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Kaisa yeh isq hai ( AVNEIL fan fiction) 22 Episode

🄺🄰🄸🅂🄰 🅈🄴🄷 🄸🅂🅀 🄷🄰🄸 – 22 Episode 

Recap :- Avni manages to save Neela but gets injured because of bomb blast . Naina’s warning to Daksh


The Episode opens with Neil at canteen , Filling a little plastic cup with hot tea from which smoke was rising . But as lost as he was , He didn’t notice it . The tea was till now full up to the brim and it’s spilled over his hand

” Ouch ” He cried with Pain . Soon he recognise Prakash standing behind him .

Prakash : What’re you doing Neil ( Nursing his hand )

Neil : I’m sorry I just didn’t noticed it

Prakash : Are you still thinking the same ! Do you still believe everything that happened is just because of you

Neil : What should I do dad , I can’t unsee the fact , I can’t explain myself

Prakash : See Neil Please don’t think like that  , Don’t blame yourself for this

Neil : For a minute even if I think that I wasn’t at fault but what about my department , Public , They’ll question me that ‘ Your whole team was there but still it happened ‘

Prakash : Since childhood it’s your habit to take all the blame over your head you can’t see people suffering . But believe me it wasn’t because of you . Your department know you since so many years . And if you’re worried about people , Don’t worry , Dd told me that media is barred from publishing it .

Neil nods his head

Prakash : Come on let’s go home now , You need some rest

Neil : No dad I won’t go unless I find the real culprit . I want that person behind bars .


Naina who’s being locked with iron chains , Tries her best to pick up that throwned away with hatred God’s sculpture .

She pulls herself against that force which is pulling her back and manages to pick that up , But those swollen areas and red marks on her arms and legs pains .

Naina ( Holding God’s sculpture in her hand ) : I have faith in my God that he won’t ever let anything go wrong . But god why this time you’re late , It’s been 15 Years now , Please send me back my daughter .

” I don’t know how she would be , Where she’d be, With whom . Would she be fine ?h But what if she got injured or scared “

” No I know my Avni very well, She’s my strong daughter ” ” Sorry that I’m not there with you . Please don’t cry I can’t see tears in your eyes “

” My Avni,  Is so far away from me , I know she must be missing me as I do “

[ Flashback – Dayawanti , Ahil’s ( Avni’s father mother ) standing in fornt of Naina , She roars seeing her son covered by white sheets as he’s dead .

Dayawanti : My one and only son , He is no more today and I all happened because of you .

Naina : It was not my fault please try to  understand , It was an accident . I …

Dayawanti : Shut up , I don’t want to hear even a single word from your mouth.

Naina : Please don’t put blame on me for this , I’m innocent

Dayawanti : See , See my son , He’s dead , How’s he lying there , I curse you today that you’ll also feel the same pain one day , One day I’ll snatch your child from you and then you’ll get to know the mother’s pain of loosing her child

Naina cries ” No please don’t do anything to her , Please “

Flashback over ]

Naina wheeps ” She must have grown by now , I don’t know how does she looks like . “

” Please lord , I beg whatever happened  , Happened because of me  , My daughter wasn’t at fault , Why’s she getting punishment then . “

” Ahil , Our daughter needs support . Please god send someone in her life who could protect her and never let even a drop come into her eyes “

She pressed the God’s sculpture against her chest , Her head touching the wall and Eyes closed , Tears dripping down . ” Please god please “

She went back to old days .

[ 16 Years back , At AHIANA’S House , Mumbai ( The original home which was burnt )

Naina coming out of bathroom , Her hairs wet . Ahil sitting over sofa , Reading newspaper .

Naina ” Ahil did any call came “

Ahil ” No , Not yet ”

Naina ” What , Not yet , Then I should make a call , Wait ”

Ahil woke up and rolls her and envelopes into his arms ” Oh Ms.Sinha why are you taking tension , She’ll be fine , Now Avni has gone for picnic , She’d tried so must have forgotten to call “

Naina : No, No it has never happen , She always call me , Now it’s 8 Am , Wait , I just hope she’s fine , After all she’s a child

Ahil : Oh mother India , My Puchu ( Avni ) really has given you a nice name , Miss .Tension , Don’t take tension she’d be fine , She is our strong and brave daughter

Naina : Ahil, Can I ask you one thing

Ahil : Hmm !!!

