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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 10th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil shattered over Yash-Vaidika marriage

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Vaidika brings Sahil to a room and bolts the door from inside. She takes the Varmala off his neck and asks why he is doing all this. Sahil asks what is she doing, she didn’t reply to his proposal and is marrying Yash here. She doesn’t care for his feelings at all. He did all this deliberately to stop the wedding, he wanted to come close to her but the darkness brought a Vermala as a signal from God. Vaidika insists on Sahil that she wants to marry Yash, if they were meant for each other they would have united. Sahil says this is Vaidika’s thinking only, he insists on her to say she doesn’t love him. Vaidika says she doesn’t. Sahil calls it a lie, then forces Vaidika to say that she is marrying Yash because she loves Yash.
Yash and Agarwal’s had reached outside the room. Vaidika

forces Sahil to let her go but he held her hands. In the wrestling, Vaidika’s jewelry hurt her hairline and blood fills in. Sahil smirks as this is God’s symbol. Vaidika asks Sahil what he wants. She will marry Yash today. Sahil forces Vaidika that she can’t do this. The bolts of the door were broken and everyone enters the room. Vaidika tells Yash to go downstairs, the time of wedding is running out. Tear fill Sahil’s face. Bari Amma calls Vaidika a selfish lady, she is happy Sahil will get rid of her. Sahil was broken and cries. Gauri comes to Sahil and asks him to find the reason behind Vaidika’s marriage, she doesn’t take unthoughtful decisions.
Sahil comes downstairs where Yash and Vaidika were taking wedding rounds. Gauri tells Sahil to leave. Yash fills Vaidika’s hairline with sindoor. Nani was happy at the accomplishment of the wedding. The couple comes to take blessings from elders. Sahil corrects his hair and comes into the hall. Vaidika looks towards Yash, then comes to Sahil. He controlled his tears and had composed himself. Vaidika suggests him to stop waiting for her, she is someone else’s wife. Sahil says if only seven rounds of wedding could part them, his marriage with Nidhi had worked. Their love is deeper than anything. She must be Yash’s wife for society, but she is truly Sahil’s wife. He got the Vermala, and she got his sindoor. Even universe wants to bring them closer. Everyone including the society and his family consider their strange love story as impossible but he doesn’t. Vaidika was afraid of the society but he isn’t, he is sure she will one day come to him and ask him to marry her. One day, the universe will be compelled to unite him to her; everyone will witness. He leaves after breaking a vase. Vaidika wipes her tears. Nani takes Vaidika to stand besides Yash and asks Aarya to hug her new father. Aarya leaves annoyed. Yash speaks to the family that he let him enter the house again, they must consider it a gift in return of their wedding. He stresses that he didn’t snatch this property from anyone, he has a right over it. Yash leaves. Puneesh asks Bari Amma to let him stay in the house. Vaidika charges over Puneesh but Nani stops her and tells her to focus on her wedding with Yash.
Yash finds Aarya crying in a corner. Aarya turns expecting Sahil there. Yash asks if she is angry. He must have spoken to her before marriage, but he is now her father and promises to take care of her like Suomya. Aarya asks if he is done, she turns to leave. Vaidika meets Aarya on the way, she wipes Aarya’s tears and asks her to be the way she is. Aarya cries complaining Vaidika that she hurt her and Sahil equally, she even married Yash leaving Sahil. Nani comes there with a glass of milk and scolds Aarya for being Sahil’s lawyer. She scolds Aarya to leave. Vaidika complains to Nani that she always speaks bitter; Aarya has gone through a lot of changes in the past few days. Nani tells Vaidika to focus on her newly wed life right now and take this milk to Yash. He must be waiting. What if he is annoyed and snatches this luxury and comfort from them? Vaidika thinks about Sahil while walking towards Yash’s room. A frame of Sahil’s photo fell on the floor and breaks. Vaidika thinks it’s a bad omen, if Sahil is fine.
Sahil lay in his room drinking heavily. He thinks about Vaidika, pulls himself up the bed and drinks even more. He breaks things around the room as he thinks about Vaidika’s marriage with Yash. Anjana reaches outside the room hearing all the clattering. Gauri also reach there. They look from the window and watch Sahil completely shattered, he walked over broken glass hurting his feet and fell on the floor.

PRECAP: Yash speaks to Vaidika that he expects her to give full to this wedding. Anjana comes to their room tensed for Sahil. Vaidika hurries to Sahil and plucks the glass off his feet. Sahil was happy to see Vaidika leave her wedding night for him. Yash comes to the room and grabs Sahil’s collar for flirting with his wife. Sahil faints and fell on the floor hurting his head badly.

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