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Savitri Devi 26th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer confronts Sanchi for her betrayal

Savitri Devi 26th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gayatri searching Sunny letter. Dr. Malhotra thinks if Kabir and Sanchi get married then Dr. Kabir’s 51 percent and Sanchi’s 25 percent will become 76 percent. He thinks he can’t let them rule together in his hospital and thinks to stop their wedding. Kusum’s friends ask Sanchi to select sarees and jewelry for her. Kusum asks Sanchi to sit. Dr. Kabir selects necklace for her. He makes Sanchi wear it. Pragya comes there and claps. She tells that you have divorced Veer 2 days ago and now is marrying this man. She says I hope you will be honest with him. Sanchi asks her to take care of Veer if she cares about him so much. Pragya says I will handle him, don’t worry. Sanchi thinks Pragya will take care of Veer. Veer is drinking sitting on his car and thinks Sanchi loved me

so much that she left me. He sees a guy proposing a girl and goes to them. She asks a guy not to propose the girl and doing this mistake. The man asks if he is mad and pushes him. Veer falls down. Pragya comes and tries to help him get up.

Pragya is taking Veer to his house when her car stops. Veer sees the way and thinks this is Dr. Kabir’s home way. Pragya looks for Veer after the car is repaired. Veer comes to Dr. Kabir’s building and shouts calling Sanchi, and tells that his ex-wife stays here. Dr. Kabir asks Sanchi, but she says she can’t bear anyone misbehaving with Veer. Watchman asks Veer to go. Veer asks Sanchi to tell watchman that he had first right on her. Sanchi asks Watchman to let him come inside and says I know him. Veer gets inside the gate. Sanchi says you should n’t have come here. Veer says I couldn’t stop myself and wanted to see your happiness with my eyes.

Afterall you are getting married and will have a new husband, family, and relations…and I am ruined. Sanchi says I will get a taxi for you, go home. Veer holds her hand and asks why did you do this with me and asks what do Kabir have which I don’t have. What mistake I have done for which you have punished me so badly. Dr. Kabir pushes him and asks how dare you to come here and shouts asking him to get out. Veer says I will not go. Dr. Kabir is about to push him. Pragya comes and holds Veer. She tells Veer that nobody is here for him now. Veer tells Sanchi that he will need all life to forget their relation and that he will never forget her and their love. Savitri tells Dr. Malhotra that she is worried about Veer. Pragya brings Veer there. Savitri asks what happened to him. Priya and Pragya take him to the room. Savitri thanks Pragya. Pragya asks her not to thank her and says I am his friend and will also take care of him. She asks Priya to send Veer to the hospital tomorrow and says if he gets involved in work then it will be better for him.

Sanchi cries hugging the saree gifted by Veer. Dr. Kabir comes there and takes saree from her hand. He goes out and burns the saree. He tells that he will not let her have any of Veer’s memories.

Veer faints while taking an injection in the syringe to give patient. The patient says he is drunk. Dr. Kabir says Veer doesn’t deserve to be called a doctor and asks Sanchi to take his batch. Sanchi takes it. Jaya looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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