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Nadaan Dil ragsan episode 13


Kavya was standing infront of Ragini…
Ragini: di…app?..
Kavya: surprise bacha..
Ragini hugs her..
Ragini: why did u come?..
Kavya : what?
Ragini: I mean u didn’t inform u r coming.
Kavya: I messaged u on WhatsApp.didnt u see?
Ragini: oh ..my phone..I haven’t touched it recently..
Kavya: ok…how r u..
Ragini: I am good ..when r u going?
Kavya: whats wrong with u..
Ragini: nothing di.. wo Ur busy na that’s why I am asking
Kavya: acha…I will stay for few days ..I wanna relax and u know at home it’s not possible..by the way where is lakshji…
( She makes weird expression)
Ragini:di ( sternly ..Kavya bites her tongue)Why do u hate laksh..
Kavya: I don’t hate him but I don’t like him with u..u deserve to be with someone hot…like…ummmm like..
She was trying to find right word at the same time she collides with Sanskar..
Kavya was lost in his hotness..Sanky was shirtless as usual..Ragini pulls Kavya away from Sanky..
Both kavsan look at Ragini for introduction
Ragini: di he is Sanskar and Sanskar she is my dii ..
Kavya comes forwards and shakes hands..
Kavya: Kavya..
Before Sanskar could shake his hand Ragini pulls Kavya’ s hand away..
Ragini: Sanskar go..
Sanskar looks with weird expression and leaves..
Kavya: will see u later Sanskar..
Kavya : like him..
Ragini: what?(confused)
Kavya: u should be with someone like him …not laksh….u and Sanskar will make awesome pair..What u say.. umm yeah sizzling pair..
Kavya goes..
Ragini: really??.but laksh ..

shegoes to sanky’s room..
She barges into his room..he was removing his pants..

Sanskar: oops..(He covers himself with blanket..)
Ragini was already looking with embarrassment
Sanskar:can’t you knock before coming.
Ragini: can’t you wear full clothes.
Sanskar: this is my room..
Ragini: I don’t care from now on you will even sleep with your clothes on..
Sanskar: what I can’t sleep with shirt..I can sleep only  in shorts
Ragini: u have to ..my sister is very naïve..stay away from her..
Sanskar : naïve and Ur sister.. she was eyeing my body..
Ragini: but she is nothing infront of you who take advantage of drunken girls.
Sanskar closes his eyes in frustration..
Sanskar: stop it ..( he takes a deep breath controlling his emotions)what do you want I should be away from your sister right?
Ragini: yes..
Sanskar: no
Ragini: what?
Sanskar: can’t u hear ..I said no..I will be close to Ur sister..
Ragini: you can’t ..how can you..
Sanskar: why .u love laksh ..even I need a partner right..
Ragini: u can’t love anyone..
Sanskar: aaha..but why( he smirks).
Ragini: AAARGH…
Sanskar: I will flirt Ur sister..do whatever u want..
He leaves..
Ragini looks at him angrily..
A voice : are u happy now..
Ragini looks here and there and finds a heart sitting on the bed..
Ragini: what?
Heart: I am Ur heart ..r u happy now..now he will go behind Kavya di.
Ragini: so ..I don’t care..
Heart: but I care ..he is in me..I am not like Ur stupid brain fidgeting between sanlak..I have full clarity I love Sanskar..
Ragini shocked , heart rocked..

That day at pub..Ragini was taking care of all the bills…here Kavya was busy flirting with Sanskar…and Sanskar was close with her to make ragini jealous..
Maya comes there with a smirk..
Maya: ragu..some girl is flirting with Ur Love..
Ragini gets irritated..
Ragini: this sanskar will never change..
She looks at kavsan angrily..
Maya gets shocked with Ragini’s behaviour..
Maya: Ragini…I am talking about laksh..he is Ur Love right..
Ragini understands what she did..
Ragini: I am sorry ..I was thinking something else..
Maya( sternly): ragu tell me the truth..what is this..
Ragini finds it difficult to hide from Maya and tells everything to Maya..
Maya: what..oh.no…
Ragini cries..
Ragini: I know Maya u must be thinking what kind of a girl is she..
Maya hugs Ragini
Maya: Ragini I don’t appreciate what u did ..but it was circumstance ..I won’t say Ur right either but u r not wrong also..but now Ur wrong..
Ragini: Maya.
Maya: yes Ragini ..now u r playing with Sanskar as well as laksh..
Ragini: what should I do Maya
Maya: u love Sanskar ..you should realise that..
Ragini: I love laksh.
Maya smiles.
Maya: ur just sympathetic and guilty towards him for what happened that’s it..
Ragini: how can u say that..
Maya: when I said Ur Love is with another girl u saw Sanskar not laksh ..when u saw Sanskar with Kavya u got angry.but when u saw laksh with another girl  there u just took it lightly..
Ragini thinks about this…
Here Sanskar was flirting with Kavya and laksh was talking closely with a beautiful girl…but it was sanskar ‘ s thing that hurt her more……

Precap: Ragini misunderstands Sanskar about Kavya…

PS:- pic credit Ganga aka lovely

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