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Spoilers – 4th July 2018

Jiji Maa:

Uttara plans a new drama. She emotionally blackmails Falguni. Uttara tells her that Yamraj is coming to take her, he can take anyone else instead her. Falguni tells her that she will go instead her, she can sacrifice her life. Falguni cries for her and hugs. Uttara drives her to attempt suicide. She wants to show Niyati that Falguni is in her control completely. She wants to get rid of Falguni by fooling her emotionally. Falguni blames herself for Uttara’s state. She attempts suicide. She tries to cut her wrist. Niyati stops her in the nick of time. Uttara watches her happily. Niyati asks Uttara not to harm Falguni.

Piyaa Albela:

Pooja and Naren will be seen getting separated once again. Rahul and Surbhi manipulate everyone and wants to make Pooja out. Rahul provokes everyone and says something wrong happens whenever Pooja comes here. He tells that Pooja and Naren’s relation will never get fine, she should just leave as the Vatsavitri puja is over. Naren takes Pooja to his room for a talk. Pooja hugs Naren and cries. They both love each other a lot. They don’t want to live separately. Pooja and Naren have their final hug before she bids farewell to everyone.

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Jiji Maa

Piya Albela



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