Naina : Every time we both can we with her , What if she gets into any trouble , Who’ll help her

Ahil : Don’t worry about that , Someone will surely be there , specially made for her . Just like me , Who’ll care for her and never let anything wrong to happen . Who’ll always protect her .

Naina : Just the way you’re made for me

Ahil : Yes absolutely .]


SOMEONE knocks the door , The door slits open , It’s Ragu , He gets shocked on seeing who’s at door and quickly tries to shut but , That persons hand dosen’t let that happen .

It’s Ballu out there , He grasped his throat and squeezed it . Ballu pushed him inwards .

Ballu ” What you though you’d run away from there , And would never be caught . It’s was biggest mistake ever “

Ragu ” You’re late because I had already told police about you and Vidyut “

Ballu claps ” Woa ! So you think you babbled a cooked fairty tale to police and they’d believe in you “

Ragu ” They had , And very soon your game would be over “

Ballu ” oh really , Let me tell you that , Nowadays , The law works on the basis of evidences , You don’t have against us . So stop dreaming dear “

Ragu ” I have evidence , Alia , Once we found her , You all would be behind bars “

Ballu gave evilly laughter ” You’re a singer Na that is why your mathematics is little weak , Come ( Forcing him to sit ) , Come today I’ll explain you simple mathematics “

Ballu ” Now see Vidyut sir is crazy for Money , And for it he can do anything , Anything , Maybe he can go and kill our Prime minister . He can throw a bomb in his own country . He can be so mad .

So now if I shot you with this gun , Then police would straightway think he’s behind it .

” But no we’re smart . We won’t do anything to you , But to that Alia . We’ve found her . As she’s a evidence , So we’ll off course have to do something to her “

Ragu : Nay , You’re wrong . She’s very brave , If she can escape your traps , She can do anything then .

Ballu ” You need not to worry , We’ve done all arrangements , Just think I’d be last night for her in this world “

Ballu ” We’ll kill her , Just as your sister died , While she was with us “

Ragu gets enraged , He shouts ” Ballu ! “

Someone hits on his head , He felts unconscious and drops .

Ballu orders ” Hurry up , Set everything , No one should get to know that anyone came here “


Neela uplifts herself and sat over bed , She finds out that there’s no water adjacent to her .

Outside someone is shown coming through the darkness , Walking with a trolley over which some doctors instruments were kept .

Neela walks out ” Excuse me , The Jug no water in there , So can I get a glass of water “

He’s a boy wearing a hospital costume and a cap . Instead of replying he nods his head and continued his motion .

Neela ” He looks quite strange to me ” Don’t know why ? “

She looks through the dark , Seeing that person moving ” Maybe I’m wrong , Whatever ” – Telling herself

Neela walks in and sat over bed ” I think once I should go and meet Avni ” ” But she’d be sleeping now , Shouldn’t disturb her “

Neela ” He hasn’t came till now “

Stepping out ” Nurse ” She calls a Lady passing by

Nurse : Yes madam

Neela ” I asked a ward boy to get a glass of water he hasn’t came back “

Nurse : But mam , Only nurses and doctor work here at night , Rest staff works at emergency section not here

Neela : Oh Kay !

Nurse : I’ll bring some water for you


That person looking like strange enters the room , And underneath the trolley was hiding another man .

They both had disguised themselves .

One of them rapidly removes all oxygen mask from her face , Then all those pipes from her arms to that glucose bottles . Disconnects all the machines .


Dd and Neil are seated over a bench .

Dd : How’s Neela Ji and Ahiana now

Neil : They both are fine doctors said .

Dd : Sir I’ve got to know from Neela ji’s servant that she left the house long before evening without telling anyone .

Neil : Anything else

Dd : Yes sir , When we did a investigation at her home , We got a knife laden with blood .

