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AdiYa One Shot : Tied By Affection (PapaAdi & MummyZo)

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I am here again with an one shot hope you guys like it


Entering The Bedroom They Felt Awkward as Adi close the door her heartbeat started increasing rapidly as she looked down at her feet suddenly interested on the mehendi applied on her feet …it was the same with Adi ….he was running his fingers through his hair nervously ..’

‘Urgh” he cleared his throat trying to get a reaction from her as she looked up at him to get captivated in the dark pool of brown orbs staring right into her soul with high intensity ….

”I’ll go bring the kids ” she asked hurriedly looking away …as he nodded..

”Let me come with you”…..

Four year Adya was playing with her two year old brother Ayyan .. Adi and Zoya’s eyes got teared up seeing their bonding..minutes might have passed by all they heard was their giggles Ayyan on top of Adya puling her hair with his cute little palms giggling loudly as Adya held him securely cooing with him ..Their giggles softened the awkwardness between Adi and Zoya. Leaning to the door frame either ways they stood admiring their children’s bond …..

“Papa ..Mama” Adya shouted jovially noticing them as she took little Ayyan with utmost care with her little palms and placed him on his back with utmost care like he was a fragile glass doll, getting down from the bed she opened her arms for her brother who squealed in happiness throwing his head back crawling forward into his didi’s embrace as she reciprocated with all her might . Holding him in her embrace slowly Adya placed Ayyan on his feet on the floor..Holding his little hands she walked Forward tightening her hands around his as they went to their parents..

Zoya bend down to their level with her lips curved seeing the siblings as she enveloped Adya and Ayyan.

“Kya huva maa” Adya asked with her sweet voice as Zoya stared at her with all the love ….with her little palms she wiped away her Mother’s tears as Zoya let out a teary smile..

“Nothing my princess”… But her little pote Ayyan was busy in pulling his maa’s chain trying to wedge it in his mouth a Zoya pulled his fingers out removing the chain from his palms with her lips twitched shaking her head Signing Ayyan not to pull…Seeing His Mama taking away the chain Ayyan’s lips trembles and he started wailing pulling her chain strongly ……

“Shhh my baby boy don’t cry …” Zoya pulled him close to her bosom as he hid in it and started wailing out loudly..Seeing her brother cry Adya’s lips quivered as her eyes held brimming tears as she spoke shakily..

“Mama tell him to stop crying..Mama..I can’t see him crying …”..Her Dew drops started falling as She enveloped her brother from behind cooing sweet nothings into his ears..The sight was splendid for Adi to see his Kids cry for each other. Zoya did not know what she was suppose to do whether to pacify Ayyan or Adya she looked above her shoulders to see him smiling at them …

” Adi ” She called out with her melodious voice as his daze broke to get captivate with her hazel orbs “Adi” First time she had call him by his name .

She shook her head cocking her brows..He followed her gaze to see both his babies cocooned themselves together with a bright smile playing on his lips he called

“Champ ..come out ….” Hearing a voice Ayyan stopped wailing..Pushing His sister he tries to look up. Feeling him stirring and stopped sobbing Adya released her hold on him and Leaned Back ..Ayyan titled his head up still in his maa’s embrace to look up at the owner of the voice

“Papa ..” his lips trembled as Adi cooed kneeling beside him , stretched out his hands to get Ayyan ..His arms slightly brushes her br*ast as an electric wave passes through her..Zoya widens her eyes and they stiffen looking into each other …

“Papa ..” Ayyan’s voice brings them back. Adi runs away carrying Ayyan as Zoya stood shocked looking at his retreating figure.

“Mama” Adya shakes her seeing her in a daze …

“Mama what happened”….

“aaah..Did u ask something Adya ?” she asks confused …

Adya slaps her forehead with her hand “Mama you were like a frozen “……

A blush creeps up remembering the moment as she bit her inner cheeks trying to control her smile

“Kuch nahi…kuch ..nahi…doll”…

Zoya walks into the room carrying Adya as her doll starts speaking animatedly about tom and jerry as Zoya was laughing all the way her cute little orbs going wide as she says how tom was chasing jerry and jerry escaping his clutches her hands stretching out as Zoya showers her with kisses once in a while . They settled on bed with Adya in middle as Zoya hugs her close to her bosom as she starts singing a lullaby patting Adya affectionately hearing the little snores she smiles as she pulls Her Doll more close to her. She hears her boy giggle she tilts her head up to get a better view of the balcony to see her boy with an animated conversation with his father ..A contended smile plays on her lips as her heart swells in love and pride..Ayyan has stopped crying and starts clapping his hands as Adi brushes his nose with Her Little Boy’s button nose as He giggles loudly as Adi lets out a parental laugh as He kisses him on his Father’s cheeks.

A drop falls on her palm as Zoya looks down to see She is crying She did not feel the wetness in her cheeks …she was so lost this was like a dream come true , For how many days her baby boy had longed for a father’s love..For how many days she had cried to see a sight like this her boy in the arms of his father …for how long…She did not know…she had lost count …

She wipes the remnants of tears as she flashes a smile as he walks in with Ayyan sound asleep snuggling more closer to him …..He tries to put the baby boy on the bed but instead Ayyan stirs in sleep frowning he tightens his grip around Adi ‘s neck burying more his face in the crook of Adi ‘s neck. As Adi smiled He was just like Adya..Adya always loved to be in his embrace while sleeping when she was Ayyan’s age .When he tries to put her on the crib she would wail loudly resulting Adi to crash his bed with her on top of him .

He stretched himself carefully not to wake up Ayyan …placing him on top of his chest, He smiled looking at the little bundle of joy…He would love to become a father again and again just to watch the immense joy his children brought him . Zoya lay beside Adya patting her Watching Ayyan and Adi .

“Why did you marry me?” Adi hears Zoya asks in her kittenish voice He turns to face her placing Ayyan softly in the bed …

“Shall we go out?” He asks softly as to wake up his babies ….

As Zoya mouths “babies”. Getting down from the bed he places two fluffy pillows on the side of the bed so Ayyan would not fall in case he rolls , Zoya release her hold on the Adya ..Placing a moist kiss on Ayyan’s and Adya’s cheeks …………

As the Cold breeze kisses her she hugs herself rubbing her arms as her tresses starts flying walking near the poolside she takes his seat beside him as they look up at the blanket of stairs showering upon them with love and the moonlight bathes them in its milk .They sat in silence.

Zoya repeats her question again

“Why did you marry me?

“Why are you asking?” he turns to her side with a smile as she stammered nervously

“We never spoke before marriage …you came to see me the next day you said yes …”

“Because I saw a mother in you for Adya ” he replied with deep intensity with admiration and pride in his voice …..

As he continued looking into her eyes..

“The moment I step into your house what I saw was you running behind Ayyan to feed him food with so much love and care …That was one pleasant sight I had yearned to see Adya’s mother feeding her but soon as she was born her mother left…and When Adya saw that my baby girl’s face fell as she even wanted to have a mother who would feed her , play with her , love her without her knowing she moved forward to where you were sitting with Ayyan you never noticed that I came but when Adya stopped in right front of you longing …”

He took a sigh as he smiled relishing the moment ….

“You made her sit on your lap and fed her even without knowing whose child it was …I saw how Ayyan was trying to push Adya off but you did not lose the clasp on Adya instead you explained him cooing”.

” Adi the moment I saw Adya looking at me crest fallen yearning for something it took me back to the memory how Ayyan use to look at Yash longing for his father to pick him up play with him …the same look it was …I could not turn blind to Adya …” Her lips quivered.

“I know” He squeezed her hand as Zoya looked at him with tears …

“Won’t you ask me why I married you?” …..

“No” he shook his head as he continued ….

“Because you married you are children’s father” … Zoya smiled .They were silent ……………..

Zoya starts Speaking “You know Adi..I was waiting for so long to hear Ayyan’s first word..I wanted to hear him call “Maa” but my boy “..

She shook her head with a smile as Adi’s lips curved as he continued

“The moment I carried him that day in your place he spoke his First word Papa …and it was me ” as tears spilled he squeezed her hand more..

“You know Zoya I wanted Adya to call papa first but her first word was Maa ..When she called maa there was no mother for her ….since then I wanted to give Adya a mother she yearned for..When she called me papa for the first time the feeling was so alien I did not know whether to cry or laugh ..” remembering the moments he felt nostalgic ……

A Pregnant Pause Followed..

“Why Did your marriage with Pooja break apart ?” ….

“Zoya Pooja is a Socialite She loves parting clubbing all the night. She never wanted to become a mother When She got to know that she was pregnant she wanted to abort the baby ..I badly wanted this child but she didn’t, Our fights grew Day by Day Finally she asked me to choose her or my child ..I chose my child “…he sighed

“I promised to give her a divorce soon as the child was born”……he looked away with pain …

“I can’t believe how could a mother be a cruel even when Yash left me to be with another women when Ayyan for 8 months I decided to live my life for my baby ….” …

“Zoya …Let’s forget the past and move on …Okay?” ..She nodded

He side hugged making Zoya startled due to the sudden contact …She tilted up to see him as him Spoke

“Our journey begins from now on …You Me and Our Children ” ..as She nodded ……


“Jaan…” ….He hugged her from behind entering the room kissing on her cheeks …Zoya turns around and locks her hands behind his neck” Hmm What makes you Romantic?” She asks raising her brow with a teasing smile …”Hmm So I need a reason to romance my wife?” ….She shook her head as a blush creeps up..Three months of marriage They have grown comfortable with each other..At first it started with hugs..Cheek kisses ..Right now both wants to take their relationship to the next level but they aren’t ready to voice thinking the other would feel awkward…They Loved each other madly Any blind Person who sees them would say that they madly into each other but Adi and Zoya haven’t come to conclusion with their feelings yet …

“Where is my Champ?” He asks leaving her..

“He is sleeping”

Adi walks to the crib he tries to take out his thumb

“My boy when will you leave this habit of sucking your thumb”

Zoya comes running from him behind and pulls away Adi..

“Don’t” she warns him …as She tries to stifle her yawn..

“Making him sleep is the biggest task..Hours of struggling Adi …it’s all because of you” She accuses him as he asks confused “Why?”….

“You made it a habit to rock on your shoulders and make him sleep on your chest …he is like an owl waiting for you to come home to sleep”….

“Mmm Zoya but …The thumb?” She glares at him as he gives up raising his hands..

“Okay Where is my princess? She is turning 5 into two days you know right?” Zoya nods

“I thought of planning a party for her …We will call her school friends too okay?” Zoya tells Adi chirpily

“Where is she?” …

“She was here before you came Adi ” .. Adi was about to leave the room as Zoya calls him

” Adi…I need to talk about Adya ..”.

.”What is it Zoya?”…

“She is a bit moody since the time she came home …I asked her but she is not ready to open up ..You ask her okay? Did something happen in school?..I feel sad to see her like this..She is the light of this house”

He places his arms on her shoulders

“Nothing would have happened jaan ..You are just assuming”

He places one hand on her cheeks assuring he leaves.

Adi sits beside Adya to see her curled up in the bed..Seeing her he knew she is not sleeping..She is pretending her breaths are even while she sleeps …

“Adya doll “..

He places a kiss on her hair stroking her tresses away from her face …he notices wetness in his palms as he worriedly pulls up Adya to his embrace..

“Baby girl you are crying..Why?..”

She looks at Adi and starts sobbing locking her arms around his neck …Zoya too enters the room to see Adya crying..

“Baby did anyone scold you?” Adi asks softly combing her hair and soothing her back …She releases her hold on his neck and Looks at her Papa and shakes her head..Zoya too takes her place beside Adi …”

“My Princess what happened?” Zoya asks concerned …

“Papa …papa ” She was choking her shoulders shaking ….

Adi pulled her close to his chest He was on the verge of tears He could not see her crying he had promised himself not to bring a tear on her eyes..Zoya was soothing her back urging her to tell…

“I ..am …not your ..baby?” Adya tells hiccupping up her chest heaving high and down sobbing loudly ……..

“Baby …” Adi asked shocked as Even Zoya gaped ….

“Who told you?” Adi asks her softly …

“Pooja aunty” she tells wailing …as Zoya’s hand flew to her mouth ….

“How did you meet Pooja beta?” Adi asks her wiping away her tears ….

Zoya gives her glass of water gulping down hurriedly she starts crying again…

“Pooja aunty came with Divya’s maa she saw me and came to me to speak …as I have seen her in photos once I asked her whether she knows my papa “…

“And what did she tell?”….

