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Porus 28th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Anusuya Kills Shivdutt

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Anusuya walks to Shivdutt holding poison sprinkled veil and asks him to remember his sins. He remembers trying to kill her and throw her baby/Puru into Jhelum river. She reminds that he threw a queen into brothel, now he will feel same pain that she went through. Shivdutt tries to run and falls on Puru. Puru catches Shivdutt and punches him saying this is for insult his mother and brutally trashes him saying this is for insulting womanhood, he will face his end today. Shivdutt gets severely injured and warns Puru that he is hurting Pourav rastra’s Amartya and will face dire consequences. Puru says it is his end today and hangs him between pillars. He asks Anusuya to fulfill her promise. All prostiutes throw oil on Shivdutt. Anusuya picks burning arrow and shoots Shivdutt. Shivdutt burns and

shouts in pain. He burns into ashes and dies.

Bamni walks in next and says Anusuya’s promise is fulfilled and from today Pourav rastra’s bad phase has ended and new brighter phase will start. Puru feels guilty for punishing Shivdutt. Bamnni asks not to feel guilty as he did his duty. He says today it is Amartya’s end, else Pourav rastra had lost its son and his brother long ago. Kanisk with his soldiers searches Shivdutt. Puru tells now it is Kanishk’s turn for punishment. Bamni says first Puru will be king of Pourav rastra and tells Anusuya that he blindly believed Shivdutt and Kanishk and did sins, now Pourav rastra and whole Bharath needs a brave and capable king like Puru.

Puru says Bamni that he will become king and he has taken oath to kick out foreigner Alexander from his motherland and protect it from invaders. Anusuya says when she is eager to see Puru’s coronation ceremony. Chanakya advised Puru not to let Kanishk know he has snatched crown from him. Puru asks reason. Chanakya says Kanishk has invited whole Bharath’s kings for festival and if they know about it, they will revolt, so Puru has to be careful till his coronation. He says he will go now and will return during Puru’s coronation ceremony tomorrow. Bamni asks where is he going. Chanakya says Puru does not leave any task incomplete, even he does not. He leaves. Puru says he will complete his task and kick out Alexander from Bharath.

Precap: Kanisk takes oath on Shivdutt’s dead body that he will kill Puru. Alexander asks Ambhi raj who blasted bridge that day. Chanakya walks in and says he did.

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