Neil : A knife

Dd : It was there in a try along with vegetables , So maybe she’d have been cutting vegetables and got injured

Neil : And she got out to see a doctor and then all this happened

Dd : No Sir , The direction in which her phone was traced is completely opposite . In that direction we don’t have any hospital or clinic

Neil : One thing is clear then , She was in so hurry that something happened , Which made her nervous , She got her finger slit while cutting vegetables and as per servant she left the home hurriedly

Dd : What could be reason behind it , Sir ?

Neil : She must have been threatened , By saying something that she’s afraid of loosing


BOTH of them are doing their job noiselessly .

One of them takes out a big brown sac and opens it .

Other one , Peeps out for once to see if there wasn’t any intruder .

STANDING OUTSIDE , NEELA AT SOME DISTANCE , is given a glass of water by nurse . Soon she have look at AVNI’S room .

Neela : Lights , Lights are glowing . Why ?

Suddenly she hears a crackling sound , As if a glass had been throwned mistakenly on floor .

Neela ” Avni ” She roars growing mysterious and runs into her room .

And gets in rushingly and finds out the situation completely different . She could see Avni huffing over the bed , Her mask lying over the floor. All the machines turned off .

Neela goes and holds her hand sobbing ” Avni , Bacha , What happened to you “

She roars ” Doctor  ” Loudly again ” Doctor ” ” Hurry up “

A man dressed in white coat rushes in ” Oh my god ” He exclaims ” Sister hurry up put the mask ” He checks her beat and vains .

” Serious condition , Turn it on hurry up ” He says to nurse

Nurse ” Mam please go out we’ve to examine patient “

Neela : No I won’t

Doctor : Please try to understand or else something dangerous could happen

Neela Looks through the window pane , Avni being injected .

Neela : Oh god what’s happening with my Bacha , She’s such a nice girl , She saved me and what’s happening with her .

Neela cries and turns back and finds Neil coming in , She ran to him and holds him ” Neil, Ahiana , She , She is in critical situation “

Neil ” What ! ” He says shockingly .

THEY ALL rushed there .Neil watches Avni from window .

Neil : But how does it happened all of sudden

Neela : I heard something like breaking from her room , When I ran there , She was in that condition

Neil : Something’s fishy  , Dad right now and order that noone should go out and lock every gates

Dd : Yes sir ( He goes )

Neil : Be here I gotta go , Ha !


Vidyut gets angry and furiously throws the phone onto the floor .

” This was a golden chance , But again , Again we couldn’t , How , It’s getting on my nerves now “

” Hey , Listen , Put up the set up right now ” ” I gotta talk tobhim right now ” He orders his men


NEELA , is sitting over the seat outside , She looks into the glass .

Neela wheeps ” No Avni nothing will happen to you . You came here to find your Naina Ma !  . How happy you’d be when I’ll tell you that she’s alive . Yes , I know where’s she ! . Yes Avni , You’ve to get up , Open your eyes , The fight isn’t over yet . You’ve to fight the battle and get back your Mother , Get up Avni “


Neil ” How irresponsible one can be , You’re security guard , And this is hospital , You don’t know who came here “

Guard : Sorry Sahib , But my duty just ended so I went to washroom , Hoping next guard would be on his way

Neil :  Beacuse Your single mistake one could have died

Guard : Sorry boss

Dd comes ” Sir the CCTV footage of an hour before is erased “

Neil : How’s that possible , What kind of security is here Sir , The guard is so irresponsible and someone came and erased the footage

Manager : Sorry sir , I’ll do necessary changes both in security and staff

Neil ( Loudly ) : Now what’s Need , Now it has happened . What’ll we do now .

Dd : Sir ( Trying to make him calm )

Neil : What the heck is this ! Why are we loosing again and again

Dd : Whosoever it was , Was very clever , He knew what evidences have to remove .


Neela And Neil sitting in a meeting with doctor .

Doctor : She’s fine now  , She’s out of danger .

Neela : But what happened to her

Doctor : Actually , As oxygen mask was removed and so other machines ,She wasn’t getting proper air or oxygen

Neil : Thanks a lot doctor

Neela & Neil walks out

Neela : Neil you should go and take nap , You’re awaken since last night , Running from here and there

Neil : No neela Ma ! I’m fine

Neela : No Neil please , Already you did a lot for us , Please go and fresh up


Dd visits Ragu’s house and when he opens the door , He finds Ragu fallen down . With a stream of blood gaping out of his back of his head .

