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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 29th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina politely scolds Sameer for lying

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 29th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sameer’s voiceover telling that Naina had decided not to go with me on a movie date, and she told me much later. Naina hears the song and looks down from the balcony. Preeti comes there and asks Naina why did she hide from her. She says you didn’t worry about me once. She says you thought that I will not know and asks about aamras. Naina says you are talking about Aamras and says Pooja ate it. Tai ji gets upset with Bela for not sending Aamras for parlay. Bela tells her that Pooja had full aamras. She will make aamras for her in the evening and tells that she is going to see her relative with Anand.

Sameer gets a call and he thinks Naina is on call. He asks her to come. Munna is on call and says I will come. He asks him to convince Naina. Swati calls Naina.

Naina asks her why did you say yes? Swati says Munna says you agreed first. Naina says Sameer also lied to me. She says she heard that film is good. Swati says superhit. Naina says we will see them in college and says if they do then they will enjoy. Swati says yes. Naina says but they lied to us. Her voiceover tells that they were hesitant since Swati and Munna are caught, and says new scandal started while we were in dilemma.

Sameer is at his house. Poonam’s husband is talking. Sameer asks for his phone. Poonam comes and asks her husband to take her to watch film. Her husband says Sameer is sitting here. Poonam sings song and dances. Her husband asks her to let him do the work. Sameer smiles seeing them. Poonam insists again. Sameer calls Naina and tells that he tells that Poonam is asking her husband to take her to watch film. He asks Naina to come with him to watch film. Naina says it will be fun and catches his lie. She scolds him for lying to her. Poonam asks Sameer to take her to watch beta film. Sameer says I am going with my friends tomorrow. Poonam asks him to take her day after tomorrow. Munna calls Sameer and tells that Swati scolded him and tells that their love story band happened.

Next day, Naina scolds Munna for lying to Swati. She asks where is Jhoota no. 2. Munna says he will not come to college again. He says Sameer is sad. Naina says he shouldn’t have lied. Munna says you couldn’t see his pain and tells about the film story. Naina asks what is the relation of Sameer with the film. Munna says you made his relation better with Vishaka Mausi and that’s why he wants to watch this film for you. Naina looks on.

Precap: Naina-Sameer, Munna –Swati, Bela-Anand, and Pandit are watching the film while the film song is played on the theatre screen.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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