“She told that she knows papa well …She told her name and She told that I was born to someone else and you took me as your baby …” She tells crying …

As Adi ‘s eyes teared up …pulling Adya more closely to him he tells her affectionately

“World may tell anyone might tell you but remember you are my daughter …only MINE ..Okay..Adya you know right how much daddy loves you?”

Adya nods her head …. Adi places a kiss on her forehead

“You are my angel …My princess …never think that you are not mine?..I Love you so much…even mama loves you…So stop crying?” Zoya nods in agreement .Adya hugs both of them

“I Love you ” ..She whispers as they kiss her.

Adi carries Adya to their room …He places her in the middle of the bed and pulls her close to him as he enveloped her in his embrace affectionately patting her to doze off …seeing her eyes dropping …joining his forehead with his baby girl’s he cries ..Showering kisses around her face …he feels a hand on his shoulder to find Zoya standing there worried..

“Do you wanna share?” She asks softly as he nods.

Leaving Adya in the bed he moves to the balcony with Zoya trailing behind.

He makes himself comfortable on the couch looking at the night sky as tears makes it ways out She wasn’t suppose to know that she wasn’t his , Will She leave him?..No, if she does? Will he be able to cope up without her? No ..His breath hitched as the thoughts resurfaced his mind…he gasps for breath unable to take it ….Zoya worriedly soothes his back as he sobs leaning on to her shoulders as Zoya places her hand on his cheek

“Will she leave me?” he asks in a child like tone..

Turning him around Zoya kisses his forehead cupping his cheeks

“Why will she leave? When she is having a lovely father? “She tells lovingly …

Brushing his hairs away from his forehead as he rests his forehead against hers ..

“Adya is not my blood “he tells her as Zoya eyes goes wide she guessed something would come out like that but he himself saying …

“But I love her more than everything even above you” he tells her leaning onto her shoulder …as he continues ……..

“I saw her placed in a crib …she was stirring may be unable to find the warmth she got in her mother’s womb …Zoya I saw her kicking her puny legs may be she was doing in search of something reassuring unable to find anything I saw her letting out a shrill cry which was heart rendering for my ears ”

He lets out the dew drops to fall as he places his head on her lap as she combs his hair …he smiles relishing the memory the first time he held her , his baby girl Adya ,

“She was so little Zoya ” he tells her showing his hands with his lips curved up tears brimming from his eyes …

“The moment I placed her in my arms she stopped whimpering …she slowly opened her cute little brown eyes and locked with mine …She let out a smile “..

He wiped away the tears that fell as Zoya smiled it was the same with her when she held Ayyan for the first time his first smile she would capture those moments forever the way he held her bosom with his little hand while feeding onto her milk ..She would not be able to describe those moments with words..her chain of thoughts break as he pursues

“Her smile was so sweet which unblemished the hurts… the pains of My life ….Her little face glowed as her miniature fingers grasped mine and she held it tight ” …

Adi tells Zoya with a parental smile showing his finger with tears in his orbs …as Zoya looked intently at him..

“That was the moment …I felt Like Adya knew that I needed comfort in the dead silence of my life …She knew it Zoya that I needed joy in amidst of my pain …I pulled her close to my chest ….”

He lets out a sigh as Zoya stares at him amused How much can a man love his Child?….Taking Zoya’s hands between his palms ..He tells her as the river breaks it way through his cheeks”

“I promised myself at that Moment…I would not let this precious bundle of joy go no matter what come may ..I will protect her and never bring a tear in her eyes.”……

He kisses Zoya’s palms as Zoya pulls him close letting him hide himself in her bosom as he wailed .Still it wasn’t clear For Zoya ..She waited patiently until he calmed

“What happened?”….

“Pooja got her labor pains in the midnight …as soon as we reached she was wheeled to the labor room …not to forget before entering the labor room that women was on the verge of dying with pain but she was reminding me about the divorce ” Adi tells with utter disgust ….

“My baby …Zoya..” he cries as Zoya pulls him close in her

“Before she could see the light she died in her womb “…

Shock would be an understatement for Zoya He lost his child?.

”I lost my child Zoya ..I lost it before I could hold her or see her ..” he choked burying him more into her as tears made their way out of her orbs Losing a child it is not so easy ..

“That’s when Adya came into my life …Adya ..Light in my darkness …light in my darkness Zoya “he cries louder …

“How?” Zoya breathes out having him in her embrace…

“The moment I knew I lost My Child ..I was devastated on the other hand Pooja did not care She wanted to be free……. just free..Lost in my pain I decided to leave that place where I lost my happiness but destiny has other plans..Moving to the entrance of the hospital I saw her and him “…

“Her and him?”…

“Haa Adya’s mother and father …They had got into an accident..Adya’s mother was 7 months ..While bringing on the way Adya’s father had deceased..Unable to take in the torment of the loss of her husband Adya’s mother died while delivering Adya …” ..

“I was there, Zoya outside the operation theatre praying that both mother and child are safe …Having lost mine I did not want her to go through that pain …Knowing that the little girl lost her parent’s the moment she was born..I couldn’t take it.. I tried finding information about their families but they had none Adya was left all alone in this world …I did not know what to do..Instead I walked into the ward where she was placed the moment I held her ..The moment she wrapped her fingers around my finger..She had taken me with her …she was mine..I held her close..She is mine..Zoya ..She is my little girl …She is my baby..She is my Adya “…..

“Sssh .. Adi ..She is yours..She was always yours to begin with …”

She clutched him tightly ….How could she not love this man in her arms ..Her heart swelled with pride seeing the love this man has for his children Who aren’t even his blood..Not only Adya for Ayyan too..He never differentiate his love and care between the both ….She pulled him back a little to see him in a deep slumber clinging onto her..Wiping away his remnants of tears she placed his head on her lap…Kissing his eyelids she leaned backward closing her eyes.

The next morning He finds himself in an awkward position..Waking up Adi scoops Zoya and places her in the bed and leaves to freshen up… Adi returns back to the Room to See Zoya Awake.

” Adi ” She calls him out.

“Why?” He asks her taking his seat beside her looking at Adya who still in a slumber..

Zoya asks while stroking Adya’s hair “Don’t you think we should let her know about her parents ?”

“No” Adi shouts shocked..”No…you are not gonna tell her..She will leave me..No “He tells her worriedly pulling his hair..

“We should Adi she has the right to know..” Zoya tries to convince him

“No Zoya..You are not telling her ” He warns her

“Listen to me First ”

“Cut the crap..You are not telling her anything ” He yells at her and leaves the place as Zoya sighs placing a kiss on Adya’s cheeks .

“Mama please help me tie my hair ” Adya comes running to her room as Zoya tells loudly “Beta give me ten minutes I am giving a bath to Ayyan I will come ..Okay..I can’t leave him in the tub alone”

“Maama it is already late to School …try to come fast ” Adya tells her

Adi enters the room folding his shirt sleeves to find Adya sitting on the bed cupping her palms looking at the direction of the washroom..

“Aren’t you getting late doll?”

“Yes Papa I am waiting for Mama to tie my hair”

“You came Fifteen minutes back right still didn’t you tie your hair”

“Papa , Mama told me to wait until she comes I am waiting for her”

Adi fumes Is she neglecting my child? After knowing she is not mine …

“Zoya ” Adi shouts in anger as Zoya comes out from the washroom with Ayyan on her hips ..

“What the hell?..My Child is waiting since half hour..and you are playing with your child ?” He yells at her as Zoya’s eyes goes wide

“What do you mean by My Child and Your Child ..They are OUR CHILDREN ” She yells back shocked ..

“You are neglecting Adya ” he retorts back

” Adi ” she says softly surprised

“That’s why I never wanted to tell you anything after knowing I knew this would happen..You will look after your child..Not mine ” He bangs his fists on the wall clenching his jaw .

Leaving Ayyan in the bed Zoya tells Adya to leave the room She does not want Adya to see them fighting.

“What do you mean by your child and my child Adi?” She asks in anger turning him around to face her

“You were neglecting Adya…Now I get it Why you wanted to let her know that she is not mine …So you could separate me and Adya ” he tells with utter disgust as Zoya fumes

“I swear if it was someone else I would have slapped” she tells him furiously

As She cries “How could you think so low of me after knowing me for three months?” She asks furiously pushing him..

“As Much as You love Adya I love her..She is mine ..My child Adi..She is mine .. Adi ” She breaks down ..”She is My First Child Adi..She is My First ..She is Special ..She is My Child..She is my baby who called me “Mama ” First not Ayyan …I love her as much as I love Ayyan..She is mine..How could you?” She asks crying loudly as she falls on the floor

As Adi stood Shocked..Wiping away the tears she leaves to look Adya as Adi bangs his hand on the wall He had Screwed up … How could He tell Zoya those words?…True he was furious with her for asking to let know Adya about her Parents, without asking for her reasons he chided her ..Even now ..He knew His blo*dy heart knew she would never neglect Adya..He blo*dy knew she asked Adya to wait because she could not leave Ayan alone..Even then..” He bangs his knuckles again frustrated and leaves to check on Zoya He should apologize.

He sees her plaiting Adya’s hair .. Adi hears Adya asking …”Mama Papa was fighting with you for me right?..I am sorry mama ” She tells sadly wiping Zoya’s tears as Zoya shakes her head kissing her palms “No beta …It was not because of you okay?..Even Mama scolded Papa “…

“Papa must have felt sad right that you scolded him? ” she asks Zoya with tears brimming..Zoya smiles both are same they love each crazily Like Father like Daughter.

Zoya makes Adya sit on her lap “Does you teacher loves you?” Adya nods puzzled..

“Does your teacher scold you? “..Again Adya nods

“Why do they scold Adya?”

“Mama My teacher scolds so that we do not do the same mistake again”

Zoya kisses her on her cheeks “Exactly beta , I scolded Papa so that he will not repeat that mistake again”

“Really Mama …Papa also makes mistake “She asks Shocked …She had thought Big people do not make mistakes

“Yes Darling” Adi smiles and sits next to Zoya pulling his ears making a puppy face as Zoya Frowns and turn her face …

“Papa teacher says when we make mistakes we should ask sorry ” Adya tells him strictly

“Sorry” Adi tells making a cute face as Zoya glares at him …

Zoya comes back to her room to dress Ayyan but Sees Adi doing it ..Zoya ties her arms around her chest seeing the way he his struggling with the diaper but she doesn’t move an inch she is angry she is furious with him how could he think that she will separate Adya from him?…

Adi starts cooing giving Ayyan his phone to distract him as he Quickly dresses him ..He smiles Remembering The way He used to Dress Adya .He had to Struggle at least For a hour to dress her up ..His baby girl was so mischievous..He never had caretakers because he wanted to do be there for his princess..He wanted to do every little things connected to Adya by himself he never left her alone..He took his baby girl with him to work too.

Zoya goes awe seeing him but she does not show him..He needs to understand that he was wrong..Just because he was angry doesn’t mean that he can tell whatever he wants..She is a human too ..Moreover She is a Mother.

Taking Ayyan from his arms she leaves the place as Adi frowns and pulls her by her arms carefully enough not to hurt her or Ayyan

“I know that you are angry … I am really sorry for whatever happened..I should not have..But it does not mean that You will take Ayyan from me forcefully..He is Mine too ” He tells with anger as She looks into his eyes

“Just a hour before you told he is mine Only Mine ..Remember?”

Adi closes his eyes distress “I am sorry please …but don’t take my child away I cannot bear it ” He tells her sadly stroking Ayyan’s cheeks …

She gives Ayyan to him “I am not that bad. But you should know how it feels..You know how much I love Adya ..She is my Child ..My First child “She tells him as she cries …

He hugs her whispering how much sorry he feels for saying those horrible things.

Breaking from the Hug he asks her

“Can we talk?” She nods and they move to the bed ..

“Why do you want to let Adya know about her parents?” He asks her calmly

“She has the right to know about her Parent’s …When She grows up If She questions us why she was never told about her parent’s what will you answer? ..She needs to Know that her Parent’s Left her..She needs to Adi .In Future Someone else like Pooja might point out she is not Ours she should be able to take in news .We cannot always Shut Everyone ..She should proudly tell them We are her Parents…Do you get me?”

“Happy Birthday Doll” Zoya and Adi shouts on either sides as Adya wakes up with a jolt..

Sleepily She Whines “Mama ..papa ..can’t you wish in the morning..I want to sleep..Stop being a sautan for my sleep..

She pulls the duvet over her head and goes back to sleep while Zoya and Adi chuckles and pulls her back

“Sleepy head” …

“Mama ” she whines as they pull her with them to where the cake is placed…

“Happy Birthday Adya ” They sing with Ayyan bouncing his hands up squealing as Adya feeds him the first piece … Adi side hugs Zoya seeing them with their lips curved up.

