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Kaisa yeh isq hai ( AVNEIL fan fiction ) 20 Episode

  ƘɑíՏɑ վҽհ íՏզ հɑí 

           Episode 20

Recap :- Ragu tells Neil about Vidyut’s illegal businesses and seeks his help . Neela gets trapped in Chanda’s house 

The Episode begins with Avni getting out of the Taxi and talking on phone ” Hello I’m here ! Please tell me where I have to meet you ”

:- Shut up don’t call us we’ll ourselves tell you ( The call ends )

Soon , She gets a notification . Avni to herself ” Okay , I’m coming ” 

She ran into the woods .Wandering here and there . On reaching the location , She gets a call .

Avni ” Hello I’ve reached here now please tell me what I’ve to do ”

” Good now just keep standing there ”

Avni ” What ! Are you playing pranks on me , Where’s my Neela ma ! ”

Suddenly a man  tries to hit Avni on her head with a rod but as soon as he tries to do so , Someone holds his arm with a force that he can’t even move his hand . He looks back and finds out it’s Neil .

Neil gives him punch and he falls down .

Avni : Neil , Why had you come here , Please go from here , I don’t need your help

Neil pulls her and holds her shoulders and looking into her eyes says ” I don’t care you need me or not but I’m here to do my duty , And I can’t back down after committing ”

Soon he finds another goon coming to attack Avni , He drags her aside and comes in front of her showing as if he’s her shield .

Avni watches Neil with her glittery eyes fighting for her 

[ Background music female – Aashiyana Mera Saath Tere Hai Na
Dhundte Teri Gali Mujhko Ghar Mila
Aabodaana Mera Haath Tere Hai Na
Dhundte Tera Khuda Mujhko Rab Mila ]

Once Neil gets injured over his shoulders , Avni gets shivered as not him but she has been injured .

[ Background music female – Tu Jo Mila Lo Ho Gaya Main Kaabil
Tu Jo Mila Toh Ho Gaya Sab Haasil ]

Suddenly , She finds out Neil being caught  by men , They pressed him against a tree and a man comes in with a thick rod to hit him .

But when he just do that Avni holds his hand with furry 

AVNI ” Don’t even dare to hit him ” She roars and kicks him hardly and he’s dropped on ground . She fights with other man and thrashes him .

Avni puts forward her hand ” If it’s your duty to save me , Then it’s my responsibility to help you ”

Pause , They both looks at each other , [ Background music – Tu Jo Mila Lo Ho Gaya Main Kaabil Tu Jo Mila Toh Ho Gaya Sab Haasil Mushkil Sahi Aasan Hui Manzil Kyunki Tu.. Dhadkan Main Dil.. ]

She pulled him up , They both stood like warriors .

A gang of goons encircled them from all sides .

Avni : Neil , They said they won’t tell where’s Neelaa unless you’re here , Please take away police and go

Neil : Have you turned barmy! ha ! How can you even think like that

Avni : But !

Neil : Shhh !!!

AVNEIL fights with them together .

Avni gets infuriated ” What the heck , Come , Come hit me , You stupid ? , Tell me where’s my Neela Ma ”

More of the goons came and Neil fights with them .

Seeing that Neil is dealing with those men , She shouts ” Neil handle here I’m going to find Neela Ma ! ” And she ran away .

Neil still in action , Shouts ” No ! don’t do that ”

But she ran away .

Wandering in between woods , She exclaims ” Neela Ma ! Where’s you ”

Her phone rings ” You didn’t right Calling police , Now I’m telling you’ll suffer , How dare you do that ! Forget that you’ll get her ”

Neil comes and snatches phone from her

” Till now you’ve seen us only kidnapping her but now she’ll die  , Hear the sound ( A bullet fired from gun is heard )

Avni yells at phone kept over speaker : Hey ! Don’t do that please , I’m sorry !

” Sorry ! I just hate it , You’ll pay for your mistake ”

The phone cuts , And Avni gets panicked , She pulls away Neil .

Avni : I told you I don’t need your help , Why did you came , Now what’ll I do , How’ll I find her

Neil sooths  her , Keeping his hands around her cheeks ” Believe me I won’t never let anything happen to you nor to Neela ma ! don’t worry we’ll find her ”

ALL of sudden , Unexpectedly , Firing begins . Neil covers her and rolled over the ground they hid behind Trees . Neil too out his gun and started firing .

Neil : Avni , Just keep hiding here , These people seems to be dangerous

Avni : That is why I’m saying let me handle , They’ll see that police isn’t here they’ll take ransom and would release Neela Ma !

Neil : How you can be so sure that after paying them with they’ll release her

Neil : Don’t go anywhere , I’m coming

Neil fights with goons , But when he holds one of them a bold voice says ” Oh police officer , Now just end it here , Because the game is in our hands now ”

Neil finds Avni being held at gun point .

Meanwhile , Dd and other officers arrived there .

Neil : Leave her i said

” Shut up , Don’t try to do anything , I’ll shoot her ”

Neil : See , You could see police force is here there’s Noway you can get out of here

” Oh ! Superman , We’re never taught to loose , We always win , And even if I die I’d not be alone I’ll kill her along with ”

Dd : I’ll shoot you , Leave her

” Keep quiet and drop your weapons of you want her to be released ”

Neil stepping closer to him ” It’s better for you to obey what I say or else I’d be fatal for you ”

” Come on find someone else for these hollow sayings they can’t make me threaten ”

He’s slowly coming closer .

” Hey don’t come close to me , I’ll shoot ”

Neil : Okay , Okay we’re surrendering ( He’s making an eyes contact with her )

Neil : Everyone , Guns down

He Shook down , Everyone does the same . Swiftly Neil picks up handful of sand and smashes into his eyes , Rapidly , Avni holds his arm holding gun and kicks him and seized his gun from him .

