was shocked to see him fell unconscious

Saanchi: veer veer open ur eyes veerrrr (shakes him but he doesn’t respond)

Kabir sees her and ran to her

Kabir: (shouts) saanchi r u mad who will run near car like this

Saanchi: (angry tone) when my life is in danger how can u think I will not save him (to veer) veer get up veer plz veer open ur eyes

Kabir got shocked listening her soon he took veer to hospital


Kabir observed veer and bandaid to his right hand which got hurt Soon after sometime he came out

Saanchi: (worried)how is he dr Kabir is he fine

Kabir: he is okie saanchi he just fell unconscious bcoz of alcohol that it

Saanchi signed in relief she sat on chair with heavy sign

Kabir: relax saanchi I will aunty and we will go home now

Saanchi: no dr Kabir till he gets conscious I won’t leave

Kabir: okie saanchi i will call dr Malhotra

Saanchi nodes in agreement before he can call to Malhotra he heard a slap sound and looks in that direction shocked to see scene infront of him

Kabir: ( holds saanchi) aunty y did u slap her

Saanchi: maa

Jaya: wow mrs saanchi Kabir Kapoor I was shamed myself when sunny told me the truth but what u did now making me feel that I would have killed u when u where born

Kabir: aunty (shouted)

Saanchi: dr Kabir this matter between me and maa so plz

Jaya: wow what an acting mrs saanchi Kabir Kapoor just bcoz of u decession u made a life joke u throwed a life into darkness just bcoz of ur stupid decision veer was in this stage (shouts)

Kabir: aunty y can’t u understand saanchi decision

Jaya: y should I understand her did she now what she did with a life drags saanchi near veer cabin and showed him see him how he was life less y can’t u understand that without u he will die what’s his mistake saanchi to love u more than his life morethan everyone (to kaabir) and what u r saying u want to me to understand her decision will understand her if she choose veer over u

Kabir: yes aunty if she would have choose veer also I would have stand by her side

Jaya: (shouts) then y u married saanchi when she love veer when she choosed veer tell me dr Kabir

Kabir doens’t got any words to say Jaya saanchi was just looking at veer soon she left the place lonely without Kabir

Days are passed Jaya doens’t talked to saanchi veer was in his pain Kabir was not getting anything in mind saanchi was only thinking about veer. Veer was so pain that he was unable to live without alcohol

@marriage day

Veer was going to marry swara saanchi came to stop the marriage (same has serial veer refused her and sat on mandap again)

Veer was doing all ritual absent mind final it was the turn to fill maang and mangalsutra but veer was unable to do his mind was saying to do but heart stoping him but he can’t able to do anything he left the mandap and stood infront of saanchi and dragged her near swara

Veer: (to swara) swara she was my 1st wife whom I love the most or u can say I love her morethan my life just bcoz of her I choosed u marry in anger but I can’t marry u my heart is not accepting to fill ur hair line to adore ur neck with mangalsutra which I gave to saanchi only I wanna ask ur forgiveness now I don’t know I’m worth of it or not but I can’t marry u swara I’m sorry plz forgive me

Listening him all got happy except Gayatri and swara and her family

Veer: (to saanchi) I loved u with all my heart saanchi but u broken my heart u snacthed my soul don’t think bcoz of u I stopped this marriage I stopped this marriage bcoz I can’t give ur place to someone like u gave mine to dr Kabir but I want to open my heart infront of u y u did this saanchi y u choosed Kabir over me is my love is so week that u left me I think I’m waste useless fellow infornt of u may be I’m less infront u may I don’t deserve u but still I wanna say I love u saanchi I love u so much that I can’t tell in words it’s okie now u love dr Kabir I won’t come in between u both u dont worry I’m leaving u forever and Ver u both can happily romance and lead ur life like u want

Saanchi: (worriedly holds his arms) what do u mean my veer what u did tell me veer what u did

Veer: (smiles sadly) don’t worry mrs saanchi Kabir Kapoor I will say don’t worry

All got shocked listening him

Veer: (to savitri) maa I love u so much may be I can’t love u like u always love me and I want to say one thing maa always be strong I will be always with u I will never leave u maa when ever u remember me keep hand on ur heart I will be infront of u (smiles sadly)