Then Adya Pulls Adi and Zoya to her level and feeds them and kisses them on their cheeks as they feed her back .

“Mama..Papa where is my gift ” Adya chirps jumping on to Adi ‘s arms as he carries her ..

Making her comfortable on his lap he smiles taking his gift he gives her nervously as Zoya sits beside Adi with Ayyan ….Zoya squeezes Adi ‘s hand nervously ….

“Papa who are they?” Adya asks innocently caressing the couple’s picture..

“They are your Parent’s Doll” Adi tells her as Adya blinks to stop her tears from falling….

“Arjun and Noor” he further tells wiping away her tears

As she locks her arms around his neck “I am not your baby” her lips quivers ….

“You are Our Baby too doll ” he tells her lovingly as Adya stares at him with tears brimming She looks down at the frame

“They are your parents who died when you were born darling ….” He tells her caressing her cheeks …

“Doll when I took in you in my hands I fell in love with you Princess. You are my baby. No Our baby too ”

He holds Zoya’s hands…as Adya stares at them with tears brimming in her eyes..

“Adya Doll we love you so much that we will give our life for you” Zoya tells Reassuring her combing her hair with one hand as she held Ayyan in the other….

“They are beautiful right?..They look lovely ” Adya caresses their photo and hugs the photo close to her chest as she cries ….

Adi tightens his hold around her as a lone tear drops

“I love them Papa” Adi hears Adya tell him with a trembling voice as he closes his eyes letting the tear drop fall …

Adya opens her eyes getting down from his lap she moves forward …Feeling the loss of warmth Adi cries thinking Adya had left him while Zoya leans onto him ….Adya places the Photo frame in the nightstand and comes to Adi and Zoya and pulls them into a hug as she cries

“But I love you more Papa and Mama …I love you..Papa..Mama..You won’t leave me right? “she asks in her kittenish voice

As Adi pulls her close “Never I love you My Baby Girl …” as Zoya kisses her hair ….Seeing that His Parent’s and Didu Forgot him Ayyan Starts Wailing loudly getting their attention ..Adya smiles and pulls him too in a hug as they chorus “We Love you too “…

Putting Adya and Ayyan to sleep Zoya and Adi come back to their Room.. Adi pulls Zoya to himself hugging her from behind as he whispers “Thank you for coming into my life “…Zoya smiles .. Adi turns her around as he rests his forehead against hers . They close their eyes their breaths shaking and mingling with passion and anxiety .. “Thank you” she whispers in a barely audible tone


“For Coming into my life…”

Adi gently leans in and kisses on her lips . They pull apart as they grasp for air..Shallow breaths. Unable to contain themselves anymore . Adi holds Her head in his hands tugging a random fringe behind her ear as her breath quickens .. Unable to stare at the intensity of his passion she looks down as a tinge of red adorns her cheeks ..Her lips curve up..He takes her chin between his forefinger and thumb urging her to look up ..Before she could ponder He yanks her to him and covers his mouth with hers into a hungry, fiery and passionate kiss..She runs her hands down his spines from bottom to top..She repeats the process pulling him more to her ..

She lies on her back as he matches his body form on her..his hands work on her curved body exploring her ….They stare into each other lost in the intensity of passion and love ……No words spoken ..He leans down and softly kisses his way up her neck as she whimpers under him in passion and anticipation..She rolls over him and lies on top of his strong muscular frame placing a tender kiss on his lips and runs her lips down his neck making him groan as he cages her under him as they continue to pleasure each other.

“Thank you for completing me Zoya” He tells her lovingly looking forward as he sees his little baby girl and his champ building a castle in the beach as Zoya smiles leaning onto his shoulders he wounds his arms around her ..she keeps her hands above his pulling his arm closer to stomach as she whispers ” With the third one on the way “…….he looks flabbergasted for a moment until it clicks his mind ………he hugs her like there is no tomorrow squealing in happiness as she looks into his eyes with tears brimming ..He cups her face in his large palms and places a long deep kiss on her forehead

As he mumbles “You women didn’t you get any other place to break the news “..

Zoya smiles confused as she raises her brows stilling having her head in his palms he whispers

“I want to kiss you senselessly”

She laughs “So kiss me” she teases as He pouts

Zoya Turns and Looks to the Direction to See him murderously glaring at Someone.. To See Aarav Hugging Adya ..Zoya shakes her head knowing What is to come This had become a daily drama Aarav was Adya’s Classmate They had been studying together for a year now and had become best friends .Adya and Aarav are inseparable..They love..Ahemm nope her husband would kill her if she uses the word love…they like each other so much but Adi is not fond of Aarav..Call him Overprotective Father..Each and every time Aarav gives a friendly hug or stands close to Adya he ends up glaring at the poor boy making him gulp in fear “…

“Is he stalking my Little Girl” Adi murmurs angrily as Zoya slaps her head ” Adi for God sake He is just Six and Stalking are you crazy?” she asks back frowning ..”Whatever..I don’t like him ..He is always behind my baby girl ” Adi retorts throwing daggers seeing them still hugging …”Adi..They are friends and you know How much Adya likes him..Aarav too “.. She tries to calm him but it just ignites the fire in him “Exactly ..My Point Adya likes him I do not want her to end up with a broken heart “…

“You have gone insane Adi..They are small are you are thinking about their..Leave it ” She tells him angrily as Adi stands up to pull that boy out of her embrace ..Zoya was quick to hold him as She glares at him ..Adi’s lips curves as Zoya looks puzzled …He points his finger to the front …Zoya cups her face disappointed..Her Little Boy is too much Mature Possessive and Overprotective for his age Zoya sees him pushing Aarav away from Adya as He hugs Adya by her waist tightly …”My Son Zoya” Adi tells her squealing “Do you have anything to do with the change in Ayyan? He allows everyone to be close to Adya except Aarav ” She raises her brow tying her hands as Adi shrugs innocently and moves forward .

Zoya rubs her belly whispering hopefully and worriedly “You better be a Girl if not that Little Boy Aarav is goanna die of Over protectiveness”.


“Adya Bacha come here” Zoya pats next to her as they settle in bed ..Ayyan takes his place next to Adi in the Bed .

“Bacha’s Do you want A Baby Sis or Bro? ” She asks excitedly as Adi side hugs her .

“Behen ” Ayyan shouts on top of his voice excited

Adya Shouts “Bhai”…”Behena ”

“NO Bhai”.



Adya & Ayyan indulge in a Fight as Zoya chuckles looking at them she sucks in her breath feeling a hand crawling up through her T-Shirt ..She glares turning to his side as he looks at her innocently She raises her one eyes showing the children who are still in their own world bickering ..he starts ascending upwards as she scrunches her nose ..She glares at him but ..”Aahhh” The Children stop their fight and turn to their front to see their Papa throwing his right hand up in the air while Their Mama has an innocent Look in her face ..

“Papa Kya huva?” Adya asks coming forward holding her Papa’s hand .

.He narrows his eyes at Zoya


” Ahh ? Machar just because mosquito bit you , you were shouting like this Papa” Adya asks him slapping her forehead ..

“It was Big Bacha ..A Bigger One” Adi tells glaring at Zoya .. Zoya giggles …

“Papa you are such a baby ” Adya laughs Wounding her arms loosely around her Papa’s neck

“Papa Tell me Where It bit I’ll Give a Kiss Okay? Then The Pain will go away?” ..

He shows the place pouting as Adya places a soft kiss there ..”My Bacha ” He hugs her back ..Ayyan who was lost in his own world Doing one of his favorite games, trying to see how many of his fingers he can wedge into my mouth pulls his fingers out hearing someone call bacha ..Seeing Adi hugging Adya He stands up on his feet balancing himself on the bed and moves forward and pushes Adya away from Adi and hugs him tightly not letting Adya near Adi.

.Adya whines “Papa” But Ayyan is no way into letting Adya near his Papa he keeps pushing her back wailing …

“Adya” Zoya calls her knowing Ayyan would not let her hug Adi ..

“Come to me” Zoya extends both her hands as Adya holds and sits on her lap whining ..

“Mama Ayyan..” She starts complaining while Zoya smiles looking at her ..Cupping her face in her palms she asks her

“So you have me Don’t you?” ..Adya pouts as she puts her arms around her neck loosely

“But Papa ?”…

“Aww meri Ladli you’ll get a Papa’s hug too” ..

Zoya pulls her cheeks and places a kiss on her cheeks as Adya Pouts Looking at her Papa … Adi extends his hands calling for a hug seeing Ayyan fallen asleep burying his head in the crook of his neck .


” Adi are you Sure? You Can manage both of them alone ? ‘ Zoya Was tired explaining him ..

“Jaan you just take some rest okay? You are having Morning sickness you were nauseas too So take some rest Love” ..

Adi tells her While tucking her inside the duvet ..

“You Sure?”..

“More than Sure Jaan..Now Take some rest”

..A Moist kiss on her forehead was all needed to get into a deep slumber with a smile on her face ..She feels like a baby not a Woman Carrying a baby because of his love & care ..

“I Love you Jahanpannah” She whispers sleepily as he smiles caressing her pale yet prettiest face he ever seen

“Love you too!!”

“Adya Baby Wake up it’s time for School ! “…

“Papa five minutes ” she pulls the duvet over her head ..

Adi chuckles Habits Like Father Like Daughter ..This Reminds him now How Zoya use to whine early morning waking Both of them Her Frown deepens when they don’t give into her ..Morning kisses cute pleads for forgiveness from both of them ..Then She gives them a smile Which brightens up his day ..She came into his life breath of fresh air..He shakes his head with a smile “Jaan your are making me crazy “..


He pulls the duvet down to face the pouting irritated face of his angel

“Why Papa Let me sleep !!” She whines out loudly face palming herself closing her eyes

“Baby it’s getting Late for School” He tries to reason ..

“Papa No school Today ” She turns to her right hugging her teddy bear ..

“Don’t you want to meet Aarav?” .

.Adya snaps opens her eyes and jumps out of the bed yelling excitedly “He promised me chocolates today!!”..

Adi frowns Smacking himself mentally Why the hell he had to take His name? To Wake his laldli ..

“Calm down Adi calm down !!” He strokes his heart .

“Papa” Ayyan starts wailing whiling Adi plaits Adya’s hair .

.Leaving Adya he runs to Ayyan to see him “What’s that smell?” Adi closes his nose but a look at Ayyan he knew what ..

“Papa ” Shouts Adya standing outside with one side of her hair plait while the other is too left to be completed the washroom seeing Adi washing Ayyan ..”

“Two minutes baby” Adi gives her a cute look ..Adya places her hands on her hips

“You have been telling for the past one hour paa I am already late to school ” She starts cribbing ..

“Papa Food ” Adya reminds seeing him dragging her out of the house to School ..

“Gosh let me get you something on the way ” He tells her and was about to go Ayyan starts crying

“Shhh Baby why cry Paa is here naah?” ..

“Mama mama ” He starts yelling pulling Adi ‘s hair

“Baby it’s paining” Adi tries to get his mane out of his baby’s hand but his hold was to strong

“Mama ” He shouts loudly ..Adya pulls Adi ‘s wrist

“Papa it’s getting Late !!” She is on the verge of crying

“Mama !!”..”

“Papa my Aarav!!” Adya eyes pools in tears remembering her chocolates ..

Adi takes a deep sigh with Ayyan in his one hand and Adya pulling him from his arm he looks around the house it is messed the kitchen is almost smoky !!..Zoya !!´He mutters “Please Don’t kill me !”..

“Ayyan Mama has fever ” Adi shows him placing the back of the palm on his forehead trying to make him understand ..

Ayyan stops wailing and stares at Adi with his pooled eyes ..”

“What mama has fever ?” Adya asks worried leaving the hold on Adi ‘s arm she tries to run to see her Mama .In time Adi catches hold of her ..

“Papa leave me I am going to see Mama ” Adya cribs ..

Adi kneels down to her level placing Ayyan on his foot as He cups Adya’s cheeks in his palm

“Mama is Sleeping So We should let her take rest nah ? Do you want her to wake up ?”..Adya nods her head sadly

“No let’s go ” Adi could find the sadness in her voice ..

“Okay go give a quick kiss and come ” Adya’s face instantly glows She runs..

Adya caresses Zoya’s cheeks leaning forward she places a soft sloppy kiss on her Maa’s cheek “Get well soon Mama” She whispers softly trying not to wake her up and leaves the place.

*Cough**Cough* Why is the Kitchen so smoky Zoya closes her nose with her duppata waving her hands in the air trying to get rid of the smoke ..*Phew* Adi enters the house and drops himself on the sofa tired

“Aditya !!” Zoya yells angrily with her hands on her hips ..

