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Savitri Devi 5th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Dr. Kabir continues to trouble Veer and Sanchi

Savitri Devi 5th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dr. Kabir getting the ring. Guest lady says it means you will win from Sanchi all life. Veer claps and says the great Kabir Kapoor have won. He sits beside Dr. Kabir and says you got my wife, my house etc and says you shall get an award. He says he had trust on his love and marriage, but everything failed infront of you. He salutes hi calling him bravo. He falls down and gets hurt. Dr. Kabir smirks. Pragya and Savitri come there. Pragya asks him not to show his pain infront of shameless people. She takes him to room. Savitri looks at Sanchi angrily and goes. Sanchi runs to her room crying. Dr. Kabir gets angry. Savitri comes to Veer and asks him to eat something. Veer refuses and says he will have food later. Dr. Kabir comes to Veer’s room and says what do you think that truth

will change if you show attitude or do drama. He says Sanchi is married to me now and have snatched all rights from you. He asks him to forget Sanchi and says today is our first night, Sanchi will be mine after today. Veer hears Servant taking lily flowers for Sanchi. Sanchi asks them not to bring anything. She says we have nothing between us. Dr. Kabri says let Veer believe that you are mine completely. He closes the door.

Veer looks at the door and drinks wine. Sanchi says I just hope this cheap thinking from you. Veer is troubled thinking about her wedding night. Sanchi thinks she has to do something and makes a fake call, says she will operate tonight. Veer sees her going to hospital and looks angrily at Dr. Kabir. In the morning, Dr. Kabir sees Sanchi and thinks she slept without blanket being tired. Sanchi holds his hand. Dr. Kabir sits on bed. Sanchi says I am sorry Veer for hurting you. Pragya comes to Malhotra Mansion.

Veer holds her hand and says sanchi…you can’t do this with me. Pragya says everything will be alright Veer and gets sad. Veer wakes up and says sorry. Pragya says no problem and says I came to see you. Veer says I am broken and feeling lonely. Pragya says you are very strong and not lonely as I am with you and says she will be with him till her last breath. She says you will soon come out of this pain and feeling. Sanchi asks Veer to say something and opens her eyes. She sees Dr. Kabir there and gets angry. She asks him not to come near her again. Dr. Kabir goes.

Dr. Malhotra comes to hall and asks where is my coffee? Servants come and say they are busy doing Dr. Kabir’s work. Dr. Kabir says I am boss here and that’s why they will work for him first. He asks them to do their own food. Dadi asks Savitri to do puja, but Dr. Kabir stops her and says Sanchi will do aarti. Savitri says she is not my bahu. Veer says Maa used to do first aarti. Dr. Kabir says now she has to change her habits. He says these people have never respected you and made you nurse, I will get your respect back which your husband couldn’t do for you. He goes to change his clothes.. Savitri gives aarti plate to her. Sanchi lights the diya and does aarti. She gives aarti to Savitri, Dadi and Veer. They take aarti. Sanchi asks Goddess to give strength to Veer to come out of pain.

Jaya tells Sanchi that she is leaving and tells that she has just one child Sunny. She goes. Sanchi cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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