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Bitti Business Wali 3rd August 2018 Written Episode Update

Bitti Business Wali 3rd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mahi asking Bitti to either come with him to guest house and go to her house. Bitti says lets go. Mahi comes to the guest house and books a room. Manager asks if they are husband and wife. Mahi asks Bitti to say. Bitti says yes. Manager asks for Id proofs. Bitti gives her Id Proof. Mahi calls his friend and asks him to inform Police that wrong thing is happening in the moonlight guest house and asks him to get the raid. Bitti asks Mahi why did they come to the room. Mahi asks her to enjoy like a wife and he rests on bed. Police comes there. Police knocks on their room. Mahi asks who? Police says Police. Mahi opens the door. Police asks what is going on here? Mahi says we are husband and wife and came here for outing. Inspector asks for marriage proof. Mahi says they don’t have any proof. Inspector tells Bitti that she looks good and says you have filled sindoor in your maang to roam with this lafanga. Bitti says we are married.

Inspector asks where is the proof then and asks to show pic. Mahi says we don’t have even marriage pic. Bitti panics. Inspector asks do you think we are fool. He scolds Bitti for supporting Mahi. He asks her to give her father’s phone number. Mahi thinks revenge will be costly. Bitti asks what you will do with Papa’s number and tells that we will make proof now. She says I am ready to marry him in court now itself and asks him to ask Mahi if he is ready. Mahi refuses. Bitti says I am ready. Mahi says we are married and will not remarry. Inspector asks him to either show proof or get married. Bitti scolds Mahi for forcing her to marry. Inspector arrests Mahi.

Dadi comes to Sardar Singh’s house on Pahelwan’s saying. She introduces herself as Santoshi Shrivastav and says you can call me Amma. Sardar Singh tells that she seems to be old lady, and I will bury her in her mohalla. Dadi asks him to listen to her.

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