He runs his fingers though his hair nervously actually scared “My Kitchen” She cries Pregnancy hormones He shakes his head

“What did you do to my Kitchen?” She yells crying ..

Oh no Now I have to console her ? Urgh!! What a day!! ” Adi mutters under his breath

“Shona don’t cry ” He cups her face in his palms wiping her tears with his thumb

Her lips quivering “My Kitchen !! “..

Adi looks at Her Kitchen ..It is Smoky literally the walls have gone black all credits to Mr.Aditya Hooda He ended up burning everything out but mixing up ingredients which he should not have added in a hurry

“Ohh it’s nothing it would be Your Kitchen by Evening ” He promises as She looks at him angrily wiping away her tears..

“I need it in a hour ..You Know How Much I Love My Kitchen ” She yells throwing a vase at him ..

Okay She is getting violent day by day Blame her pregnancy hormones a minute she cries next mean she is Kali maa !! Day before yesterday She ended up throwing a vase at him Why ? For Not feeding her cat !! ..His thought process halts as She cries again

“You Don’t Love me !! Because I have gone Fat !” Her eyes pooled in tears ..

Now where did this come from ? ” He wonders

“Jaan how many times do I have to tell you ,You Look Beautiful!!” He hugs her placing his palm on her cheeks ..She rests her head on his chest wrapping her arms around him.

“Did you feed my cat ?” again she starts her questions looking at him from his embrace ..

Right Now He wants to smacks his wife’s head but he cannot! Cat ? I could not even prepare food for my Kids properly !!..” He glares at her thinking .

.“Oh shit” he shouts leaving her and runs out to check on his car

“Ayyan !!” …He heaves a sigh of relief seeing him sleeping peacefully in the backseat of his car ..He had forgotten to take his child into the house .

“My Cat ” Zoya comes out walking slowly

“To hell with your cat” Adi tells her pissed and carries Ayyan in .


“I am Sorry How long are you planning to cry ?” Adi asks handing another set of tissues to his wife who had been crying that too because He forgot to feed her cats ..Urgh How much He hates that animal Which does nothing but *meow**meow* all the time ..and His Little brats Opps Noo His champ and His Doll had named him Tom !! Tom Seriously Yes they have a Cat which just sleeps 20 hours a day and is up for 4 hours and takes away his time with his wife & kids !! Yes You Got it Right The Great Aditya Hooda is jealous of a Cat Tom as It takes away just four hours from a day from his family.

“For God Sake Zoya stop crying it is not like that your cat died in hunger Adya fed him milk in the Morning ..” ..

She starts crying louder this time bursting his eardrums

“Shona what happened ?” He cups her face but She slaps his arms away

“You want My Cat to DIE ” She glares at him getting hold of a badminton racket ..

Adi widens his eyes “Adya!!” He shouts mentally for keeping that there ..

“Zoya No let’s talk !” he tells her hurriedly fearing moving back as Zoya moves front

“It is Your Sweet little Tommy How Could I think of killing it ?” he asks with an innocent smile playing on his lips ..Sweet Seriously Aditya that little brat urghhh I mean cat is sweet ..U want to so strangled it don’t you ? little Tommy yuck why don’t you add a jerry so that Tom would be busy with Jerry of course messing my house but at least I could have my family to myself “A Thought clicks on his mind as He starts chuckling on his idea forgetting about the angry tigress standing in front of him …

“Shonaa Shonuuu let’s talk naah now lemme get your Tommy a Little friend “..He shows his dimple cheeks ..

She looks at him clueless

“A Jerry!”..

“What the wuck is that for ? to mess my clean house ?” She yells at him ..

To get my family back to me He speaks to himself ..

“Go feed My Tommy Look how pale it looks My Little Tommy !!”

Again her lip quivers looking at that cat which is Sleeping in His side of the bed making Adi more irritated and glare at the Fat Little Tommy who has almost filled himself so much food and leaving a burp and His wife is worrying for that idiotic cat !!.


‘ Adi ” She pokes his elbow

“Zoya Sleep Jaan ” He tells her sleepily pulling the quilt over his head .

‘ Adi!!” She pokes his eyes again

“Zoya” He whines slapping her hand away

“You don’t Love me !!” her lips tremble

Sighing Adi gets up muttering “Mood Swings!!”

“What?” He asks her rubbing his eyes .

“I Want You Now!!” She tells him seductively

“What?” His sleep gone hearing his Shy Okay not Shy but maybe in this things hearing her ask .

“I want you now please !” ..

“Okay Come Let’s do it ” He grins showing his thirty two teeth pulling his wife into his arms .

“You Would ?” She blinks her eyes twice Confirming it is him .

Adi was doubtful “Why wouldn’t I?” He asks her back with a smile.

“Come Let’s Go Now !” She pulls him by his arm getting down from the bed .

“Zoya we need a bed to do it !” He pulls her back slowly ..

Zoya Gives him confused look “Why need Bed ? We need a Car ” She tells him

“What Car Such a Crazy Fantasy you have but in this stage we can’t in a car ” He tells her sighing .

“Then Let’s walk ” She gives a dimple smile

“We do it while walking? He asks her shocked

“What doing while walking we need to go and order & sit and Eat” She shrugs her shoulders .

“What are you exactly talking about Zoya ?” He asks her tying his arms across his chest cocking his brows.

“Jalebi’s” She tells him grinning with her eyes twinkling

“What Jalebi ?” He raises his one brow shocked “Oh my poor heart !!” he strokes his heart feigning a sad look

“What did you think husband?” She asks him in teasing manner getting his inner meaning .

He glares at her as She laughs throwing her arms around his neck loosely .

“I Should Have Known that My Husband Would not agree to have Jaleabi’s at this hour of the night !” She laughs as He frowns .”Get me Jalebi You’ll get your reward ” She nods her head assuring him.

“NO way Zoya it’s unhygienic it is not good..”..There goes her husband ranting about the so called health problems Was he a doctor in his last birth ?”Zoya wonders ..She start yawning placing her hand closing her mouth

‘Husband just one Jalebi nothing will happen !!” She shows her puppy eyes .

“No!!” He declares and tries to get on the bed .

“You don’t Love me ” She starts her ranting .

“Okay I Give Up!!..Chalo..Let’s Go Soon & Be Back !!” He takes hold of her wrist and drags her out .

He locks the door with the key he cannot leave his children alone but they are sleeping they haven’t a heart to wake them up .. Adi holds Zoya’s hand as they entangle their fingers as they walk side by side with a small smile playing on their lips..As the Dhaba was walking distance from their house they were relaxed ..

The Sweet syrup dripping from her mouth to her chin while she relished the taste moaning “Hmm it’s tasty !!”.. Adi looked at her with intently with his lips curved up seeing her happiness .She was not this ecstatic when he brought her a diamond bracelet ..This Happiness on her face just because of a Jalebi ..Indeed he is one lucky husband..He shakes his head smiling ..”I need a cold shower now ! he face palms himself impatiently hearing her moaning tasting those jalebi’s.

“This feels odd ” Zoya tells him hugging him by his arm placing her head on his shoulder as He entangles her fingers with his as they walk back home .


“This is the first time we both are actually going out without babies ..I miss them “She tells him sadly .

He smiles as He hugs her by side

“I miss them too it is just first time without them..If my babies were here One would have been on my neck , the other pulling me by my arm tugging my pant ” he tells with a laugh.

.She grins turning him around to face her “We should have woken then up ? “Zoya tells suggestively

“And my sleepy head doll would have killed me with her cribbing ” he tells with a laugh.

“What will I Do without My babies husband?” She wraps her arms around his waist placing her head on his shoulder

“Not me?” He pouts ..She giggles

“Why would I ? When I am in My Jahanpannah’s arms ?” ..

“You are crazy and I so love you !” He tells chuckling placing her soft kiss on her forehead cupping her cheeks displaying his affection & love.


“Mama can I sleep with you today ?” Adya asks Zoya ..Zoya smiles and pats the place next to her ..

“Mama can I talk to him?” Adya asks her in her kittenish voice

“Sure you can !”..

“Hey little one I am your Big Sister , When are you coming out ? I can’t wait to hold you , kiss you & spoil you with my love little one..You Know I have made a welcome card with lots of drawings of yours little one come soon your big sister is waiting! ” Adya tells in an excited lovingly tone rubbing Zoya’s protruding seventh month stomach .

“Mama” Adya shouts excited with her eyes widen “He Kicked !!” She exclaims ..

Zoya ruffles her hairs seeing her cute expressions well This was the first time Adya had felt the little one kicking ..She could remember The way Adi shouted when He felt it for the first time it was more louder than Adya but expressions were same ..Well She could not really blame on him this was the first time He had experience it When Pooja was Pregnant He was not allowed even to touch her !*Sigh* But Now !! His excitement Speaks it all he had missed !..

Adi comes to the room with the towel hung around his shoulders shirtless to see Adya hugging Zoya and Sleeping .He smiles seeing Adya’s Posture Her arms tightly wrapped around Zoya’s neck her one leg placed over her protruding belly and head on her bosom . Adi smiles He thought maybe when she is having her own child another one maybe her priorities might change her affection towards might increase a bit more for her little one inside the stomach but true to her words she loves her children with equality If it had been another women when he had told Adya is not his might have told to keep Adya away from the family but She ! I So Love you Zoya !” He places a kiss on her forehead ..Then removes Adya’s leg from her stomach and places a chaste kiss on his doll’s cheek. And leaning down he drops a kiss on his little one who in turn replies with a kick “Shh” he rubs her stomach seeing Zoya stirring “Don’t disturb Mama” He whispers .

“Where is my Champ ?” He looks around to find him in the cot wide awake

“Aww my Champ Not sleepy ?” Adi cooing carries him holding him up in the air brushing his nose with his .Ayyan giggles clapping . Ayyan pokes his fingers on Aditya’ Smooshy cheeks pulling them he giigles seeing his Papa’s expressions .. Adi gets on the bed placing Ayyan on his Stomach ..He bounces on the stomach laughing throwing his head back .. Adi tickles him “Papa” He tells between his laughter ..Adya turns around rolling She hugs Adi placing her head on his arms ..”He Smiles wounding his one arm around her pulling her closer as Ayyan is busy in his animated talks .


“Why the hell is he moving here ?” Adi mutters angrily whispering to Zoya who is currently feeding their 3 year old little Aaradhya .

“Could you stop scaring that little boy ” She whispers back irritated seeing the way Her husband is trying to swallow that 9 year old Aarav ..This isn’t something new for the past years it had been always like this but that Poor boy has not got used to it & ends up stuttering front of Adi.

“He is kissing her !” Adi yells whispering ..

Zoya rolls her eyes “It’s a Cheek kiss A Friendly Kiss” She emphasizes.

“I Don’t Like it !!” Adi whispers back.

” Adi try to be civil with Aarav Now they are neighbors ” She orders her husband sternly .

“We need to have A Man-to Man talk” He gets up telling making Zoya’s jaw drop

“What is wrong with my man ? A Man-to-Man talk with a 9 year old Child ? ” She slaps her forehead muttering ..”Mama” Her Baby calls her she completely forgot that she was feeding her child ..


” Adi Why I am suppose to get ready?” Zoya asks him with the dress in her hand “Zoya it’s Valentine !” Adi reasons .

“I am not leaving my children alone and coming with you ” She tells him looking at the dress .

Adi ‘s lips hooks up in a smile “We are not going anywhere Zoya !”

“What?” She asks shocked “I thought you have planned a Date”.

Adi locks his arms around her waist pulling her closer “Have we ever been out alone on a date without kids ?” .

Zoya shakes her head negatively “No I made sure we always take our kids with us “.

“Then Why do you ask stupid questions ?” He asks her poking her forehead .

“Get ready in 10 mins ” He tells her & leaves the room as She yells “How dare you call me Stupid?”.

Zoya comes down wearing a Sleeveless floor length red gown her hair curled up into a bun..She looks around the whole house is decorated with heart shaped red balloons..”Mama” Adya shouts running to her ..” “Mama, main kaisi lag rahi hoon ?” Zoya looks down to See her doll dressed in one shoulder red umbrella gown with her hairs curled up in too a bun with fringes left out .

“My Doll is the Prettiest ” Zoya cups her face and places a kiss on her cheeks . “Mama you look beautiful !” She places her lips on her Mama’s cheek.

“Where is Ayyan & Aaru Adya ?” Zoya asks her looking around ..

