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love? — — part 1

O.M: main hall: there was a celebration going on. all the preparations were made by gauri but no one knew that. dadi: wow anika and bhavya, amazing decorations. bhavya: thank you dadi. anika in mind: what the hell? this is all gauri’s work and no one even knows that? dadi: ...

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love? – description and characters

in this story rikara are married but om can’t accept gauri. why? find out in the upcomings. but gauri has gaven her life to om. she does everything perfectly. even gave om children to love but om doesn’t realise the children nor gauri. not even the family……. everything gauri does. ...

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love or religion? — chapter 8 – ‘daddy’

she opened her mouth and tried to say something but the words didn’t seem to come out. meawhile: gauri came to the table with the tray and saw that hira was not with somu. gauri: um di, where is hira? somu: she is playing with Ayaan. gauri: Ayaan…that boy who ...

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Ishqbaaz: the next generation – description

this story focuses on avni shivay singh oberoi vivek shivay singh oberoi kush omkara singh oberoi aliya omkara singh oberoi naira Rudra singh oberoi naksh Rudra singh oberoi and their love stories. avneil (avni and neil): she became a widow as soon as her daughter turned one. she is only ...

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ISHKARA FF-Life Found Love Once Again – Epilogue

  EPILOGUE Lakeside IshKara are sitting beside the lake watching the view… Om: I’m sorry, Ishana… Ishu: Why you did like that, Omkara?? Did you know how much I was hurt with that?? I avoided you only for three months but you can’t stand it… You avoided me for three ...

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