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Bepannah Aashqui FF Fourteen epi

Greetings  my lovely  readers

Thanks  dear sia arunima  Anee

Thanks  alot my dear silent  readers

Recap-zoya panics seeing  adi unconscious  she starts scolding  him as soon as he comes to senses

Seeing  her concern sanchi is sure that zoya has feelings for adi

The celebrities  who were supposed  to come for sanveer’s Sangeet don’t turn up as a result Adiya perform romantically


Zoya is in adi’s arms

She is looking  deep inside  his eyes

She is smiling  at him

All are mesmerised  by the  performance

Just as zoya is lost in adi’sanchi eyes

Harman soumya  n ChaKor suraj enter hand in hand

They perform  too

Everybody  is enjoying  the function

Everything  is perfect

Zoya cannot  take her eyes off from adi who is still supervising  every single  thing

Mahi is frustrated

In frustration mahi bangs her hand on Wall it starts bleeding

Adi is standing  behind  her

He offers  her handkerchief

Adi-Mahi if u harm others wish bad for others u too will bear the pain .Mahi y so much frustration  ur both plans got failed

Mahi-What plans what nonsense  r u talking  am angry because  I had a quarrel  with an employee

Adi (red eyed)-mahi I know everything  Pls sstop this drama mahi I saw u cut the wire I  spoke to celebrity’s pa mahi u have cancelled  their deal.zoya trusts u she cares for u ur being  unfair  by harming  her mahi u will regret

Mahi smirks

Adi (challenging tone)-Do whatever  u want mahi but always remember  one thing till am.there with zoya u cannot  do anything  I will protect  her always

Adi leaves

Mahi fumes

Adi is busy supervising

Zoya comes-Adi did u take medicines come sit  u r not taking  rest atleast  have medicines

She makes him have medicines

Zoya -Adi u have  become  so careless  yaar

Adi looks in her eyes-y shd I care for myself  when I have u around  to look after  me

They have intense eyelock

Bepannah  aashqui  plays in Bg

Zoya-Adi take off ur shirt

Adi cannot believe  what he just heard

Zoya repeats-Adi take out ur shirt I need to apply  ointment  adi

Adi  smiles  n takes off his shirt

He is bare chest in front of zoya

Zoya starts applying  ointment  gently  adi feels little  pain zoya gets more gentle

They are very close

Adi is mesmerised

He is lost

He feels  her breathe

Tu aashqui hain plays in Bg

Zoya-Adi  this mark is of that accident  right? ?its soo deep. I don’t understand  what problem this rajVeer has with u

Since college days he always  did all this

But never expected  him to stoop so low

How could  he


Adi is confused

Adi-zoya how do u know about  accident  it happened 3 years ago now we weren’t  in touch  since five years  now if u knew y didn’t  u come to see me where were u at that time.

Zoya gets worried

Just then Anjana  comes

Anjana -Adi I told her

Adi-mom u never  told me Zoya whats all this

Anjana -Adi actually  zoya had called to invite us for her wedding

At that time  I told  her but she took my promise  that I should  never tell u

Adi-y zoya yaar y I was missing  u so much

Zoya -Adi I just wanted  to  invite u for my nikaah adi am sorry  sorry

Adi leaves  in anger

Zoya hugs Anjana

Zoya-Thank u Aunty u didn’t  tell adi that I always  called u to know about him

Anjana -but zoya if u care so much for adi y u  didn’t  meet him in 5 years

Zoya (teareyed )-Aunty I had some  reasons .

I will go know n cheer adi he is very angry

Zoya goes

Anjana ‘s pov-I wish someday u both realise  what’s in ur heart for each other I could  never understand  y u both married somebody else  I feel God also wants u both  together  that’s y all this happened  with u both

Zoya goes to adi

She keeps her hand on him

Adi takes it off-zoya Pls go from here I don’t want to  talk to u

Zoya-sorry adi I was,i was tensed I wanted to marry yash abuu was against  it there was alot of tension  I was in mussorrie  unable to come adi Pls

Zoya holds her ears

Adi-I have understood  I mean nothing  to u

Zoya-adi sorry very sorry u mean the world to me very sorry


Precap- Mehendi is being  applied  on Sanchi ‘s hand

Adi ignores zoya Zoya takes mehendi cone in her hands N writes “Adi am sorry ”

Mahi is caught up in between  fire zoya jumps in a shocked adi to enters in fire




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