“Come with me Mama” Adya holds Zoya by her wrist and drags her to the courtyard to find Adi Standing there like a Prince in his black tuxedo suit with two of his shirt buttons undone ..Her Aaru in a cute red gown and her boy in a tuxedo suit just like his father .

“Mama Come ” The Fairly lights switch on as She walks through the Passage With Rose petals following on her & Adya while they walk to their Family..Zoya’s grins wider happily seeing his arrangements ..

“Woow this is so beautiful ” Zoya Throws her arms around his neck soon as they reach placing her lips on his cheeks ..He smiles hugging her back .

“Not A Hug For Us ” Both Ayyan & Adya Chorus sulking ..Zoya steps back from Adi and Looks at her babies who are pouting .

“We helped Papa !!” Adya tells her .Zoya shakes her head laughing as She bends down to their level

“Aww My Babies Helped him that;s what I was wondering how come your Papa can do something so nicely !” She pulls both of them close to her as they place a kiss on her cheeks ..

“What do you mean by that Zoya?” Adi narrows his brows . Zoya winks at him .

“Adu Where are you ?” Aarav enters the scene in his suit looking pretty handsome .. Adi glares rolls his eyes pissed seeing the interference

“Did he just call her Adu?” Adi whispers to Zoya . Zoya nods pressing her lips together controlling her laugh .

“How dare he call my baby that?” He yells in Zoya’s ears .

Aarav goes on his knees holding her Adya’s palm he starts “”Adu you came into my life like a fresh air of breath .. I know you hate me when I pull your hair ” ..

“He is proposing Zoya!!” Adi freaks out in a near shout which only Zoya hears ..”And What is With Adu ? My Doll is Gotta a Pretty Name He is Spoiling it ..He pulls my Doll’s hair ” Adi grits his teeth and tries to get that poor boy in his hold ..Zoya holds him glaring at him mentally banging her head on the wall .

“But You Know You are the one to hold me when I fall , you share your things without me asking , The Best quality of you is a chocolate could melt your anger..I Love You Adu My Bestfriend..Happy Valentines My Friend ” ..

“He Proposed!!” Adi mutter angrily trying to get out of Zoya’s grip.

“Ouch” Zoya pinches his hand glaring at him “He was just telling he loves his friend nothing else Do not put ideas into that stupid mind of yours “. Adi glares at her back and goes away .

“Aarav I want to talk to you ” Adi presses his lips in a fake smile getting Adya’s & Aarav’s attention.

“Yes Uncle tell me ” Aarav gives him a smile

“Come With me ” Aarav Looks at Adi scared and turns to look at Adya who gives him a smile taking a deep breath he leaves with Adi.

“Have a Sit Young Man” Adi points the sit next to him as Aarav shivers scared Sure Adi has an intimidating character .

“No worries Uncle I am Fine” He replies back

“We are gonna have a Man-to-Man talk ”

“What..Man..to..What ?” Aarav stammers

“Talk , We are gonna talk “.

“Go ahead Uncle !!”

“You are not touching Adya ever again ”

“What?” Aarav shouts

Ignoring his exclaim Adi continues “Most Importantly not pulling her hair , you should maintain 10 distance feet from her , you cannot bring a tear in her eyes never ever if you do I’ll surely you know don’t you ”

Aarav nods

“But You got buy her chocolates because She loves to get it from you , Do anything Adya says , Let her chase you around ..Let her do anything but you cannot stay close to her , Understood “.

A Small Smile appears on Aarav’s face as He says “Uncle you are not bad as I thought!”..

Adi gapes at his audacity “Uncle You Love Adu So much Just like you I too Like her So much I would protect her no matter what ..To Protect her I Should stay close to her isn’t it ? .. we are friends we look out for each other ..But remember I will not let anyone make her cry .” He finishes his speech giving an innocent smile.

Adi looks at him with his jaws dropped This boy is 9 & he has the audacity to answer him back and the way he told the intensity in his voice ” I will not let anyone make her cry “. ..

“Uncle ” He taps Adi yet scared slowly to bring him from the daze .. Adi looks at him without any emotion sternly .

“Can I Go Adu would be waiting for me ?” He asks in his kittenish voice . Adi nods

“Hey Boy ” Adi calls him again ..Aarav stops running and turns around

“Where did you get the proposal from ?”

“What is Proposal Uncle ?” He asks innocently

He knows to tell but do not know what it is !” Adi frowns..”You were telling Adya something ”

“Oh that Uncle I goggled it How to Impress Girls and Got that ” He gives the most charming smile and leaves the place before Adi could lash out at him .

Adi looks at his retreating figure ..His lips curve up before he could stop.

Adi comes back to the courtyard to find 6 year old Arnav playing with His Aaru Doll ..A Frown appears on his face as He mutters pissed “Why are the Sighnania Brothers Behind My Dolls? First Aarav now his Brother Arnav ” ..

Zoya slips her hand into his Standing by his side..She places a kiss on his frowned face knowing what it is for .. Adi turns to her with the scowl plastered on his face.

“They are Friends ” Zoya Shrugs earning a glare from her husband as She laughs .

To Divert him She asks ” Why is my Valentine Gift Husband?”.

Adi slaps on his forehead remembering and pulls her with him to their room .Making her stand in front of the mirror He places his chin on her shoulder hugging her from behind .Zoya feels something cold on her neck ..A Locket Pendant ..She smiles touching it ..

“Open it !” Zoya obliges and opens to find their picture with their kids ..She grins Seeing that and hugs him turning around .

“So I am not getting my valentine?”

“My Buddu Husband !” She Looks up from his embrace teasing him .She pecks his cheeks .

“Only that much ?” He pouts .

Tiptoeing She brushes her warm lips against his cold ones ..He tugs her more closer to him ..as She presses her head against his sculpted chest relishing the moment ..Nestling more closer She could hear his heartbeat which was thunderous rapid pounding ..” Zoya giggles breaking the kiss with amusement making him groan.

“What?” He asks her groaning not liking the interruption.

“Your heart is beating as if you ran a 400 m race “She giggles stroking his chest .

Before she could utter another word her mouth was covered with his ..as He scoops her in his arms without breaking dropping themselves on the bed as they close the gap between them drawing him to her .

“Aarav ” Adya exclaims seeing him walking into their Gym Room .. Adi frowns seeing him and increases the speed on the treadmill …”Aww you going to do push-ups? ” Adya asks Aarav dreamily cupping her cheeks . Adi scowls ..

“Aarav you did 10 ..You Can do more ” Adya Cheers Aarav seeing him doing push-ups.

“Papa You are doing push-up’s again ?” Adya asks Shocked

“Yes Doll ” Adi replies glaring at Aarav .

“15 ,16, 17 ,18 ,19, 20 ” Adya counts seeing the way Aditya is Competing against the Little Boy ..

“Papa That’s enough !!” Adya tells him seeing him doing more . Adi looks at Aarav who keeps on doing .. Adi was hell tired yet he continues doing seeing the way Adya cheering up for the Little Boy .

“Adu I can’t I am stopping ” Aarav gets up tired and drinks some water . Adi smirks and continues doing ten more.


“Adu Let’s have a Competition ” Aarav Suggests her seeing Adya chasing Adi around and playing He feels bored ..

“What Competition ?” Adya asks him putting her two fingers to the forehead thinking . Adi frowns not liking the way he is interfering into his play with his doll .

“Doll Come on Let’s play ” Adi suggests

“But Papa Aarav wants to have a Competition ” She tells him sadly .

“Okay Bacha Let’s have a race then ” Adi tells her seeing her sulking smirking at Aarav .

“That’s a Good idea Uncle ..I & Adya would be having then “..

“Not you & Adya ..Me & You ” Adi tells him feigning an innocent look

“Woow ” Adya exclaims

Aarav sulks but agrees ..They start the race ..As usual Adi wins “My Papa Won ” Adya Shouts top on her voice jumping onto Adi ‘s waiting arms and Kisses the tip of his nose “My Papa is the Best “.

Aarav Smiles Looking at them “Yes your Papa is the Best ” He tells Adya making Adi looking at him clueless.


After years

“Ayyan Stop Fighting ..Leave him ..” Adya tells while pulling Ayyan who is hitting a boy “.

.”Di Leave me I am gonna kill him !!” He struggles trying to get out of Adya’s hold .

“Please ” Adya tries to pull him back

“You are hurting him ” She shouts angrily with tears pooled up in her eyes seeing her 10 year old brother behaving like a gangster his shirt torn .

Ayyan leaves the hold on that boy’s t-shirt and looks at Adya angrily slapping her hand he walks away ..A tear drop trickles down from her eyes seeing him walking away from her.

Adya runs behind Ayyan to see him sitting on the bench in the park ..”Ayyu ” Adya tries to take hold of his hand ..He pushes her hand away angrily ..

“Ayyu please listen to me ” Adya’s voice sounded hoarse .

“You supported that idiot ..Not me..!!” He tells her angrily facing her .

Adya shakes her head negatively with her eyes pooled in tears “I…Ayyu..”.

“After all I am not your own brother how will you support me ? ” He leaves a sad chuckle as He continues “If you were my Family you would have supported me Didi not him ..You were so bothered seeing that idiot in pain not me ” ..

Adya’s gapes hearing him as She cries “Ayyu ..How could you ?” ..Wiping away her tears she tells him sadly as tears drops “I am Not Family That’s true I was someone Papa took me In ..I am an Orphan ” She tells him crying as She runs away wiping away her tears .

As her words vaguely registered on his mind “Didi I did not mean it ” He shouts chasing behind her . He gets hold of her hand “Di please don’t cry I did not mean it ..I was angry it just slipped from my tongue ” He tells Adya wiping her tears ..Seeing her crying so much a tear drop trickles down his eyes “Please..I am Sorry ” His voice sounded hoarse as He hugs her .

“You are Not Wrong Ayyan ..I am an unwanted addition to this Perfect Family..” She cries more fisting his t-shirt .

“Please” Ayyan whispers crying ..

“You are not wrong I am Not Family ..I am Not Family ” She mutters leaving him and turns and walks away ..Ayyan’s looks at her retreating Form as a drop of tear falls on his palms ..He cannot see his Didi crying .


” Adi Stop it My Babies might come or lock the door ” Zoya whispers blushing seeing that her husband is in a romantic mood .

“Just a Kiss Zoya ” Adi pleads cutely pulling her closer .

“No” She whispers back smiling splaying her hands on his chest to push him away ..

“Just One ” He holds her hands cornering her to the wall She bits her inner cheeks lowering her eye-lashes .

He caresses her cheeks “Still your cheeks goes red as if it is our first time kissing ” he tells chuckling pinching the tip of her nose .

“Stop teasing !!” She answers back blushing .

He leans in more to her trapping Zoya against the wall and him as She looks at him intently ..Bunching her tresses in his palm Adi angles his head slightly as She parts her lips closing her eyes .

“Mama ” Ayyan shouts Hearing Ayyan , Zoya’s eyes snaps Open as She pushes Adi away who falls on his butt yelping in pain . Adi murderously glares at Zoya who gives a sheepish smile in return ..She adjusts her dress properly before Ayyan enters .

“Papa” Ayyan comes in crying and hugs Adi burying his face in Adi’s chest..

“Champ What Happened?” Adi asks worried trying to pull him away from the hug .

“I hurt Didi Papa ..She is crying because of me..Now She would hate me ..I Love her Papa ..I love Adya Didi So much ..I did not mean them ” he tells crying ..Zoya runs her fingers through Ayyan’s hair trying to calm him down .

“Drink Some Water” Adi hands him a glass making him sit .”Champ Stop Crying and tell what did you do ? And I know My Champ will never hurt his didi , And hate ? How could you think your didi will hate you ? You are her protective sweet munchkin brother ” Adi caresses his cheeks while telling .

Seeing the trust His father has on him Ayyan starts crying more .. Adi pulls him close to him patting him ..”Papa I told She is not family ” Ayyan whispers softly wailing .. Adi & Zoya’s eyes widen as they gape ..Ayyan looks at Adi though his glossy eyes as He pinches his neck and says “I swear I did not mean it , I Love her so much Papa ..I was angry that’s why it slipped from my tongue “.


“Didi Help me with drawing Our little Tommy ” Aaru comes into Adya’s room ..Hearing sniffs She looks up from her drawing book to find Adya sat in a corner with her head buried in between her legs ..Dropping the book Aaru runs to her didi ..Worriedly She tries to see Adya’s face pulling her up ..

“Didi you are crying ?” Aaru asks her tears brimming in her eyes seeing her didi crying so much .Adya does not reply instead she cries more .Aaru hugs her crying stroking her hair.

“Didi please Don’t cry ..Please ..”…Adya pulls Aaru more close to her ..