(To Malhotra) plz take care of my mother mr Malhotra I know u love ur secretary than my mom’s but pls she is very good pls change ur mind money can’t give u happiness it will only give stress plz give this hospital to Jaya aunty this their hard work plz don’t snatch their hard work (emotionally) I wanna tell u one thing now I love u so much papa I really love u

(Jaya) hello maa I know u r angry on ur daughter forgive her let her live her life if she was happy with dr Kabir then let her stay with him dont stop her I know u love her so much but bcoz of me u started hating her but give her a chance to explain maa

(To gayatri) I never talked to u with respect but pls take care of my mom and dad plz create any disturbance in them and I want to tell u ur daughter will get all the property of Malhotras so u don’t worry about that

For the 1st time Gayatri felt bad seeing veer in bad state may be she never love him it doens’t mean that she hate him

Veer after talking to everyone he came and stood infront of swara and saanchi

Veer: (swara) I already aksed ur forgiveness still u don’t want forgive me u can punish me swara

(To saanchi) u asked me na y I’m saying all this bcoz I’m deing I ate poison (cleans his blood which is coming out from his mouth) I love u saanchi I can’t marry anyone other than u and I can’t become like dr Kabir for u I thought u will change ur decision seeing my pain but u where stick on to it but Im bye forever

Saanchi was shocked to listening him she hold his face in her palms

Saanchi: (to veer) what are saying I did all this to say but u took ur life with ur hands then what’s need of my promise now (shouts) I promised dr Kabir if he saves u I will become his wife and he saved u like he said but in this process he was changed but plz u don’t leave me plz pls veer tell me what posion u had I will get antidote plz tell me veer

Veer: (smiles sadly) it doens’t have antidote saanchi he puks blood

Seeing blood all ranned to him all are shocked to see him like this till now he said slowly bcoz of that no one listened his voice but seeing blood all came towards him runnigly

Savitri: beta what happen to u y this blood is coming veer chalo we will go to hospital

Veer: we can’t go maa plz let me sleep in ur lap soon his breath got uneven he died on spot but all took him to hospital for treatment

Seeing saanchi fell unconscious Kabir got shocked and took her to hospital he got to know that he was pregnant with veer baby

All waiting out side the wards Kabir co doctor came out and said to all of them that saanchi is pregnant

Doctor: but she was so stressed so keep her happy

All got shocked to listening him one side they got to know veer died and one side a good news for them

@leap of 9 months

In all these months Kabir always tried to keep saanchi happy but she never respond to anyone even he was saying in Malhotra mansion she always eat just for baby Savitri and Jaya forgive her to veer even gayatri and Malhotra was changed with veer death Kabir was always in guilt

Veer left the world saanchi never cried for him she was just waiting for her death when it will come to her she was unable to be in guilty

Kabir: (monologue) I’m Kabir that great heart specialist in India but I’m big failure person just bcoz of my jelousy I made a happy family broken I become reason for a family distruction till now my mother never talked to me she was giving her silent treatment to me but the guilt I was bearing is more than all pains I hope God will give me my punishement soon his thoughts where broken by Sound coming from down

He saw that saanchi was getting pains he immediately took her to hospital all looking at her worreidly

After few hrs they all listened a baby crying sound

Nurse gave baby to Savitri saying it’s a baby boy

All are having happy tears but soon it turned into sad tears listening the death of saanchi all got shcoekd to listening doctor words that she left the world soon giving birth to baby

Saanchi soul was moving up seeing her son she was happy that she was going to meet her love


Veer was sitting on bench and seeing her family in happiness he was seeing his junior who was having broad smile on his face soon his thoughts where broken by someone tapping her he turned to see who is it but shcoked getting more beating to him

Veer: saanchi what are y are u beating me

Saanchi: how dare u to leave me how can u leave like that I came to stop the marriage so that I tell u the truth but u ate poison that to which doens’t have antidote who will do like that (crying in tears)

Veer: arey that was past leave that see our son how cute he is like me see when he become big na he will become like me like Joly types not like u kaddos mood

Sanachi glared him angrily

Veer: okie okie I’m sorry I just said the truth (bites his tongues for his mistake again) Looked at her and smiled sheepishly

Both holded their hands and adoring their son who was with their family

Screen freezes on Saanveer faces

***********The end*********

I hope u all like guys I didn’t get better ending than this and I thought veer death is better punishment for saanchi if anyone doens’t like it plz forgive me for that

Keep smiling guys……

Bye bye….

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