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BROKEN STRINGS [ Main Character’s Sketches ]


Sidhant Gupta as Kunj Sarna

Kunj Sarna : Billionaire , CEO of Sarna Industries
Arrogant, rude , cold shoulder and moody
Short tempered
Ex Boyfriend of Twinkle Taneja
Husband of Pallavi Sarna
Elder brother of Maira Sarna

Jasmin Bhasin as Twinkle Taneja


Twinkle Taneja : Former Model , present VP of distressed debt , Goldman Sachs
Sweet yet sour , chirpy yet calm , bubbly yet stern
Mixed personality
Ex girlfriend of Kunj Sarna
Status: Unmarried
Best friend of Yuvraj Luthra

Charu Asopa as Pallavi Sarna


Pallavi Sarna: Present Model
Stern, rude , arrogant, money minded , power crazy
Obsessed with her husband Kunj Sarna
Ex girlfriend of Yuvraj Luthra
Twisted brain

Zain Imam as Yuvraj Luthra


Yuvraj Luthra: Model , MD of Luthra Empires
Sweet, Charming, flirty with a awesome sense of humour
Has a great bonding with Kunj
Best Friend of Twinkle
Ex boyfriend of Pallavi
Status: Single

Aditi Rathore as Maira Sarna


Maira Sarna: lawyer , writer (hobby)
Sweet, bubbly, innocent, chirpy…
But something’s not right
It’s twisted ( will be revealed later)
Baby sister of Kunj

**These are the main characters, rest of the characters will be revealed as the story will proceed**


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