“Chutki ..I ..am..Not..Crying ” She tells her word by word …Pulling Aaru up Adya wipes her tears

“I am not crying Chutki ..Dusts went in ..Why are you crying?” She asks kissing her cheeks ..

“Didi you are lying ..When I see you crying I cannot “…Adya remembers Déjà vu Where She could not stand a minute if Ayyan cries..Remembering Ayyan She tries to stop her tears from falling but already the deed is done .

“Didi please Don’t cry ” Aaru says kissing her both eyes throwing her arms around Adya’s neck .

“Adu Let’s go it is already late for class ” Aarav enters the room to find the two sisters cocooned crying ..

“Adu Chutki what happened ?” Aarav asks them getting their attention.

“Bhaiya ” Aaru comes running and hugs Aarav ..

“Chutki what happened Darling ?” Aarav asks her bending to her level wiping away her tears with his thumb . He loves Aaru as his own ..His little Sister .His Chutki .

“Bhaiya” *sniff* “Didi is crying She isn’t telling the reason ” *sniff*.

“Aww Bacha Why Don’t you go drink some water ? ..I’ll Ask Adu ?” Aarav asks her caressing her hair . Aaru turns to look at Adya and nods at Aarav.

Giving him a small peck on his cheek Aaru leaves . Aarav gets up and sits beside Adya .

“Chocolate ” Aarav gives her one ..She shakes her head negatively .

Aarav turns to face her .He holds her by her arm making her face him.

“What happened ?” He asks softly cupping her face in her palms .

She cries and places her head on his shoulder “I am Not Their family ?” She asks softly .

“Who told you ? How could you even think ?” Aarav whispers angrily .

“See They are Perfect Without Me Aarav , Papa Mama Aaru & Ayyu .. I am like an unwanted addition ” She cries more .

Adi, Zoya & Ayyan who were about to enter the Room Stops dead in their tracks hearing Adya. Adi stumbles a bit ..Zoya holds him in time . Zoya was about to go in to an earful to Adya but Adi holds her wrist shaking his head negatively hearing Aarav .

“Who puts this ideas into that Stupid brain of yours ?” He yells at her .Adya looks at him from his embrace.

” Adi uncle Do you Know How much He loves you ? If you get late Home for five minutes have you seen the way he panics . is it because you are unwanted ? ..Do you know what else he does for you Adya ? ..When you fall sick he stays by your side without a wink of sleep even if he has an important meeting the next day ..Remember He Lost in Billions Last time when you fell Sick Is it because you are unwanted ? answer me ” Aarav yells at her cupping her cheeks making her look at him .

“Okay Let me tell you something else too.. He loves you so much that your Papa is scared that I might hurt you ..He Wants me to stay close to you ..yet a bit far so that you don’t get hurt ..I Did not understand long back when he told Adu But Now I get it..That Shows He Love Adu ..I have never seen a lovely father like him who loves his Doll as He calls you so much even than his life & work . If he is given an option to choose you or his life without thinking twice closing his eyes he would choose you Adu He loves you so much ” Aarav tells her softly ..

“And Zoya Maa Should I Tell you ? Don’t you know the way she cares about you ..You are her first child Adya ..Her Love for you cannot be measured ..If You Fall She is the one who is in pain ..When you were admitted in the hospital for Dengue ..She did not sleep a wink waiting for you to get well ..She did not eat properly ..She did not care about herself at all Adya .Is it because they think that you are unwanted ?” ..Adya looks at her with tears spilling from the corner of her eyes .

Adi and Zoya Tears up hearing him as They side hug each other ..Ayyan looks at them feeling guilty .

“Ayyan ” Aarav Chuckles “That Boy Do you know how he loves you ?” Adya looks at him intently “He Loves you so much that he ended up thrashing boys who dare to Bully you ..” ..Adya gapes hearing him .

Aarav chuckles looking at her ..”Do you think that If you did not tell we would not know ? Ryan bullied you by pouring an ink bottle over your head and you did not think it is important to let us know ?” Aarav whispers angrily ..Adya lowers her eyelashes .

“Remember Adu whatever happens to you will always come past me or Ayyan..I wanted to hit him but your brother was the first I got to know just Now he had got into a fight with that boy warning him never to touch his sister ..I did not want you to know as we never told you anything what we do to boys who happen to bully you ..” Aarav confesses.

Adya cries out more hearing him She had gone out and happen to see her brother thrashing that boy who bullied her but She Did not want to see her brother fighting so ended up supporting the other ..”

“Why do you think always Ayyan Sticks with us ?” ..Adya looks at him clueless..

“Because He Does not even trust me with his Didi ..He loves you So much Adu ..And Chutki No words ? She behaves like your mother She cannot see her didi crying ends up crying together ..When you were in the hospital.. Chutki refused to even eat being stubborn until We take her to see her didi .When you are not well she sleeps by your side hugging you so that you don’t feel alone ..You were the one who was to tell me in the first place ..And now How could you think that you are unwanted ?” He tells while wiping away her tears .

Adya stands up wiping away her tears “I have to apologize to Ayyu “..

Ayyan who happens to hear her telling that she has to ask sorry ..Runs in and throws his arms around Adya crying “Didi I am Sorry ..You are My Family Didi ” He tells her placing his chin on her shoulder ..

“No You Means Family Di “..He tells her rephrasing the sentence kissing her cheek.

“I am Sorry Ayyu ” Adya hugs him back crying “You did it For Me..But trust me I did not want to support that idiot I Don’t Like to See My Brother Fighting..”..

“Didi Please Do not Apologize ..In Fact I can’t really Believe that You Did not come from Mama’s tummy ” He tells her chuckling Adya looks at him clueless

“You are A Drama Queen Like Mama ” He tells her emphasizing ..Zoya And Adi enters in

“Who is Drama Queen My Boy ?” Zoya asks glaring at him .

“Drama Queen..What does it mean Mama ?” Ayyan asks her innocently .

“Ayyan How about I block you from going to The Vacation in Manali” Zoya asks him looking at her nails.

“Mama” He whines

“So Say Why ?”

“Drama Queen Because Adya Didi is Obssesed with that Little Brat..” Ayyan starts but stutter seeing the way Adya & Zoya glaring at him …

Gulping down his saliva he speaks “I mean your sweet little Tommy Who happens to do nothing but meow meow all the time ” ..

Aarav Chuckles

“Do you want My Tommy To Do a Disco Dance ?” Zoya asks glaring at him

“No Mama Let it Sleep !!” He shows his dimple teeth

“Continue ” Adya tells him

“And you both turn the whole world upside down with fake tears if we forget to feed the little brat..”..Seeing their glare he tells “I mean Sweet Little Tommy”..

“And Di you act like maa in everything infact you just look like her a True replica of Maa & Papa ..So Never think you are an unwanted addition !! In fact You Means Family Without You it is Nothing ” He tells hugging Adya ..Adya places a Soft kiss on his hair hugging him back nodding .

Zoya hugs them from behind placing a kiss on top of their head “Never Ever think like that Baby..You know how much I Love you ? Don’t you ?” Adya nods and Sees Adi who has not even moved an inch..

Adya Breaks from their hug and walks forward ..Aaru comes running to her and hugs her by her waist “Didi Are you Okay Now ?”..Adya nods kneeling down hugging her .”When my Chutki gives me a Kiss how can I Not be Fine ?” She asks smiling though her tears placing her lips on Chutki’s cheeks. Aarav smiles seeing the bonding.

Adi leaves the place Adya goes behind him “Papa ” She shouts seeing the way he was walking in a fast phase . Adi was about to close the door ..Adya puts her foot in ..”Aah” She yelps in pain holding her leg .

Adi opens the door worriedly and Kneels down inspecting her leg ..The place has gone red ..He holds her by her arm and makes her sit on the bed ..Taking her leg he places on her lap and applies the ointment. No words spoken between the two ..

“Papa” Adya wets her lips breaking the silence .

Adi looks up at her with tears brimming in his eyes. Seeing the tears in her Papa’s eyes her eyes starts pooling ..She moves closer and wraps her arms around him placing her head on his chest .He runs his fingers through her hair .”I am Sorry Papa ” She says softly looking up from the embrace ..”I am Sorry !!” She tells him again wiping his tears seeing him not replying .

“How could you Doll think that you are unwanted ?” He yells at her pulling her closer as he cries .”I am Sorry Papa ” She hugs him crying ..”I am Sorry When Pooja Aunty told me I am not Family I should I have answered back instead I thought It is better if I go away” ..

“Adya ” Adi leaves her shocked

“Have I ever treat you differently ? You’re my First Child My Doll My First Love..You are My everything How could you think of Going away ? ..Papa will die Adya..Papa Will die ” He cries loudly pulling her closer..Adya strokes his chest ..”Sshhh Papa ..I am not leaving you ..How could I leave my Papa aah ? next time if anyone tells something I’ll answer them back ..I have Parents & Two siblings who are my family “.She tells him wiping away tears . Adi kisses her forehead cupping her cheeks he rests his forehead against hers .

“Does Pooja Always Comes to Meet you ?” Adi asks Adya wiping away her tears .

“No Papa She met me on my way to School last week ..And She started talking rubbish .And She said that I Do not fit in this Family. This Family Looks perfect without me ” ..

“Doll Don’t cry..you heard Ayyan and Aaru ? Didn’t you ? Without You It is Not Family “..

Adya nods placing her head on his chest as he wraps his arms around her kissing on top of her head.


“Aditya I am Coming with you , No way I am letting that woman get out of my hand this time..She keeps on hurting My Bacha ” Zoya tells Adi furiously .

“Pooja Pooja ” Adi yells entering with Zoya trailing behind .

“You are here ” Pooja gives a sickly smile walking towards him ..Her expressions turns to a frown seeing Zoya .

“Why the hell do you keep hurting my child ?” Adi yells at Pooja

“I Hate that Shit ”


Pooja Holds her Cheeks and moves her hairs away from her face to meet the fierce orbs throwing fireballs at her .

“Dare you call my baby shit ” Zoya warns pointing her index finger.

Pooja fumes in anger “I Will Call Who are you to stop me ? aah ? Like Seriously You can be Great to Accept a Shit “..

“Pooja ” Zoya yells raising her hand again fuming in anger.

“That Shit took my chance of being away with Adi ” Pooja yells throwing her hands up in the air.

“Come again ” Adi tells her angrily

“Adya took me away from you ! repeat that I’ll kill you with bare hands , It was you Pooja took my child & peace away ..It was you who wanted divorce ..It was because of your carelessness my child died ” He yells angrily hurt

“What I killed your Child ? It was you Aditya in the first place I never wanted that child but it was you who forced me into having it ” She yells at him.

“How could you Pooja Think of Killing A Little One who did not even had seen the light ? How could you ” Zoya asks her softly shocked .

“I Dare To Zoya I never wanted children I just wanted to enjoy my life only with him ..Only Me & Aditya Sounds good doesn’t it ?” Pooja tells widening her eyes with a sad chuckle

“When I Knew the child died I thought of reconciling back with Him But that Shit came into his life taking that right away “..

“Pooja” Zoya ends up slapping her again

“Dare you call my child shit !!” She warns again

Pooja raises her hand to slap Zoya .. Adi holds her hand angrily and twists her hand behind her back

“Aah it’s hurting ” Pooja yelps in pain

“This is how it hurt my little girl when you were speaking shit remember that you have no place in our lives ..You are No one !! , I am making it clear to you again same as I said in the court the day we parted ways you & me can never be together ..I hate you from the core of my heart .. You dare to hurt my child when she was small by telling her she was not family again you are imposing that on her but this time My Little girl is not so little to breakdown she understood without her There is No Family ..Next time you put those rubbish into my little girls mind “..

“I’ll Kill you without Thinking Twice Pooja ..She is My Baby My First Child If A Tear drop falls because of you again I’ll make sure you reach hell safely ” Zoya finishes his sentence .

Adi leaves her ..Pooja rubs her hands looking at them furiously . Giving her final warning look Zoya & Aditya leaves the Place.


“Aaru ” Little Arnav comes in with his ball making Adi look up from his newspaper frowning “What’s with these brothers ? behind my girls ?”..

“Again this idiot ” Adi hears mutter to find his Champ glaring at Arnav

“Hey Uncle , Hey Bhaiya ” He whispers Cheerfully as they press their lips in fake smile But Adi could not deny the fact that Sighania brothers got a cheerful aroma .

“Aaru comes let’s play leave your Tommy that brat has already eaten a lot ” Arnav whines pulling Aaru ..

Adi & Ayyan Chuckles hearing him There is one more in who hates the little brat aka Little Tommy.