Now Avni , is shown pointing gun to them .

Neil : Game your kids , Come on now let’s go to jail

Avni : No the game isn’t over yet , They hadn’t told where’s Neela Ma !

Neil : Once behind bars they’ll open uo their mouth and would speak like parrot

Man : Ohh !! I’m afraid , Wow you know you’re Very good at dialogues , Why aren’t you an actor .Listen , It’s real life and here one with more power wins , What you thought you with this girl and two other men would beat us [ He smiles ]

And concurrently , More goons holding guns and sticks come in .

Man ” See carefully around you , You’re caught in our trap now.  And from here you can’t escape , Only your dead bodies would go

Dd whispers ” Neil we’re surrounded from all sides , What to do ?

Neil : Keep calm , Don’t worry

Avni shouts ” Please , Tell me where’s  Neela Ma ! please tell me , I beg I’d take case back , I won’t file any complaints , I’ll give you whatever you want

” Oops  seems like you’re really missing her , Okay let’s , Let’s do it right ”

Avni comes in front of Neil , Unfolding her arms ” Don’t do anything , Get aside ”

Neil silently : Ahiana , There’s something fishy , They’re playing with you

Avni ” Please , Don’t say anything , Stay silent ”

The man gets aside and two people holding something heavy wrapped in white sheets enters and they keep it on the ground.

Avni shakily : Neela Ma !

She ran towards that thing which looks like a dead body

Neil gets angry on seeing this but when he tried to move , Goons from behind comes and hold him and others and puts over their faces a black cloth .


Avni sitting there cries and screams but just then the wind blew and the cloth flies in air and she realised it’s not Neela but a doll .


Avni gets infuriated and roars standing up ” where’s my Neela Ma ! Tell me what you had done with her ”

Goons caught her ” Come we’ll tale you to her ”

They abducted her and take her into their car .

Till by then Neil and Dd is able to fight and release themselves , On removing that black cover from over his face he sees Avni being taken away .

Neil squeals ” Ahiana !! ” He runs behind but is failed to catch them

Aт ¢нαмкσ ¢αfє

Ali brings in a tray of Poha and keeps it over the table

Ali ” there’s your order , Special Poha ”

Juhi is sitting adjacent

Juhi ” Thanks ”

Ali ” Ah ! don’t break the rule , In friendship no thanks no sorry ”

Juhi Smiles ” Yeah ! ”

Ali : You know you just missed last day the rocking performances .

Juhi looks at him

Ali : Yes ! RJ Alia right from radio station came here and gave amazing performance , By the way where did you went ?

Juhi : Oh I just got an important work so I had leave urgently

Ali : Okay , Wait ( He took out his phone )

Ali : Here I’ve the recording , See it

Giving her phone to her ” You enjoy it I’ll be there soon , I had to attended customs ”

Juhi : It’s okay

Juhi sees the video ” Alia , I was right yesterday Alia was there at the party , She’s in Mumbai , I had to meet her once ”

Avneil POV …


The Jeep stops , Goons dragged Avni out and took her into a room isolated in jungle and tethered her .

At London …

Chadha ” What the heck , What the hell are you speaking , I just gave you one job to finish the story of that Neela and now you’re saying that police had got to know ”

” Don’t know Sir , From where a girl came , Don’t know who’s she ? She came to rescue her ”

Chadha : I’ve just won elections and after that of something wrong happened what would happen to my reputation ?

” Sorry Sir ! but now what should we do ! ”

Chadha : Do whatever , I don’t want any mess , Do whatever you want , May you can burn them in fire , Shoot them or Blast a boomb ! But i don’t want any kind of problem , Because of them !

Avni’s POV ….

Avni is shown being tethered by ropes on chair , Her mouth sealed . After doing they all go out . Avni twists her neck to her left and sees Neela Ma ! in unconscious condition there .

Avni gets hope , She began to move in order to free herself .

She removes the seal from her mouth ” Neela Ma ! ” She spoke silently

Avni ables to unlock her hands . She got up and goes to Neela and release her. She taps her face

Avni : Ma ! Please open your eyes , Ma ! Nothing can happen to you , I’m here see .

She looks here there for some water finally catching a sight of an earthen pot , She brings some water and Sprinkle over her face .

Neela slowly opens her eyes , And finally she saw Avni .

Neela ” Avni you here , How did you came here ”

Avni gets delighted ” Ma ! I’m so glad to see you fine and healthy here ”

Neela ” Why did you came here risking your life ”

Avni ” Ma ! What’re you saying you’re my mother and caring for mom is responsibility of a child ”

Neela ” Please Avni go from here , Please I beg ”

Avni holds her hand and makes it touch her sweating and dusty face ” Neela Ma ! Please don’t say like this , I won’t go without you Please , I can’t live without you ”

Neela : Avni , See I hat something very important to tell you , It’s really important , For this task you had to be alive

Avni hears someone’s footsteps scratching the floor ” Shhh ! Someone’s coming ”

After a minute .That sound goes away .

Avni : We’ll talk later first we’ve to get out of here , Come Ma ! ( She tries to open up a band of thick cloth which was tied around Neela’s stomach )

Suddenly , Neela pinpoints ” Wait ! Avni , Don’t , Don’t come near me , Don’t touch me ”

Avni gets suspicious , She removes that band and seeing what under it she gets traumatized , Jolted .

Avni steps back and is shaking violently , Huffing .

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Precap :- Neil reached near a cottage , He’s wandering here and there , Suddenly a loud explosion is heard .The whole area is set a blaze on fire .

Neil calls Ahiana ” Avni ” !

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