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Bepannah Aashqui Promo Bepannah FF

Hiii Friends

Am Rushi

I have written many ffs os ss on various shows like tashan e ishq, yhm,yrkkh,savitridevi etc

Now I have been addicted to color’s new show bepannah so am planning to write a small ff on this show.

The story will be very unique n just like all my ffs it would be full of twists n turns n surprises

Today am posting a promo of this ff

Bepannah aashiqui

Pls read through n honestly let me know if u want me to write a ff

Any suggestions even criticisms are welcome

Fingers crossed

I hope u like this one

So here we gooo..

Loud cries are heard

A railway station is shown

There is panic

There is confusion

People are shouting people are crying people are running

There is chaos

There is pain

A young man is searching somebody in the crowd

His eyes are moist

He is into deep pain n unrest

He bumps into a woman who is walking on railway platform in state of complete shock as if her whole world has turn upside down.

Man is pain is shocked to see the woman

They share an intense eye lock


Woman hugs him n breaks down

She keeps murmuring adi adi

Man is puzzled up.

In background a voice is heard

Two best friends Adi n Zoya meet each other after 5 long years,but nothing seems alright both are in pain

What has happened ?

Will these two be able to support each other?

Will they be able to take away each other’s pain??

So friends this is the promo n in my ff zoya n adi are best friends who are meeting each other after 5 years.but both are sad yy??what has happened??

Pls let me know if u want me to continue



Your’s rushi

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