Aaru glares at him “Dare you call my little Tommy brat ” She puffs out with her hands on her hips .

“Okay Meri Maa you cat is sweet ..sweet little Tommy needs time to sleep so let’s go play ” He pleads cutely .


“Papa Now Only the Lips Our Left ” Aaru tells him cheerfully sitting on top of her Papa’s torso as Adi had his back rested to the bed head post …His little angel was busy painting his face , She had got bored of Painting in Papers.

Adi pouts at her “Still not finished ?”

Aaru slaps her forehead ” Papa shouldn’t you look pretty ? ” She asks in her kittenish voice .

“Isn’t Papa pretty without painting ?” He asks pouting

“Papa you are such a baby ” She giggles pulling his cheeks

“My Papa is the Prettiest ” She kisses on the tip of his nose making him smile at her wholeheartedly

Adi starts tickling him “Pa..pa ” She tells between her laughter “Stop..Pa..pa ” She laughs throwing her head back .


Adi Looks at the Source to Find Zoya with Camera Giggling .Seeing him Shocked Zoya starts chuckling more.

“Who did The Icing Decoration on Papa ?” Zoya asks Chuckling Seeing him painted with different lipstick colors foundation around the face ..

Zoya looks at him closely and starts laughing out loud .

“Zoya ” Adi tells sternly having a poker face

“She..has..drawn.. a ..tom …on ..your..face ” Zoya tells him between her laughter .

Adi turns and glares at Aaru who Shows her puppy eyes and runs out before Adi could catch her.

Zoya walks towards him chuckling as He looks at her with scrutinizing eyes

“Aww My Husband this Scowl doesn’t suit you ” She tells scrunching her nose pouting ..

“No give me a smile “She tells him throws her arms around his neck pulling his nose.

“You know what makes your husband smile don’t you ? So give me one soon ” He tells raising both his brows as He locks her arms around her waist pulling her closer.

She grins cupping her face in her palms she tiptoes and places her lips on his forehead .He smiles As he feels the warmth spread though his limps to a pleasant buzz ..Every good thing seems possible , Likely even and He knows he had found what he had been Looking for each time She places a kiss on his forehead it shows him what it means to be happy from the inside out ..A smile which could be so real .

“I Love you jahappanah ” She tells him looking at his face still in his embrace ..

“How could I be So lucky ?” She asks him running her fingers through his stubble ..

He grins and places a kiss on her forehead “Jahapanah” She whines

“Why ?” He asks clueless

“Are you planning to leave those paints on my face ?” ..

He laughs Seeing her forehead with his lipstick mark .

“Why Can’t I , When you can ?” He teases her

“When Did I Husband ?” She asks cocking her brows raising her one brow thinking

“Let me say When My Wife Got Bold and Took the Lead ”

“Shameless ” She hits him blushing hiding her face in his chest as he laughs out loudly .


After Some Years

“Adu Are you sure That I should Talk ?” He asks her nervously

Adya rolls her eyes “You were not this scared while you proposed me just go meet Papa I am sure he’ll like you”.

Aarav gulps his saliva remembering the revolver her Papa cleans always pointing at him each time he enters that house or hugs Adu and Now if He asks her hand..

“Adya Just Pray That I reach heaven safely ”

Adya in return pushes him inside the her house ..Aarav gapes seeing already Adi cleaning the revolver pointing at him ..

“Uncle” He smiles nervously

“Yes !” Adi says with a poker face

“What’s the revolver model uncle ? even I am planning to get one ” He tells chuckling rolling his eyes at his stupidity. Adya slaps her forehead . Hearing the Sound Aarav turns to her side to see her glaring at him and eying him to talk .

“Why Me? ” he mouths to her ..

“Do you need me ?” She signs to him with fingers

“Yes” He mouths

“Then Talk” She mouths back

Adi clears his throat seeing their silent conversation

“Uncle I Love Adya and I want to marry her ..If your shooting Shoot on my leg not my heart as Adya lives there ” He tells hurriedly and closes his eyes raising his hands up.

Adya Chuckles seeing her Fearless Boyfriend Stutter in front of her Papa . Adi turns to see Adya who presses her lips together biting her lower lip.

Aarav opens his eyes slowly not hearing any gun shots ..He looks down at himself running his hands through the body to check whether his got any shots. He heaves a sigh of relief.

Aarav looks up pulling his lips into a smile nervously seeing the way Adi is glaring at him .

“Tell me Some Reasons Why Should I give my Little Girl To You ?” Adi asks sternly sitting crossing his legs.

“Uncle you see your Little girl is not so little ” Aarav starts and moves forward to sit beside Adi .

Adi glares at him making him stand ..”This is Fine ” He mutters .

Adi Looks at his revolver and raises his both brows .

Making Aarav shiver a bit ..

“Why is My Girl not Little ?”

“She is violent and A Drama Queen ..Only I could manage her when she goes crazy “..

Adya narrows his brows at him “Me Drama Queen ?” She snaps at him.

“Yes you are ” Aarav replies smugly

“How Dare you call my Little Girl Drama Queen ?” Adi loads the bullets him .

“Ohh Uncle Drama Queen What does that even mean?” He asks feigning an innocent look .

“My Adu is the sweetest naïve birdie ” He continues making both their scrutinize their eyes .

“Okay may be not so naïve ” Aarav reasons again he is gifted back with murderous glares.

“Doll it’s been So long I checked whether the revolver is perfectly fine ..Do I need to recheck ?” Adi asks Adya glaring at Aarav .

“Ohh Uncle I was just joking ..Jokes apart ” Aarav moves forward and holds Adi ‘s hands ..Seeing the angry gaze he leaves soon .

“Uncle I Love her The Real Her Only I can manage your angry lovely little girl .So please Say yes ” He kneels down front Adi and tells him genuinely love glistening from his orbs ..Adya’s eyes waters .

“Doll” Adi looks up at Adya to find her smiling .

“Come with me ” Adi gets up ..

“Where Uncle ? ” Aarav gets up scared seeing the revolver in his hand .

“Doll” Adi replies sternly and leaves the place.

“Adu ” Aarav turns to Adya to fight her puffing out in anger

“Do I Look like a Drama Queen ?” She fumes

“No Baby My Darling My Adu is the sweetest & innocent ” Aarav tries to take her in his arms .She slaps his hands away

“Stay here ” She orders and goes behind her Papa .


“Papa” Adya hugs him from behind placing her head on his back .. Adi holds her palms which is rested on his chest .

“Papa I know you don’t like him ..If you are against this relation I Do not want to marry him ..You matters to me the most than him ” She tells him softly .

Adi smiles and turns around hugging her sideways.

“Who told I do not like him ?” Adi asks her cupping her face .

“Papa it is you ..You used to compete with him since small .you do not like to see him staying close to me ” She tells him shocked.

Adi pinches the bridge of his nose embarrassedly..

“Promise me you want laugh ?” Adi shows his pinky finger …Adya nods chuckling giving her pinky finger.

“I Did not like him because I Did not want him to become your hero ..I want to become my Doll’s hero In everything let it be working out , racing , drawing or protecting Or anything I wanted only Myself to Become your Hero..It might sound childish but I was greedy ..I was greedy to become My Doll’s only Hero”

Adya smiles through her tears as She hugs him placing her head “Papa You are My Hero No one could ever take that place in my life..If I even had the slightest idea of your thoughts I would have told you before ..You became my Hero when you raised me up alone for Five years before Mama came into Our Lives ..I might be small but I had heard a Lot From Rajveer Uncle your friend how hard you have gone through to raise me up when I was a baby ..Managing me & work alone was not easy but up to now Not even once you had complained ..Papa no one can replace the place you have in my life ..Not Even Aarav ..You are My hero ” She places a kiss on his chest ..

Adi hugs her tighter placing a kiss on top of her head in ecstasy with a parental smile ..

“Do you like Aarav Baby ?” Adi asks her ..Adya looks up from the embrace and nods her head nervously .

“Let me tell you are secret ” Adi tells with a playful smile ..

“I Like him since he was small the moment he told he will not let anyone bring a tear in your eyes..He spoke with so much maturity and understanding in that age ..The intensity in which he told I Knew my doll is in the safe hands .” Adi tells with a smile cupping her face ..This instantly brings a smile on Adya’s face ..

“But Papa you always use to scare him ?” Adya says clueless

“Lemme tell you just to make sure That he must know that There is a Dad who loves his Doll the most and walks with a revolver and does not think twice to kill the person who hurts his Daughter .”..

Adya laughs hearing him “He fears you so much “…

She stops laughing and tells Adi with a smile “He will not break your trust Papa “..

“I will miss you ” Adi hugs Adya with tears brimming in his eyes .

“Papa ” She wipes his tears lovingly

“I will be just next door Papa ” …

Adi places a kiss on her palms “My Princess ” ..


“Aaru Where are you ? get me the flowers ” Ayyan shouts decorating the wedding venue ..

“Bhaiya It’s front of you ” Aaru shouts back ..

“Where is it ?” Ayyan shouts looking up at the second floor where Aaru signals behind him.

Ayyan turns in a reflex ..

“Aaah ” A Girl’s voice comes by as She closes her eyes yelping waiting to kiss the ground.

A Pair of arms holds her and pulls her close ..Her tresses falls over her eyes..Ayyan tucks the strand behind her ears ..her breath hitches ..”Arshi” Ayyan whispers shocked and leaves her instantly Due to the unexpected Arshi trips on her lehenga and falls down on the floor .

“You Jerk ” She yells rubbing her legs

“Sorry I was shocked to See you” Ayyan smiles sheepishly

“Why is that ?” She snaps at him .

“It’s being long and I never thought the Tom Boy Who usually shows her kicking skills would be here as a Breathtaking Beauty “..

Arshi narrows her eyes at him “I was not a Tom Boy ” She replies pissed…”It is that I was comfortable wearing those clothes ” She tells him standing on her feet dusting ..

“Whatever You look gorgeous sweetheart ” he says flirting

“Are you flirting?” Arshi asks him with her hands on her hips .

“What does flirting mean darling ? I was just praising a beauty ” He tells her placing his elbow on her shoulder.

Arshi glares at him pushing his hands away ..”Ahha” Ayyan yelps She had trampled his leg with her high heels .

“Feisty ” He mutters under his breath ..

“I did not hear properly ” Arshi moves close to him.

“Doll Is He troubling you ?” Enters Arshi’s father with a revolver ..Ayyan widens his eyes What is with these fathers walking with revolvers ?”

“No No uncle… how are you long time no see ?” Ayyan pulls his lips into a fake smile .

“Papa he was ..” Arshi is cutoff as Ayyan walks away hurriedly.

Arshi’s lips curve up seeing him running away .


” Mama, main kaisi lag rahi hoon ” Adya asks Zoya twirling around in her wedding lehenga .

Zoya cries in happiness “My Doll is the prettiest ” She hugs Adya placing a kiss on her hair ..

“Mama ..Shhh” Adya pulls away from the hug and wipes her tears ..

“I want my Mama to look the prettiest if you cry you’ll end up looking ugly with those smudged kohl”..

“I am not crying Doll it is just dust went in “..

“Who Dares to make my Queen Cry ” Adi enters in saying and side hugs Zoya smiling and Looks at Adya .. Adi cries the sweetest tears he had ever known seeing his little grown up into a beautiful girl ..She is a women He never felt That up to now ..The feelings resurfaces him as He hugs her trying to hold back his tears ..

“My Little Girl has Grown up & Never felt it ” He whispers placing a kiss on her hair ..Zoya hugs Adya from behind ..His Little girl places her palms on her parents palms as She says

“I’ll Be Always your Doll” Her voice sounded hoarse .

Adi releases her from the hug..Cupping her face in his palms he places his lips on her forehead ..A tear drop trickles down from the corner of his eyes ..He cannot still believe that his Doll is marrying , In his eyes she is his little baby who keeps tugging his pants .

Zoya soothes his back seeing him trying too hard to fight his tears ..

“Papa Don’t be a Cry Baby ..I am Not going far from you . Okay ? I am just Next Door. All you have to do is to Call Doll And I’ll be in Front of you ..” Adya tells him cutely wiping his tears trying to fight her own tears .

“And Papa Dare you Skip you medicines ” She warns him throwing her arms around his neck as always She does ..Wiping her own tears .

“I Love you Baby ” Adi embraces her tighter

“Love you to Papa ” She kisses his cheeks .

“Hug without me ” Zoya pouts ..Slighting angling back Adya and Adi open their arms as Zoya runs to them .

“Hug without us ” Ayyan & Aaru pouts entering .

