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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 25th June 2018 Written Episode Telly Updates

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 26th June 2018 Written Episode Update Father’s Day

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 26th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Lovely says look you broke my Amyras heart and her dreams,look at her you will never change everything is over now happy and pushes him away. Lovely tells daddy that with great difficulty i begged and stopped the truth but now look at this,daddy says i have always told you get a divorce you dont need him,Lovely says i need him,daddy calls manager and says stop Sikanders all recordings and now the new boy Tewar will do recording, Lovely says stop it, daddy says let me handle it my way.

Kulfi wakes up and sees Mahinder, Mahibder says look i got you gifts, Kulfi asks gifts for me why, Mahinder says Amyra wears new clothes everyday even you must be feeling same,Kulfi says no, she is a girl and im a boy and her father gifts her and even my father will give me,Mahinder says let’s say

your father got it, Kulfi gets excited and says you found my dad,Dadi says no dear it’s father’s day and when elders gift you, accept it happily, Gunjan says i couldn’t give you kid so you expressing your love this way and gets upset and leaves.

Mahinder says you are taking it wrong Gunjan,Dadi says yes Gunjan last night Amyra scared Kulfi a lot yesterday so this is to cheer her,Gunjan says ok and leaves,Mahinder says why lie to her,Dadi says no one should know the truth.

Sikander walks to Amyras room and sees her asleep and remembers last night, Sikander calls RK. Kulfi asks Jagira what day it is,he says it’s father’s day, Kulfi gets emotional and says what is the speciality of this day,Jagira says kids express their love to their father,Kulfi says this is unfair i dont have father,Maid says don’t be sad choose anyone as and celebrate,Kulfi says if it was in my hands i would make Sikander Sir my dad but Amyra would feel bad.Kulfi runs to balcony picks flowers and says ma said if you love someone how ever far they are your love reaches them.

Sikander gets in car and gets to know the recording gets cancel,he learns its father’s day and says good recording is cancelled,Amyra wishes me when she wakes up let me go home and gets out of car,Kulfi blows the flowers and they fall over Sikander and he smiles.

Kulfi dancing its fathers day,sees Sikander and stops dancing, Sikander says very nice, Kulfi smiles and says you brought this for Amyra right because its fathers day, Sikander says did you find your dad,Kulfi says no but i think i will find him, Sikander says me too, Kulfi says when i will find him i will tell him i love him so much and give him big hug so that he never leaves me, Sikander says no one can ever leave you,you are very sweet.

Amyra throws her breakfast, Sikander walks to her and says there are many people who don’t get food at all,but we have right and good princess respect food and share it with all,Amyra goes and sit aside, Sikander says is princess forgetting something,Amyra says i know it’s fathers day but i won’t wish you im very angry,Kulfi murmurs you shouldn’t do this,i dont have father but you do and he loves you so much.

Sikander says ok dont wish me but atleast smile,Amyra says no I would do nothing for you.

Pre cap : RK in house, Sikanderpur gets kulfi and says today i shall show you who was the voice behind concert.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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