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Kasam 11th July 2018 Written Episode Update

Kasam 11th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ishani calling Akki and wonders why is he not picking her call. She thinks if Akki is a nice guy. Akki asks Ranbir why you are angry? Ranbir asks why shall I tell you? Akki says I am your everything, friend, brother, etc. He says you have shared everything from me. Ranbir asks him to leave him alone and asks him to leave. Akki says I don’t understand and I will not leave alone in pain. Ranbir says I need some breathing space and thinking time. Akki thinks bro is very hurt else he never behaved like this. He sees Ishani calling and thinks to talk to her later. Ishani thinks she will not call him again and says just go to hell. Jiana comes to Ishani and asks if she saw her umbrella. Ishani asks her about Akki. Jiana says he is good and asks why are you asking? Ishani says she is just concerned for her. Jiana says why you are asking you. Ishani says she wants to know about Akki’s behavior and asks if he have many girlfriends etc. Jiana says she never saw him talking to any girl and tells that he is really good and don’t have any attitude. Just then Akki called Ishani. Ishani makes an excuse to Jiana that he is someone else.

Ranbir thinks of his conversation with Kritika. He gets tears in his eyes. Kritka also gets tears in her eyes and thinks why she got tears in her eyes for Ranbir. Ranbir also thinks why did he get tears in his eyes for Kritika. Kritika thinks Ranbir is nobody to her then she is getting tears. She gets Vikas’s check up and he asks her to go to hospital reception and collect Malishka’s test report from the reception. He asks her to bring it in court. Kritika asks auto driver to take an U turn. She recalls telling Ranbir to show the world that he is right and they are wrong. Ranbir thinks how can you think that…he says I didn’t feel bad when Malishka accused me of molestation, but you thought me molester. Kritika opens the report and thinks she shall check photographic evidence. Akki calls Ishani again. Ishani thinks when Jiana will go and asks if she get her umbrella. Jiana gets her umbrella. Akki calls on Jiana’s number and tells Ishani that she is going to Kritika. Ishani thinks now she can talk to Akki.

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