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And he became my life ( Kundali Bhagya) Part 5



Rakhi was thanking God for sending Aditya for Kritika Preeta came there.


Preeta:- Mummyji you are crying? What happened?


Rakhi:- Preeta puttar I m really happy today… Whatever happened with Kritika in the past after that we all were broken but today she get another chance to start a new life.


Preeta:- I can understand mummyji…. I too faced the situation…. Life give a second chance to me also. Rishabh ji came as an angel in my life. He changed everything. 


Rakhi:- tu hai hi itni pyaari… Ekdum pari jaisi.

The saas-bahu shared a hug


Preeta leaves … She went to her room and stand in the balcony.




Dr.Singhal:- we have appointed an another physiotherapist in our hospital. I will send her to your house . 


Dr. Singhal cuts the call….and called preeta in his Cabin


Preeta:- Yes sir


Dr. Singhal:- Dr. Preeta, We have a patient she is not able to walk much so you have to visit her house.


Preeta:- OK sir… You tell me the address.


Preeta entered the house.


Lady:- hanji aap kon?


Preeta:- I m Dr. Preeta , Dr. Singhal send me here to treat Mrs. Baani Luthra


Lady:- OK ji…. I m rakhi luthra, let me show you Mummyji’s room




Rakhi takes preeta to Baani’s room .


After sometime…


Preeta:- So how are you feeling now?


Baani dadi:- my pain has gone!


Preeta:- Aaj itni hi exercise krenge… Kl aage ka process shuru krenge. Bye 


Baani dadi:- Bye..


Preeta leaves the room…  Karan and Rishabh were coming . They noticed Preeta


Karan:- Excuse me…. Who are you?


Preeta:- I m Mrs Baani Luthra’s new physio


Karan:- Oh let’s see bro …ye kitne din tk tikti hai


Rishabh:- Stop it Karan…. Dr. I hope dadi didn’t show much tantrums?




Preeta leaves 


Flashback ends


Rishabh holds Preeta 


Rishabh:- Are you OK?

Preeta:- yes…of course, I was just thinking about the day when I came here for the first time for dadi’s treatment.


Rishabh ‘s POV (flashback)


Badi hi soni kudi hai..m mummyji ka dard chhuu mantar hogya …Rakhi said to Karan n Rishabh


Rishabh:- That’s very good. Dadi did you like her


Dadi:- She is good…. Better than the others.


Karan:- And she is beautiful too…


Rishabh:- Karan…please kisi ladki ko to baksh De tu..


Karan:- Chill Bro


Rishabh:- I will call in the hospital and tell that this Dr. Suits you.


Rakhi:- Rishabh … Did you like her?


Rishabh:- yah…. Not in that way mom.


Flashback ends….


Rishabh lifts preeta and lay her down on the bed and switched off the lights.


Next Morning 


Karan:- Sherlyn and sunny is coming today.


Preeta:- I know


Karan:- You know?


Preeta:- yah … Sherlyn called me.


Karan:- Oh.


Preeta:- You are not happy?


Karan:- I m happy


Preeta:- Then?


Karan:- Actually I have planned something for Sherlyn but at the last moment everything get spoiled.


Preeta:- I have an idea….


Karan:- what?


Preeta whisper something in Karan’s ears.


Karan:- wow… Preeta you are the best. Thankyou.


Preeta:-Ab jao tayari karo.


Karan leaves…. 

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