Dd ” Ragu , Ragu what is this , Are you okay ” He picks him up and helping him to sit over a chair

Ragu was nursed and given some liquids .

Ragu ” Dd why have you came here ”

Dd : What happened here , Why you were fallen like this , And blood

Ragu : Blood , I don’t remember what all occurred here

Dd : Don’t worry for that I’ve an idea , Just now we’ll get to know what happened ! Wait .

Dd plays a video clip from CCTV camera and it shows , Ragu coming into the house and everything , But the sound wasn’t there .

Ragu wails ” Ballu , Yes he came , He came here and He said that he’ll kill Alia “

Dd : But who’s he ?

Ragu : He’s Vidyut’s man , He’s his right hand , He …

Dd : Ballu ! he came here , Why ?

Ragu : He gave me an ultimatum that he’ll kill Alia just as he did my sister

Dd gets shocked


Neela : Avni how’s you Bacha ?

Avni : Ma ! First tell me how’s you 
Neela : I’m absolutely fine now seeing you I’m more fine 

Avni ( Holding her hand ) : Na tell me how did it all happened ? How and who kidnapped you .

Neela : Avni , Just now you’ve open your eyes and you’re worrying about me . Please don’t take any stress .

Avni : But Ma !

Neela : Shh , For now only rest , Rest we’ll talk later

Doctor comes in ” How’re you now “

Avni ” I’m good “

Doctor ” You should thank your mother and that Man . He was really a nice man , Thankfully he bought you here on time “

Avni ” Who “

Neela ” Neil “

Doctor : Okay could you please go out we’ve to do a little check up

Neela : Sure !


Neil walks in talking on phone ” Thank god she’s fine now “

” Neela ma ! you be there only , Ha ! “

Shweta notices him ” He’s still talking about that girl “

Shweta ” Tillu , So finally you got some time to come “

Neil ” Mom come on I really wanna have coffee made by you , Please “

Shweta ” Okay , I’ll get it for you “


Doctors were discussing their reports , While Avni lying on bed thinks ” Akroo police wala , He didn’t even came here to see me once . He’d have came once I’d have said him thanks “

There Neil at his couch sipping coffee thinks ” Ahiana you must be thinking that why I’m not there , That’s a secret , I won’t tell it to anyone “

Shweta sees a smile over his face , Flipping fingers ” Oye why are you laughing Ha ! “

Neil : Nothing , No , H

Neil ” Mom know what , Dad was saying that you’ve now started looking like old . “

Shweta : What ? Me ! No no Ji me is too youngs

Shweta : Thanks a lot Neil , You told me Now I won’t spare him

Ali comes in …

Ali : Hello, Aunty Ji

Shweta : Oye , Spiral hair man , Why are you so happy today ?

Neil ( In his mind ) : Phaal gya raita , Told him not to overreact

Ali : Happy , One should always keep smiling , Who knows what’d happen to you just next moment

Shweta : Wow ! today you’re saying very emotional things

Neil : Leave him Mom you should do something , Maybe you can go to a beauty parlour

Shweta : Oh Ji I don’t need any parlour I’m already very beautiful , Isn’t it Ali ?

Ali : Yaaaee !! ( Neil gestricutates No ) Yyee , No .

Shweta : What No !

Ali : Aunty Ji I’m saying why settle for less , You should look more beautiful everyday . And for this I’ve bought for you these vouchers

Neil : Oh wow Ali , Mom you shouldn’t miss the chance

The Next scene is shown , Neil and Ali over sofas

Ali : Tell why did you called me and told me to do all this

Neil : See, You’re a Cook , A cafe owner , You’re so famous , So I wanna Cook Poha

Ali : Poha , Why didn’t you told me before I’d bought some along with me

Neil : Not your Poha , I wanna cook it myself

Ali : What ? yourself , Ohhh now I got to know why ?

AT HOSPITAL …afternoon …

Neela enters in holding a tray in her hands .

