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Blessed – A Twinj os

Hey everyone. How are you all?  I’m here after long time. Well yesterday was my birthday so I thought to post it as birthday treat but cant as I got busy. So today I’m posting it. Don’t forget to share your views.   ***************** 13- Blessed. A beautiful morning Sun ...

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True soulmates who made for each other (chapter-7)

Chapter-7 Zara and Abeer looking each other adorably……Because of passenger noise they came into senses. Driver:sry, passengers. suddenly a car came in front of car. Thats why i stopped bus. Driver again started to drive. Abeer standing behind zara and he blocked zara by his hand so that others passenger ...

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Connecting the past to present – episode 7

Nurses were running here and there and all were quite tensed.. Doctor comes out.. Aditya takes hold of him.. Aditya “What is happening.. Doc.?” Doc ” Please … Aditya let us do our duty..” Aditya was in his tears but thank god.. Arjun was there to help him.. Arjun took ...

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Hate or Love? – Part 9- Promo + asking and trip

Promo: narrator: humlilation for the past. shivay and om’s faces were blackened. both feeling felt more guilt than ever. narrator: truth……….. anika: why aren’t you eating? gauri: that anika di it’s………….. narrator: and two new entries. it shows two men in sunglasses as they walk away fro the airport. narrator: ...

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Living Together (RagSan SS) Epilogue

Living Together (RagSan SS) Shot-20 Sanskar sat in mandap as groom nd waiting for his bride..he then looks at janki who brings his ragini..she looks like most beautiful bride in world in her wedding lehenga..janki makes her sit beside sanskar..sanskar stares at her without blinking his eyes..Ragini smiles..Sanskar:looking gorgeous.Ragini(smiles): looking ...

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