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Porus 5th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Seeks Neighbor Kings’ Help To Fight Against Alexander

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Bamni asks Puru to head for coronation ceremony. Puru says he does not leave any task incomplete and walking towards royal chair asks Anusuya to do his coronation. Anusuya does. Bamni hands him king’s sword. Puru sits on royal chair. People chant Maharaj Purshottam ki jai. Chanakyaa looks at Puru angrily. Puru addresses people that today he became a king and his duty is to protect his country’s mothers, they saw what happened just now, their enemy wants to conquer Bharat and will break any finger opposing him, but if we all unite like fist, they can kick out Alexander from their country, so who all will support him. Neighbor king Ambisar says Alexander is king of Asia and has won all battles, it is like playing with fire, why should they support an inexperienced king who was dasyu before.


walks out of palace. Rain starts. Pourav soldiers stand raising their heads and swords. Hephastian shouts nobody dares to raise heads in front of king Alexander, bend their heads, else he will cut them. He pulls out sword angrily. Alexander stops him and says their king’s image has made them overproud, they will bend seeing their king’s cut head from him. He walks in rain reminiscing Puru’s coronation and his pride for his country. He slips and falls, putting hand on soil. Hephastian tries to help him. He stops him and holds soil.

Puru addresses king Ambisar that he may be an inexperienced king, but the same dasyu kicked out Darius from Bharath and the one who held sword on Alexander’s neck in Bactria. He continues his moral boasting and challenges kings to fight with him, if they win, he will back off, and if he wins, they have to support him, even if they don’t he will alone fight against intruder Alexander and not let him take even a fist of sand from his country. Ambisar with other kings agrees to support Puru and warns Puru is trying to play with fire, Alexander is not easy to be defeated. Puru says he lost his childhood long ago, now it is time to behead or get beheaded for his country’s pride. He continues his moral gyaan. Chanakya thinks she did wrong by leaving wild lion easily, Alexander will attack Puru with double power and Puru will not be able to handle it.

Alexander collects Pourav rastra’s soil and standing on boat says Puru did a big mistake by sparing him, Puru is too proud of his soil and jhelum river, now he will destroy Puru and his country with this same Jhelum water.

Precap: Chanakya warns Puru that he is doing a sin high in power, Alexander will try to destroy whole Bharath now and Puru will repent. He angrily walksa away. Alexander shouts he will burn whole Bharath for Puru’s mistake.

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