Avni mutters to herself ” I’m so Hungry ” Then on seeing her she exclaims ” Thank god you came I was hungry “

Neela : So I bought some oats and soap , I’ve prepared it myself

Avni : Sorry , But I don’t like soup and oats , Please

Avni : Ma ! Already with all those strange and tasteless medicines my taste buds are almost destroyed

Neela : If you didn’t ate how’ll you get energy , Just one spoon , Try it , It’s tasty

Avni : Okay one spoon , Ha ! ( Neela gives her one sip )

Avni : Yewww !! It’s good but sorry I can’t have it , Can’t I eat something spicy

Neela : Are you crazy , Ha ! It’s vegetable soup , With so much nutrition

Avni : Please , No it’s better if I eat my pills

Neela : Okay till you won’t eat I’d not talk to you ( She kept the tray over the table and went out )

Avni : Ma ! I’m sorry , Ma !

Neela : Neil !

Neela : Did you took rest

Neil : Yes ,  I did , But why do like so annoyed

Neela : See , She’s not eating anything . I cooked for her soup and oats but she’s not eating anything .

Neil : Maybe she would like this ( Handing over to her a small circular tiffin )

Neela : What’s this ?

Neil : Poha !

Neela: It dosen’t looks like from Ali’s cafe , You got it from somewhere else

Neil : Actually , I cooked it

Neela : What , Really

Neil : Please can you give it to her

Neela : If you’ve cooled it , Then why don’t you give it yourself.

Neela gets in room .

Avni : I’m sorry Ma !

Neela : No Avni unless you eat this I won’t talk to you

Neil enters ” Neela Ma is right , You’ve to eat food “

Avni : Why do you think that I’ll listen to you

Neil : Neela ma ! don’t you earlier it was so much peace , Now again this lionesse had began to roar

Avni : See he’s pranking on me

Neil : Well, I know you wanna eat something good , So I got this for you

Avni : Wow ! Poha I was dreaming of something like this

She quickly want to grab a first bit but when she tried pulling her arm they ached .

Neil : Wait ! ( He fills the spoon with heap of Poha and Put it into her mouth )

Avni : Wow it’s so tasty , Ali cooks everything with heart , So much love is filled in it

Neela : No this time , Neil cooked it

Avni ( Stopped chewing ) : Oh really , That is why I think why it’s not100% perfect

Neil : Okay so with it I’ve another surprise for you

Avni : A surprise , What ?

Neil came closer and points his direction to right

There were Mowgli dressed in police officer uniform and Mishti looking like Avni .

Misti : I am Miss.Ahiana , And she’s my Neela Ma !

Mowgli : I’m Neil , IPS officer

Mishti : Hmm I know Akroo police wala

Mowgli : And you fat girl

They both were mimicking them . A faint glow and smile came to her face .

Neil looks at her happy face .

[ Background music –

Haal E Dil Ko Sukoon Chahiye
Doori Ik Arzoo Chahiye
Jaise Pehle Kabhi
Kuch Bhi Chaaha Nahi
Waise Hi Kyun Chahiye
Dil Ko Teri Maujudgi Ki
Ka Ehsaas Yun Chahiye ]

Kids dragged NEELA to dance floor and they all started dancing .

Mishti : Ahiana didi you also come Na !

Neela : No she’s sick , How’ll she dance

Mowgli : She’s Angel and angels never get sick

Neela : Bacha but …

Avni : Ma ! they did alot to make me happy can’t I do this much for them ! Wait .

Avni slowly tries to get down . She lowered her legs , But when she tries to pull her body up , She fall back .

Neela : Bacha be careful

Neil puts his hand forward and she stood up .

Mishti : Music on …..

Neil and Avni had couple dance .

But Avni again stumbles and were going to fell but Neil holds her in his arms .

[ BG music :- Tu Chahiye Tu Chahiye

Shaam O Subah Tu Chahiye
Tu Chahiye.. Tu Chahiye..
Har Martaba Tu Chahiye

Jitni Dafaa.. Zidd Ho Meri
Utni Dafaa.. Haan Tu Chahiye ]

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