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Are you excited for Zee’s Ye Teri Galliyan?

Zee’s new show Ye Teri Galliyan will be going on air soon. The story revolves about two childhood friends, who had the vows of never facing their separation. Still, destiny makes them part ways for years, only to unite them forever. Their lives change a lot during that phase. The story will begin with child characters Shantanu and Puchki, who will be seen growing up post the leap. The show stars Manish Goplani, Vrushika Mehta and Renee Dhyani in main lead roles. Manish Goplani is well known for his role as Bihaan in Thapki Pyaar Ki. He was also a part of Zee TV show Detective Didi recently.

Shantanu gets away from Puchki. He gets educated and makes a career, only to return to Puchki, who gets raised in a brothel. Shantanu understands the realities and still keeps his promises to support her. They get helpless because of the time and circumstances. The show is touted to be an intense love story. The show may replace Woh Apna Sa at the 7 pm slot. Are you excited for Zee’s Ye Teri Galliyan? Let us know your opinion.

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