“Ayyu , Chutki ” Adya calls them opening her one arm ..They have a group hug squeezing Adya in the middle between their arms.


“Sweetheart you want some ?” Ayyan points at his ice-cream at Arshi ..She rolls her eyes and moves …Ayyan holds her wrist and pulls her to him

“Don’t you feel something ?” He whispers holding her close breathing onto her cheeks .

“What..are…you..?” She stutters

“You Know I am interested in you since long why hiding Sweetheart ?” He asks her runs his finger through her cheeks .

“Papa” She shouts making Ayyan leave her in a reflex ..Arshi laughs seeing his face and runs away before He could catch her .

“Meet me at 5 tomorrow in Coffee Shop ” Ayyan Shouts ..She stops turning around

“What makes you think I’ll come ? ” She yells back smiling

“Your Smile Says it all ” He shrugs saying making her blush .

Arshi’s father enters in and pulls out his revolver seeing the way Ayyan is ogling at his Daughter’s retreating form . Hearing a Cough Ayyan turns to meet the orbs which is throwing daggers at him ..Smiling nervously he runs turning around on his heels.


“Aaru Stop crying Where is your didi going ..She is just next door right ?” Arnav tells lovingly cupping her face in his palms .

“But Arnav I’ll miss sleeping with her hugging me ..She is my lovely teddy bear ” Aaru hugs him and cries ..

“Aww My Baby You’ll get another teddy bear just give a nod ” he tells playfully

She hits his chest blushing “I am not marrying any time soon I am just 20″ She tells him .

‘Ouch My heart Broke That means I have to wait for some more years ?”

“I Don’t mind Go marry someone else if you can’t wait ” She teases him

“I’ll wait for you even if it takes eternity & not to forget I need to help your Papa clean his revolver ..You Hooda Sisters has wrapped Sighania brothers in your little finger .” He tells playfully cupping her face .

She laughs hearing him

“Now That’s Like My Girl ..Keep Smiling ..Never Cry I can’t stand tears ” She stops laughing and looks at him smiling lovingly as He places a soft kiss on her forehead .


“Uncle ..Can I Call you Papa?” Aarav asks him unsure .. Adi nods sternly when they are left alone .

“I want to have a daughter ” Aarav tells Adi making Adi look at him surprised.

“And I want to be A Dad Like you ” He tells holding Adi’s hands ..

“Do You Know Why ?” Adi shakes his head negatively

“You are the Kind of father Even I wanted Who would rather miss an important meeting just to see a school function of his children..Adu ..I Was surprised when She told She was not yours long back I tried to reason with her she might heard wrong you know why ? The love , care & protection Papa you gave for Adu even a Father will not give for his own child ..Thank you for Giving a Me A Good Friend & a Lovely Wife ” He tells smiling making Adi ‘s smile at him..

“Let’s have a hug man ” Adi opens his arms as they hug ..

“But Remember still I’ll be cleaning my revolver ” Adi whispers in his ears making Aarav shiver..

“Let’s talk about the model of the revolver rather than Cleaning ” he tells stuttering making Adi chuckle mentally.


“Doll Stop crying I am just next Door ” Adi tells wiping Adya’s tears during the bidaai

“Pa..pa ” She hugs him crying loudly fisting his collar .

“Didi Stop crying..We can’t see you crying ” Aaru & Ayyan hug her from behind crying .. Adi tries to hold back his tears while Zoya keeps soothing Adya’s arms . The Sight was Pleasant indeed for everyone to see the love & the bond between the family ..The Five Cocooned to each other crying ..

Releasing Adya from the hug Adi wipes her tears “Ssh My Doll you know naah Papa hates Tears Stop crying..If He Hurts you just a give a call I’ll be in front of you with the revolver ” ..Adya chuckles through her tears hearing him .

“Papa ” Aarav tells scared smiling sheepishly .

“Chutki..Come here ..Your didi is not going anywhere you can come meet her anytime naah she is just next door” Aarav hugs Aaru wiping her tears ..

“Bhaiya ..My Didi is the best anyone could ask for .Never make her cry..Buy her more chocolates ” Aaru tells him crying ..

Aarav tweaks her nose “Bhaiya ” She whines ..”So Let’s forget about Didi what does my Chutki needs ? ” He whispers in her ears .

“Chutki come soon let’s gang against your sister and my brother..Sounds good doesn’t it ?” He whispers in her ears making her chuckle ..

“A Long wait it is then ” She answers him back smiling .


“Jiju ” Ayyan hugs Aarav

“From When ?” Aarav asked Shocked

“Aww Come on Jiju Let’s forget everything and Start Fresh ” He tells him nudging his arm .

“Why Do I smell something ? ” Aarav asks back Ayyan Seeing others busy in their own world consoling Adya .

“Come On Yaar we were friends ..We help each other ..Get me Arshi’s number ” Ayyan’s voice tones down in the last making Aarav chuckle

“All the Best Young Man ..Remember Her Father’s Got A Revolver And She is got two brothers who never lets any man near her “..

“Come on Jiju Her Brothers Are you & Arnav we look out for each other aren’t we ?..I was the one who played the third wheel in di’s & your proposal ”

“Keep your eyes off my Behena ..and Third Wheel What did you do ?” He asks Shocked

“Let’s rewind to your confession”

“Ayyan help me out I am scared to confess” Aarav comes running to Ayyan.

“What makes you think I’ll help ?” Aarav asks him

“How about I give your letters to Arshi ” Aarav asks grinning making Ayyan’s grin wider

“Chalo lets go ” Ayyan pulls Aarav to the Back garden where Adya is studying .

“Didi… he …has to …say ..something ” Ayyan stammers

“What is it Aarav ?” Adya asks him standing up with her books .

Hiding behind Ayyan He tells Softly pointing his finger “I Love her ” ..Ayyan slaps his forehead pulling Aarav front glaring at him..

Adya blushes as She replies “I Love him too” ..

Ayyan glares at the two “This is the first time in history proposing love in this way I Love him & I Love her ” ..He stomps his foot irritated and leaves the place.

“So Brother Now Help Me out ” Ayyan snaps his fingers making Aarav come out the Flashback .

“Lemme Find a way man ” Aarav tells him.


“Doll ” Zoya hugs her last crying ..

“Mama I Love you .Thank you for coming into our lives “Adya cries hugging her loudly ..

“Sssh Dolll ..No More tears ” Zoya wipes Adya’s tears smiling as She holds Adya’s hand while Adi helds the other hand and they hand her over to Aarav .

“Look after My Princess ” Adi says still trying to fight his tears . Aarav hugs Adi once before leaving with his bride.


Adi enters Adya’s Room and Looks around ..He Sees his Two year little girl bouncing on his stomach giggling throwing her head back ..Then he sees A 5 year old Adya running to him with her drawing which says Best Papa ..Then a 10 year old Adya kissing her cheeks squealing in happiness as She won the first place in competition .

Adi breaks down..He lets the tears flow which he had keeping since hours .He cries holding her soft toys .. Adi feels a Pair of Hands hug him from behind he turns to find Aaru looking at him.

Aaru wipes her Papa’s tears then cupping she places a kiss on his both eyes “Papa Didi Hates to see your tears now stop crying please ” She pleads cutely in the verge of tears. Adi nods wiping his tears .

Aaru gives him a cheek kiss and then again she places a another kiss on his cheeks “The Second one is From Didi ..A Goodnight Kiss She told me to give on her behalf “.. Adi smiles and kisses her hair.


“Aaru Go check In Your Room there is a Parcel for you ” Arnav tells her through the call

“Woow this ” Aaru shouts holding the phone ..

“A Teddy Bear A Big One ” Aaru exclaims

“For Now !! Until You Come to Me ” He tells teasing

“Long Wait Darling ..Now Chalo I am Gonna Sleep Hugging my Teddy” She tells him

“Ouch Poor me not even a Kiss ” he whines

“No.” She cuts the call blushing .


“I miss her Zoya” Adi tells walking back and forth in the room

“Aditya could you sit in one place please ..My Head is gonna spin seeing you walking like this ” Zoya reasons

“Did She have a Dinner ? ” Adi asks Zoya ignoring her order

“My Baby Girl needs a Chocolate before she goes to sleep ..Did Aarav Get her one ?” Adi speaks himself worried making Zoya smile at him lovingly .

” Adi she would be fine come sleep” Zoya pats the place next to her .

“She does not sleep without her bedtime story ” Adi starts again

“I am going to give a call ” Adi pulls out his phone.


“Hello ” Ayyan whispers nervously

“Jerk ” Arshi mutters at the other end soon as She answers the call

“Arshi..It’s Me ” Ayyan says thinking that she thought him as someone else.

“I know That is You Jerk ”

“Jerk Are u calling me that ?” Ayyan asks her shocked

“Yes Why now ?”

“The Date ” He stammers

“What Date Yaa Today is 9th So what ?” She snaps at him

“Arshi..That..” He stutters

“What the hell is wrong with you let me sleep I gotta catch up a date tomorrow at 5 “.

“What ? You are not going” Ayyan orders angrily

Sleep gone Arshi asks him “Who are you to order me ? I am meeting him tomorrow at Coffee Shop at Sharp 5 ..Stop me if you can! ” With that Said She cuts the call and goes back to her beauty sleep.

“She hang up on me !!” Ayyan mutters angrily

“And Which Jerk is going on a Date with her ” He runs his fingers through his hair frustrated ..

“Wait..She told 5..and Coffee Shop..It’s Me ” Ayyan jumps shouting in excitement .


“Adu How long are you going to keep crying ? Do you want to meet him ? Chalo Let’s go ” Aarav pulls her by her arm ..

“Do you want to send me back ?” Adya asks him angrily crying

“What do want me to do ? You don’t want to go back & You keep crying “..

“I miss Papa ” Adya starts crying again

“Chocolate ” Aarav gives her ..She takes it from him and eats and starts weeping again .

Aarav sighs

Hearing the phone ringing “Papa ” Adya shouts smiling and answers the call without even checking the caller id

“I miss you Papa ” She whispers crying

“Doll” Adi tells worriedly “Stop Crying Baby I am just one step away ”

Adya cries holding the phone

“Lemme Tell you the Bed time story ” Adi tells her making her smile through her tears .

Two hours had passed since the daughter and the father started talking actually telling their bedtime story ..Zoya and Aarav yawns seeing their conversation

Seriously Adu Fairytales..Your Prince is in front of you and you are busy listening about Prince Coming with the Slipper to Find the Princess Aarav rolls his eyes thinking mentally .

“Adu” Aarav speaks making Adya glare at him

Hearing no voice from Adya “Doll are you there ?” ..

“Do you want me to stop talking to Papa ? She puffs out in anger .

“When Did I say ?” Aarav tries to reason .

“Doll Throw a Vase at him so next time he would not dare to tell” Adi tells though the Phone Making Zoya rolls her eyes and slaps her forehead seeing her Man’s stupidity .

Aarav ducks in time as The vase falls on the floor ..

“My Bad ” He curses under his breath stroking his heart

“Adu ” Aarav tries to take hold of her hand she throws the comb this time making it settle on his waiting hands. And continues her talk with her Papa.

. Aarav gets a message from his Zoya Maa ..He opens to find “Do you want to be a Father Like him ?”…

Aarav Looks at Adya who is lost in her own happiness hearing the Bedtime Stories from her Papa ..He shakes his head Smiling Remembering Adi calling His Adu as His Little Girl..Indeed She is one.. He is Awe seeing a bonding Like this between A Daughter and Father…Blood relation Does not matter to Love & to be loved He smiles seeing her expressive face which widens when Her Papa says something which he cannot hear.

Aarav sees the time to find it is 3 am ..He moves toward Adya making her glare at him as She pauses her talk with her Papa for a minute ..Before Adya could Open her mouth He lays his head on her lap and closes his eyes and signs her to continue her talk hugging her by her stomach ..

Zoya Pushes Adi on the bed and rests her head on his chest wrapping her arms around his and signs him to continue with his story to his Doll.

Adya yawns and cuts the call ..Her eyes falls on Aarav who is hugging her like a baby ..She smiles and caresses his hair..Leaning down she places a soft kiss on his forehead..Pulling him up She lays him comfortably on the bed .and wraps her arms around his waist ..He pulls her close dropping a kiss on her temple murmuring “Get me a Daughter Soon .. I need to get my revenge from My Son-in-Law Soon”..Adya chuckles hearing him ..She drops a kiss on his jaw promising “Soon ..Very soon “.

Adi Looks down at his wife who is clung onto him ..He smiles pulling her close to him and drops a kiss on her hair murmuring “Thanks Once again for entering my life “…and Closes his eyes .




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